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North Marion 2019 4A Special District 2 League Champs!

| October 26,2019

North Marion 2019 4A Special District 2  League Champs!

How big was Friday night for The North Marion Huskies? Well let’s start with the first outright league Football title, in at least 60 years. 

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2018 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 4

Jeff Drumm | September 28,2018

2018 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 4

It's time for another season of Premature Playoff Predictions. Much has changed about Oregon high school football in the past year, but I got my spreadsheets adjusted, and (assuming I didn't make any typos) I'm ready to start guessing at what will happen.   Game predictions are based on the Freeman rankings...

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NM/Woodburn- It's Back!

| September 13,2018

NM/Woodburn- It's Back!

What is Football without a great rival? One of the best ever is back in Northern Marion County! Photo Brent DeLaPaz Woodburn Independent Fall 1986- Pictured Woodburns Kit Cummings, and North Marions Kevin Pearson. Two good friends, who simply wore different uniforms.    The Woodburn/ North Marion rivalry, is one that stretches...

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2009 Boys Lacrosse All-League Selections

Below are the 2009 all-league selections for Oregon Boys Lacrosse.





Coach of the year - Paul Lardy, Liberty

First Team - Attack: Jake Beutler, Century; Andrew Conway, Wilsonville; Steve Shimel, Glencoe; Midfield: Kameron Beeks, Sherwood; Jordan Gardner, Century; Tom Case, Liberty; Bradford Patey, Wilsonville; Aaron Eggiman, Liberty; LSM: Kooper McGee, Sherwood; Defense: Austin Kane, Wilsonville; Blake Harlow, Wilsonville; Nick Saccareccia, Century; Joseph Kotowski, Sherwood; Goalie: Karl Schilasky, Century.

Second Team - Attack: Caleb Randall-Bodma, Liberty; Brandon Royse, Sherwood; Brian Linhares, Glencoe; Midfield: Patrick Dougherty, Century; Scott Lesage, Liberty; Spencer Dunlop, Century; Ryan O'Rourke, Glencoe; Mack Olsen, Century; LSM: Thomas Horton, Hillsboro; Michael Carpenter, Wilsonville; Defense: Troy McKenzie, Glencoe; Cole Wakeland, Liberty; Cameron Stecki, Liberty; Goalie: Jack Taylor, Wilsonville.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Alex Coleman, Glencoe; Quenton Berger, Liberty; Chad Wilbur, Wilsonville; Alex Patton, Century; Chase Bennington, Wilsonville; Corey Smith, Sherwood; Jeremy Bawcom, Hillsboro; Midfield: Tim Edmonds, Liberty; Alex Anderson, Liberty; Andrew Nava, Hillsboro; Jeff Hodson, Wilsonville; Jimmy Perdoma-Hazen, Hillsboro; Hayden Yeager, Glencoe; Jesse Ainslee, Glencoe; Defense: Logan Hardt, Sherwood; Chris Parmelee, Hillsboro; Bryce Mann, Wilsonville; Zach Hickman, Hillsboro; Goalie: Tanner Balderee, Sherwood; Mark Hopper, Liberty.



Coaches of the year - Mark Anderson, Riverdale and Dave Llewellyn, Clackamas

First Team - Attack: Blake Heim, Lake Oswego; James Higgin, Lakeridge; Ryan Squires, West Linn; Midfield: Michael Fay, West Linn; Chace Clausen, Lake Oswego; Drew Dutton, Lakeridge; LSM: Tony Engel, West Linn; Defense: Ben Snood, Lakeridge; Michael MacClanathan, West Linn; Brendan Lake, Lake Oswego; Goalie: Forrest Jackson, Lake Oswego.

Second Team - Attack: John Salvo, Lake Oswego; Ed Wiggins, Riverdale; Chris Zinmeister, Lake Oswego; Midfield: Jeff Janoff, West Linn; Reed Oliver, Lake Oswego; Reed Lewallen, Riverdale; LSM: Connel Pitchard, Lake Oswego; Defense: Mitch Menashe, Lake Oswego; Kevin Behbahany, Lakeridge; Cameron Penner-Ashe, Riverdale; Goalie: Drew Forseth, West Linn.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Michael Hoch, Lakeridge; Seth Gale, Clackamas; Parker Nichol, West Linn; Kody Cayson, Oregon City; Greg Evans, Putnam; Midfield: Viken Douzdjian, Riverdale; David Swanson, Lakeridge; Christian Wilson, West Linn; Nick Hamilton, Lakeridge; Brian Greenburg, Lake Oswego; Brandon Straley, Clackamas; Matt Noe, Putnam; Cody Reigard, Putnam; LSM: Turney Kerr, Lakeridge; Defense: Hayden McClellan, West Linn; Sam Mertz, Clackamas; Curtis Kisky, Lakeridge; Kyle Sanborn, Clackamas; Jacob DeHut, Oregon City; Goalie: Warren Neilsen, Lakeridge.



