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10/16/15 #3 Sheldon @ Thurston

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St. Paul Buckaroos 58 Crane Mustangs 28

The Bucaroos used a grinding ground game, with just enough passes, to mount an offensive attack the Mustangs never was able to stop. The Mustang passing attack was effective, but the Bucaroo defense shut down the Mustang rush all day, and also forced several turnovers, to take control early, and maintain it all day.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Live from Willamette University, the only game of the 36 this weekend that match unbeaten, ranked teams. Dry, calm weather and turf means this Blue & White Rodeo could be more of a wild horse race.

#7 Crane Mustangs (10-0, 7-0) vs. #2 St. Paul Buckaroos (10-0, 5-0) will be a game where something gives, as both offenses avg. over 50 pts. per game, and both defenses only allow 2-3 scores per game, usually after it doesn't mean much. Will it be a shootout, or will that rarest of phenomena, defense in the wide open 8 man game, make the difference?


St. Paul is an experienced, senior dominated starting team, but is led by soph. QB Jeff Annen, and is very young should reserves come into play.


Crane has a younger starting group, but features a Sr. QB in Wes Davies to direct the show. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Crane gets the ball first, starting at their 10 after an illegal block penalty on the runback. But after 5 consecutive gains, Davies' pass is intercepted by Josh Kelly at the Buc 48 @ 9:20.


Slowed only be a dropped pass, the Bucs go 52 yds. in 2:41, capped by Matt Anderson's 16 yd. rush up the middle for the TD @ 6:39, and Josh Kelly's sweep right for the conversion. Bucs 8-0.

Crane fumbles the kickoff, and St. Paul is back in business at the Mustang 34. Personal foul and a delay of game penalties are erased by a pass to Anderson in the left flat, good for 18 yds. & a first down at the 16. After a Mustang time out @ 4:39, Kelly completes the drive, scoring from 2 yds. out @ 3:34, and adding 2 on the conversion sweep right. Bucs 16-0.

Crane starts at their 28, but on the first play, Cody Hendricks is stripped, and Annen takes the recovery 32 yds. for the TD, then finds Anderson on the pass play to the left to make it Bucs 24-0 @ 3:18.

A holding penalty and Kelly's breakup of an underthrown deep pass forces a Mustang punt, which pins St. Paul at their 14 @ 1:40.

Anderson & Kelly combine to move it to midfield as the first quarter ends. 

A holding penalty slows the Bucs, but a swing pass to Anderson on the right side keys the recovery, and the Bucs relentless rushing game sets up a 31 yd. post route pass to Cody Kirk for the score, and Anderson adds 2, Bucs 32-0 @ 9:25.

The Mustangs' Matthew Stevens takes the kickoff to the 33, but the Bucs' Will Donaldson drops Raymond Thompson for a loss. A very late pass interference call keeps the Mustang drive alive. A completion to Dallen Davies and another to Thompson sets up a 37 yd. pass to Chris Brower for the Mustang TD, and Brower adds 2 on the conversion run to cut the deficit to 32-8 @ 5:44.  Unable to run, the Mustangs have found holes in the St. Paul secondary.

The Bucs start at their 45, and 9 straight rushes reach the 18. Time is under :40 to go, and an incompletion stops the clock. Anderson then breaks to the right, and scores, and Annen's pass to Kelly makes it Bucs 40-8 with 29 sec. left until the half, capping a 5:15 drive. The Mustangs get a completion, and a reverse reaches the Buc. 46, but the half runs out.

* * * * * * *

In Wallowa, Mohawk built a 30 pt. lead before halftime, but Wallowa has fought back, and the Cougars trail the Indians 38-28 after 3 quarters.

In 4A, Ontario is up 7-0 on YC early, and Baker is winning the dogfight, as the Purple Bulldogs are up 20-0 over the North Bend Brown Bulldogs.

In 3A, Regis is up 21-0 over Bandon at the half, and Nyssa leads Myrtle Point 21-0.

* * * * * * *

The answers to the questions about how the game will unfold seem to be Buc rushing, with some passing sprinkled in, is working relentlessly, as is their rush defense. The only aspect of the Mustang game working at all is their passing game. And St. Paul gets the ball to start the second half at their 40 after a short kickoff.

