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North Marion 2019 4A Special District 2 League Champs!

| October 26,2019

North Marion 2019 4A Special District 2  League Champs!

How big was Friday night for The North Marion Huskies? Well let’s start with the first outright league Football title, in at least 60 years. 

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2018 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 4

Jeff Drumm | September 28,2018

2018 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 4

It's time for another season of Premature Playoff Predictions. Much has changed about Oregon high school football in the past year, but I got my spreadsheets adjusted, and (assuming I didn't make any typos) I'm ready to start guessing at what will happen.   Game predictions are based on the Freeman rankings...

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NM/Woodburn- It's Back!

| September 13,2018

NM/Woodburn- It's Back!

What is Football without a great rival? One of the best ever is back in Northern Marion County! Photo Brent DeLaPaz Woodburn Independent Fall 1986- Pictured Woodburns Kit Cummings, and North Marions Kevin Pearson. Two good friends, who simply wore different uniforms.    The Woodburn/ North Marion rivalry, is one that stretches...

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2010 Boys Lacrosse All-League Selections

Below are the 2010 all-league selections for Oregon Boys Lacrosse.





Coach of the year - Paul Lardy, Liberty

First Team - Attack: Andrew Conway, Wilsonville; Chad Wilbur, Wilsonville; Caleb Randall-Bodman, Liberty; Midfield: Jordan Gardner, Century; Aaron Eggiman, Liberty; Tim Edmonds, Liberty; Ryan O'Rourke, Glencoe; Brandon Royse, Sherwood LSM: Michael Carpenter, Wilsonville; Dylan Lippert, Glencoe; Defense: Blake Harlow, Wilsonville; Austin Kane, Wilsonville; Reid Stephens, Liberty; Goalie: Jack Taylor, Wilsonville.

Second Team - Attack: Chase Bennington, Wilsonville; Clay Malensek, Liberty; Trevor Osterman, Sherwood; Midfield: Bradford Patey, Wilsonville; Chris Hungerford, Hillsboro; Graham Dunn, Glencoe; Alex Richardson, Wilsonville; Brad Randall, Liberty; LSM: Bryce Foster, Sherwood; Defense: Dan Malaer, Liberty; Logan Van Roekel, Glencoe; Tanner Theimann, Sherwood; Goalie: Mark Hopper, Liberty.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Alex Coleman, Glencoe; AJ Cole, Glencoe; Zach Malaer, Liberty; Ryan Stowe, Glencoe; Connor Taplin, Hillsboro; Midfield: Paul Dodson, Sherwood; Evan Eggiman, Liberty; Jeff Hodson, Wilsonville; Jesse Loucks, Sherwood; Sam McKay, Glencoe; Defense: Mike Depuy, Liberty; Cody Hendry, Wilsonville; Zach Hickman, Hillsboro; Kooper McGee, Sherwood; Shane O'Rourke, Glencoe; John Waibel, Century; Mike Wilson, Century Goalie: Tanner Balderee, Sherwood; Taylor Eaton, Wilsonville; Brec Kaysen, Glencoe; Christian Reilly, Century



Coach of the year - Llewellyn, Clackamas

First Team - Attack: Blake Heim, Lake Oswego; Brenton Souers, Lakeridge; Jon Salvo, Lake Oswego; Midfield: Michael Fay, West Linn; Reed Oliver, Lake Oswego; Drew Dutton, Lakeridge; LSM: Tony Engel, West Linn; Defense: Kevin Behbahany, Lakeridge; Michael MacClanathan, West Linn; Mitch Mehashe, Lake Oswego; Goalie: Warren Neilsen, Lakeridge.

Second Team - Attack: Seth Gale, Clackamas; Kevin Cathcart, West Linn; Brandon Blackmore, Lakeridge; Midfield: Reed Lewallen, Riverdale; Nick Remlinger, Lake Oswego; Will Hess, Clackamas; Matt Noe, Putnam LSM: Turner Kerr, Lakeridge; Defense: Hayden McClellan, West Linn; Johnny Harkins, Lake Oswego; Bryce Dorrance, Lakeridge; Goalie: Nathan Duletzke, Lake Oswego.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Michael Hoch, Lakeridge; Chris Zinmeister, Lake Oswego; Trevor Boudhillon, Oregon City; Kyle Lair, West Linn; Will Maidens, Riverdale; Greg Evans, Putnam; Midfield: Drew Brooker, Lakeridge; David Swanson, Lakeridge; Scott Schaub, West Linn; Christian Wilson, West Linn; Ryan Sprague, Oregon City; Andrew Remlinger, Lake Oswego; Codi Dekar, Clackamas LSM: Connel Pritchard, Lake Oswego; Scott Frymire, Oregon City; Defense: Jake Gardner, West Linn; Sam Mertz, Clackamas; Cole Helgerson, Putnam; Kyle Sanborn, Clackamas; Jacob DeHut, Oregon City; Goalie: Corey Etheridge, West Linn; Nick Strandholm, Clackamas.