Coach of the year - Dennis Sullivan, Oregon Episcopal

First Team - Attack: Sam Baker, Oregon Episcopal; Jacob Bohnice, Hood River Valley; Peter Williams, Oregon Episcopal; Midfield: Peter Baum, Lincoln; Leo Burby, Central Catholic; Michael Gale, Oregon Episcopal; Danny Metcalf, Lincoln; Erik Wittkop, Wilson; LSM: Torben Noto, Oregon Episcopal; Defense: Thomas Cool, Oregon Episcopal; Andy Fish, Lincoln; Nathan Osbourne, Wilson; Goalie: Andrew Parker, Oregon Episcopal.

Second Team - Attack: Tony Baum, Lincoln; Matt Fettig, Lincoln; Nate Guillery, Cleveland; Tom Halley, Wilson; Colin Jones, Wilson; Midfield: Spencer Director, Lincoln; Kyle Hincks, Wilson; Harrison Maizels, Oregon Episcopal; Jordan McHale, Hood River Valley; Trey Norris, Central Catholic; Henry Schoonmaker, Lincoln; Jan Westman, Cleveland; LSM: Ryan Lacey, Lincoln; Defense: Charlie Harrington, Central Catholic; Evan LeCoq, Wilson; Jacob Nelson, Grant; Sam Obletz, Oregon Episcopal; Mikkiel Tareen, Oregon Episcopal; Goalie: Dustyn Lyons, Hood River Valley.

Honorable Mention - Attack: David Abel, Oregon Episcopal; Midfield: Aaron Barg, Lincoln; Goalie: Mike Henry, Grant.



Coach of the year: Jeff Dill, Sunset

First Team - Attack: Ben Dill, Sunset; Jason Hodgson, Southridge; Matthew Welch, Jesuit; Midfield: Jonathan Langvin, Tigard; Jeff Calderwood, Sunset; David Tabata, Jesuit; Omar Horani, Tigard; LSM: Sam Turin, Jesuit; Defense: Jack Skaggs, Sunset; Mark Schiedler, Jesuit; Griffin Williams, Sunset; Goalie: Jack Regan, Sunset.

Second Team - Attack: Max Krieger, Jesuit; Dillon Grover, Tigard; Alexander Fine, Westview; Cody Dejardin, Southridge; Midfield: Neil Davis, Southridge; Mike Wenz, Westview; Kyler Bruno, Sunset; Taylor Vandorninick, Beaverton; LSM: Brad Ball, Tigard; Defense: Mitch Koopman, Southridge; Samuel Vogel, Tigard; Tony Athanasako, Beaverton; Goalie: Ben Cheek, Jesuit.

Honorable Mention - Attack: John-Henry Southwood, Southridge; Spencer Allen, Beaverton; Joey Coleman, Jesuit; Curtis Eschman, Sunset; Midfield: KJ Paik, Sunset; Cody Remillard, Beaverton; Henry Bishop, Jesuit; Jessie Lowe, Aloha; Michael Buisan, Aloha; Peter Ramig, Jesuit; Dylan Simkins, Southridge; Sean Stebbins, Tigard; Adrian Macalalad, Southridge; LSM: David Sampson, Southridge; Matt Fricke, Westview; Ian Snyder, Beaverton; Defense: Guy Dougherty, Southridge; Ryan Ferguson, Jesuit; Jonathan Pearson, Westview; Jimmy McDowell, Westview; Mike Pharr, Beaverton; Kody Smith, Sunset; Corey Gurerrant, Sunset; Goalie: Ronnie Rothstein, Westview; Nick Konen, Aloha; Taylor Rawlings, Beaverton. 