The Mustang defense comes out inspired though, and shuts down the Buc rush, forcing 3 & punt. Derek Wolf, flying down field, keeps the punt out of the endzone, and Crane is pinned at their 1. On the first play, a pass to Thompson, a huge hit forces a fumble, and Kelly recovers at the 12. It takes Anderson and Kelly 2 plays to pound it in. Kelly reaches the ball over the line on the 2 pt. conv. run, but the referees deny it. Bucs still lead 46-8 @ 9:15. 

Ryan Pierson drops Nate Duc on the return at the 26. The Mustangs mix pass and run to drive to the 29. A wide open Levi Harris is overthrown at the 5, but the Mustangs still gallop to the 9. The missed scoring opportunity is costly though, as Cody Hendricks fumbles and Kelly recovers at the 9 with 5:43 left in the third. The Bucs proceed to grind out yards and clock, until Annen gets a little greedy, and throws it over the middle. To the Mustang's Thompson, and the Mustangs are at the Buc 38 @ 3:13.

Hendrick's 9 yd. run caps the drive @ 1:52, however the conversion pass is intercepted, and the score remains St. Paul 46, Crane 14. 

Anderson fumbles on the first play, and Crane has it at the 8. Davies finds his younger brother Dallen for the TD @ :52. The sweep right is incorrectly ruled no good (ball reached inside pylon). Bucs 46-20 now.

After the change of quarter, Annen hits Kirk streaking deep, and he dives in. making it Bucs 52-20 15 sec. into the 4th. qtr. The sweep right fails.

Crane drives to the St. Paul 40, aided by a 25 yd. W.Davies completion to D.Davies, but a Thompson fumble gives it back to the Bucs @ their 40 @ 9:36. The Bucs go to the run to eat clock, and the Mustangs use their second timeout of the half @ 7:29.

9 straight rushes for a gain lead to Anderson's 11 yd. sweep left for the TD @ 5:20. Despite the conversion pass falling incomplete, its Bucs 58-20.

Regis is up 33-0 over Bandon, Nyssa leads Myrtle Pt. 27-13. Ontario leads YC 35-28 with 3:45 left. Baker, 26-7 over NB.

A pass to Thompson moves the Mustangs to the 43. After another pass to Thompson, he tries to lateral it, but the lateral goes forward; penalty back to the 41. Defensive holding moves it across midfield, but a sideline streak route for the younger Davies drops over the wrong shoulder, only 3:33 left. 

After a loss on a sweep out of bounds, its 4th. down, and Crane calls their last timeout with the clock already stopped @ 3:28. We are playing out the string, and Crane has lost contact. So has the line judge, but the Mustang first down is of no consequence now. 

Mohawk has defeated Wallowa 50-42. Dufur over Lowell 60-14. Baker leads NB 53-14 late.

Mustang passes pick up a couple of first downs, and then a TD, on a 29 yd. completion from W. to D. Davies @ 1:32. The conversion pass is the same combination, and is dropped, but called good! Doesn't matter, Bucs 58-28.

Derek Wolf ends the comotion, recovering the on-sidekickoff, and the Bucaroo reserves run 4 plays to run out the clock.


Final, St. Paul 58, Crane 28. Anderson led the St. Paul attack with 31 carries for 196 yds. and 3 TDs. Annen only completed 6 passes, but did a lot of damage with them. 2 were for long TDs, and 2 were for 2 pt. conversions.


St. Paul moves on to play Dufur, a team they needed triple overtime to beat earlier in the season.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *









St. Paul








1st. qtr.

St. Paul -  Matt Anderson 16 yd. run (Josh Kelly run) 6:39

S - Kelly 2 yd. run (Kelly run) 3:34 

S - Jeff Annen 32 yd. fumble recovery return (Anderson pass from Annen) 3:18 

2nd. qtr.

S - Cody Kirk 31 yd. pass from Annen (Anderson run) 9:25

Crane - Chris Brower 37 yd. pass from Wes Davies (Brower run) 5:44 

S - Anderson 18 yd. run (Kelly pass from Annen) :29

3rd. qtr.

S - Kelly 4 yd. run (rush failed) 9:15 

C - Cody Hendricks 9 yd. run (pass failed) 1:52

C - Dallen Davies 6 yd. pass from Wes Davies (run failed) :52

4th. qtr.

S - Kirk 43 yd. pass from Annen (run failed) 11:45 

S - Anderson 11 yd. run (pass failed) 5:20 

C - D.Davies 29 yd. pass from W.Davies (D.Davies pass from W.Davies) 1:32 







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