Coach of the year - Mac Jackson, Hood River Valley

First Team - Attack: Matt Fettig, Lincoln; Hunter Knoll, Hood River Valley; Peter Williams, Oregon Episcopal; Midfield: Tony Baum, Lincoln; Leo Burby, Central Catholic; Henry Schoonmaker, Lincoln; Drew Lamaita, Hood River Valley; Zach Shainsky, Oregon Episcopal; LSM: Peter Williams, Lincoln; Defense: David Dehart, Hood River Valley; Jack Neuman, Lincoln; Mikhiel Tareen, Oregon Episcopal; Goalie: Max Dickinsen, Lincoln.

Second Team - Attack: Trevor Garner, Oregon Episcopal; Jesse Keopaseuth, Hood River Valley; Michael Marcott, Lincoln; Chris Merkel, Central Catholic; Midfield: Aaron Barg, Lincoln; Timo Gray, Oregon Episcopal; Robbie MacNichol, Grant; Mark Mihalik, Oregon Episcopal; Reid Van Mowerick, Wilson; LSM: Obie Schwartzel, Hood River Valley; Defense: Jack DeWolfe, Lincoln; Dylan Edwards, Hood River Valley; Sam Obletz, Oregon Episcopal; Goalie: Malcolm McCurdy, Hood River Valley.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Lucas Polk, Cleveland; Martin Winter, Oregon Episcopal; Midfield: Toby Fish, Grant; Eric George, Cleveland; Kyle Hincks, Wilson; Zane Koeller, Lincoln; LSM: Geoffrey Parent, Grant; Defense: Livingston Bullier, Wilson; Charlie Harrington, Central Catholic; Bjorn Westman, Cleveland Goalie: Zach Doughty, Wilson; Elliot Henshaw, Grant; Austin Lewis, Oregon Episcopal.



Coach of the year: Jeff Dill, Sunset

First Team - Attack: Ben Dill, Sunset; Joey Coleman, Jesuit; Cody Dejardin, Southridge; Midfield: KJ Paik, Sunset; Kuler Bruno, Sunset; Omar Horani, Tigard; Jake Bishop, Jesuit LSM: Sam Turin, Jesuit; Defense: Kody Smith, Sunset; Mark Schiedler, Jesuit; Tony Athanasakos, Beaverton; Goalie: Jack Regan, Sunset.

Second Team - Attack: Justin Pfeffer, Jesuit; John-Henry Southwood, Southridge; Curtis Eschman, Sunset; Midfield: Neil Davis, Southridge; Holden Richards, Beaverton; Dange Wolf, Tigard; Alexander Fine, Westview; LSM: Zack Parker, Tigard; Defense: Corey Gurerrant, Sunset; Guy Daugherty, Southrige; Jack Skaggs, Sunset; Goalie: Ben Cheek, Jesuit.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Matthew Welch, Jesuit; Sam Klingsport, Aloha; David Walsh, Tigard Midfield: Peter Ramig, Jesuit; Cody Remillard, Beaverton; Dylan Simkins, Southridge; Janssen Levin, Jesuit; Keon Burns, Westview; LSM: Eli Abramovitz, Beaverton; Defense: Ryan Ferguson, Jesuit; Cameron Howser, Beaverton; Dylan Roach, Westview; Goalie: Armon Poostpasaand, Southridge; Ronnie Rothstein, Westview. 



Coach of the year: Brian Naghski, South Eugene

First Team - Attack: Ben Conway, Churchill; Ben Hjelm, South Eugene; Keaton Lovendahl, Sheldon; Midfield: Tyler Buchanan, Sheldon; Brandon Determan, Churchill; Riley Kulm, Churchill; Tyler Spicer, Sheldon; Chris Timm, Roseburg; LSM: Alex Louie, Sheldon; Defense: Logan Haugen, Sheldon; Logan Burger, Sheldon; Billy Taylor, Thurston; Goalie: Ryan Wheelhouse, Sheldon.