Coach of the year: Ike Sanderson, Sheldon

First Team - Attack: Aaron Funke, Thurston; Keaton Lovendahl, Sheldon; Glen Ruderman, Sheldon; Midfield: Patrick SanJose, Churchill; John Cooley, Churchill; Zach Humphreys, Thurston; Riley Kulm, Churchill; Christian, Frey, Sheldon; LSM: Alex Louie, Sheldon; Defense: Logan Haugen, Sheldon; Trever, Richardson, Sheldon; Josh Alexander, Thurston; Goalie: Leif Odegard, Sheldon.

Second Team - Attack: Ben Conway, Churchill; Brandon Yu, Churchill; Cody Quinn, Thurston; Midfield: Matt Timm, Roseburg; Andrew Mosier, Marist; Travis Walters, Thurston; Brandon David; South Eugene; Tyler Spicer, Sheldon; LSM: Sean Williams, Churchill; Defense: Logan Marks, Churchill; Austin Jackson, Churchill; Jon Cook, Churchill; Logan Burger, Sheldon; Goalie: Chris Gonda, Thurston; Montana Ostrander, Churchill.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Ben Hjelm, South Eugene; Spencer Madden, South Eugene; Tyler Smith, Thurston; Dane Huiett, Marist; Brandon Determan, Churchill; Derek Panter, Thurston; Ben Thompson, South Eugene; Midfield: John Siefke, Thurston; Logan Mays, Marist; Jordan Willard, South Eugene; Dylan Harvey, Roseburg; Jake Jensen, Churchill; Eli Ruth-Cheff, South Eugene; John Anderson, Marist; LSM: Cader Whitely, Marist; Defense: Chad Conklin, North Eugene; Peter Anderson, Sheldon; Andy Russo, South Eugene; Ian McCurdy, Marist; Austin Smith, Thurston; Steven Dawson, North Eugene; Goalie: Dillon Oldham, Marist; Victor Oliveros, North Eugene; Anthony Steingrobe, Roseburg. 



Coach of the year: Kyle Scott, South Salem

First Team - Attack: Dan Hochspeier, Sprague; Kevin Able, Tualatin; Kyle Kern, Corvallis; Midfield: Taylor Dugan, West Salem; Mitchell Scott, South Salem; John Treisch, Tualatin; LSM: Byron Bughi, West Salem; Defense: Don Cheney, Corvallis; Patrick Wiggins, South Salem; Cameron Yee, Tualatin; Nick Rhoten, Sprague; Goalie: Alex Dennis, West Salem.

Second Team - Attack: Matt Bendt, Sprague; Logan Sanchez, Corvallis; Tom Gilkey, Tualatin; Midfield: Jay Faber, West Salem; Thomas Roberts, South Salem; LSM: Marcus Kwong, Corvallis; Defense: Tyler Bolton, South Salem; Matt Hill, West Salem; Connor Plant, Sprague; Goalie: Nate King, Tualatin; Vinny Grosso, Corvallis.

Honorable Mention - Attack: John Latham, South Salem; Ted Ketchum, South Salem; Andrew Burr, West Salem; Adam Gage, Tualatin; Midfield: Mark Seymour, Corvallis; Chris Miller, Sprague; Peter Oliver, Tualatin; Jacob Wyant, West Salem; Wes Neary, Tualatin; LSM: Evan Michael, Tualatin; Andy Knapp, South Salem; Defense: Jeff Ballard, South Salem; Ryan Kern, Corvallis; Goalie: Andrew Upchurch, Sprague; Davis Keller, South Salem.



Coach of the year: Steve Hansmann, Summit

First Team - Attack: Dave Hansmann, Summit; Justice Bender, Summit; Brad Miller, Summit; Midfield: Riley Shannon, Summit; Kevin Smith, Bend; Rami Shehadeh, Bend; LSM: Connor Morgan, Sisters; Defense: Jared Steele, Summit; Ryan Tyler, Bend; RC Cramer, Bend; Goalie: Petey Jones, Summit.

Second Team - Attack: Cole Potter, Harney County; Lucas Rietman, Sisters; Jordan Kolb, Sisters; Midfield: T-Roy Brown, Summit; Andrew Roy, Harney County; Logan Morris, Redmond; LSM: Garret Hines, Bend; Defense: Mitch Halverson, Bend; Billy Sampson, Sisters; Andrew Ferguson, Hermiston; Goalie: Tyler Billow, Bend.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Ty Hoffert, Hermiston; Midfield: TJ Altscher, Summit; Mark Stanton, Redmond; Defense: Zach Hess, Redmond; Goalie: Brendan Carpenter, Burns. 


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