Second Team - Attack: Cody Quinn, Thurston; Jamie Lebert, Roseburg; Spencer Madden, South Eugene; Midfield: Eli Ruth-Cheff, South Eugene; Jake Heverly, Roseburg; Luke LeCavalier, Sheldon; Carsten Gibba, South Eugene; Gunnar Shelton, Churchill; LSM: Weston Lamora, Churchill; Defense: Mike Highley, Roseburg; Brynnan Hyland; Churchill; Keenan Evans, South Eugene; Goalie: Dillon Oldham, Marist

Honorable Mention - Attack: Glen Ruderman, Sheldon; Joe Landry, Marist; Conley Fry, Thurston; Georg Gold, Churchill; Ben Thompson, South Eugene; Midfield: Brandon David, South Eugene; Bryan White, Thurston; Rhett Ybarra, Thurston; Kyle Salisbury, Churchill; Brett Hofford, Roseburg; Ben Brathovde, Sheldon; Joe Kler, South Eugene; Lucas Norton-Guerra, South Eugene; Jacob Kreitlow, Thurston; LSM: Travis Eames, Thurston; Paxton Gray, South Eugene; Defense: Taylor Derlacki, Churchill; Peter Anderson, Sheldon; Andy Russo, South Eugene; Jon Cook, Churchill; Drew Corell, Roseburg; Brady Chiongbian, Marist; Goalie: Montana Ostrander, Churchill; Anthony Steingrobe, Roseburg. 



Coach of the year: Gordon Coffin, Tualatin

First Team - Attack: Tom Gilkey, Tualatin; Kyle Kern, Corvallis; Logan Sanchez, Corvallis Midfield: Peter Oliver, Tualatin; Mitchell Scott, South Salem; Andrew Burr, West Salem; LSM: Jamie Erway, Corvallis; Defense: Brody Richter, Tualatin; Ryan Kern, Corvallis; Nick Rhoten, Sprague; Goalie: Vinny Grosso, Corvallis.

Second Team - Attack: Janson Toler, Canby; Rolf Pagels, West Salem; Ryan Wilson, South Salem; Midfield: Matt Kaiser, South Salem; Taylor Kunke, Corvallis; Jason Rotta, Tualatin; LSM: Jordan Gardner, Sprague; Defense: Michael Nakashimada, Canby; Connor Plant, Sprague; Evan Pinckard, Tualatin Goalie: Spencer Nix, Corvallis.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Joe Lambert, Canby; Owen Momsen, Corvallis; Braden Madison, Sprague; Dakota Smith, West Salem; Ted Ketchum, South Salem; Midfield: Joe faiman, Sprague; Alan Koenig, Canby; Michael Ladeby, South Salem; Defense: Daniel Wyant, West Salem; Ian Leonard, Corvallis; Goalie: Andrew Upchurch, Sprague.



Coach of the year: Bill Rexford, Sisters

First Team - Attack: Cole Potter, Harney County; Holton Melville, Summit; Andrew Roy, Harney County Midfield: Rami Shehadeh, Bend; T-Roy Brown, Summit; Gabe First Raised, Harney County LSM: Connor Morgan, Sisters; Defense: Ryan Tyler, Bend; Austin Miller, Bend; Billy Sampson, Sisters; Goalie: Peter Jones, Summit.

Second Team - Attack: Colton Raichl, Bend; Ben Bremer, Sisters; Kolton Bodigheimer, Hermiston; Midfield: Beau Firzke, Sisters; Seth Schneider, Sisters; Kyler Records, Hermiston; LSM: Ian Reynolds, Summit; Defense: Calvin Asher, Summit; Garret Himes, Bend; McKinley Ridnour, Harney County; Goalie: Mike Barnitz, Hermiston.

Honorable Mention - Attack: Calvin Peterson, Hermiston; Midfield: Hayden Barney, Bend; Ty Christansen, Hermiston; Willy Ross, Summit; Defense: Nick Wright, Hermiston; Alex Sanchez, Hermiston; Goalie: Sam Pierce, Harney County.

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