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Central Builds Big Lead, Holds Off Hillsboro

| November 7,2015

  Panthers Advance As Spartans Self Destruct   Monmouth - Mid-Willamette champion Central ran off 40 consecutive points, and then withstood a Hillsboro outburst of 21 points in less than 2 minutes, including back to back touchdown passes 10 seconds apart, to take a 46-28 win Friday night in the OSAA 5A Playoffs.   The...

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2015 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 8

Jeff Drumm | October 29,2015

Hi. I'm Jeff. I do spreadsheets. Not for a living, or anything, but...well, I just do.   With 1 week left in the regular season, I'm back to make a stab at the following question:  So, where we playing in the playoffs?   Here's what I did.   I used the website www.calpreps.com to semi-educatedly guess...

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Cascade Rolls Past North Marion

| October 23,2015

Cougars Jump To Early Lead & Cruise Past Huskies   Turner - Cascade jumped out early on North Marion, going up 22-0 not 4 minutes into the game, and the Cougars cruised from there to a 50-7 win over the Huskies Friday night to claim second place in the Oregon West League...

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2008 4A Football All-Star Selections

We at oregonprepsports.net will try to keep a list of all of the all-star teams for each league. If you have any all-star teams from leagues we are missing, or have 2nd team/HM lists, please send them to us here.




Offensive Player of the Year-Jordan Poyer, sr., Astoria.

Defensive Player of the Year-Jordan Poyer, sr., Astoria.



Split End-Marcus Brown, jr., Astoria; Josh Shoun, sr., Scappoose; Elrycc Berkman, sr., Seaside; FLK-Seth Honl, sr., Scappoose; Matt Wood, sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Alex Eterno, jr., Astoria;

Offensive Line-Dallon Hamilton, OT, sr., Banks; Nick Garner, OG, sr., Astoria; Sam Edison, C, sr., Banks; J.T. Strang, OG, sr., Tillamook; Chad Hollings-worth, OT, fr., Scappoose;

Tight End-Jared Rue, sr., Banks; Westlin Walker, sr., Tillamook; Fullback-Matt Beeler, sr., Tillamook;

Running Back-Dane Lund, jr., Astoria; Nick Turner, jr., Banks; Brandon Thomas, sr., Tillamook; Jackson Meyer, jr., Seaside;

Quarterback-Jordan Poyer, sr., Astoria; Riley Martin, soph., Yamhill-Carlton;

Kicker-Max Johnson, jr., Astoria.



Defensive Line-Jake Hatcher, jr., Astoria; Ron Nue, sr., Tillamook; Karl Konradson, sr., Scappoose; Masen Brause, sr., Astoria; Thomas Moore, sr., Banks;

Linebackers-Trevor Puckett, sr., Astoria; Gabe Linehan, sr., Banks; Zach Kelly, sr., Yamhill-Carlton;

Defensive Backs-Jordan Poyer, sr., Astoria; Ian Erickson, jr., Astoria; Neal Hammond, sr., Banks; Brock Markham, jr., Banks; Josh Rodrigues, jr., Tillamook; Heath Rhodes, sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Branden Cooper, sr., Yamhill-Carlton;

Punter-Chris Reeves, sr., Tillamook; Erik Calhoon, jr., Scappoose.



Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Alex Pursel, jr., Estacada & Taylor Taft, sr., Gladstone

Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Cody Toth, sr., Estacada & Tyler Smith, sr., Gladstone

Lineman of the Year: Kyle McDonald, sr., Estacada

Coach of the Year: Brigham Baker, Estacada

Assistant Coach of the Year: Gary Lewis, Estacada




Quarterback: Taylor Taft, sr., Gladstone

Running Backs: Alex Pursel, jr., Estacada; Jake Hyde, sr., Estacada; Jordan McCain, jr., North Marion; Kyle McGrath, sr., Stayton

Center: Logan Cheshier, jr., Estacada

Guards: Patrick Cavanaugh, jr., La Salle; Josh Hamilton, sr., Gladstone

Tackles: Taylor Schindler, sr., Gladstone; Adam Algatt, sr., Estacada

Tight Ends: Houston Webb, sr., Estacada

Wide Receivers: Austin Foteff, sr., Gladstone; Tyrell Williams, jr., Cascade

Kicker: Austin Cote, sr., Gladstone

Kick returner: Jordan McCain, jr., North Marion



Linemen: Steve Holliman, sr., Gladstone; Kyle McDonald, sr., Estacada; Kristof Schroeder, sr., La Salle; Aaron Schoknecht, sr., Estacada

Inside Linebackers: Chase Sterett, sr., North Marion; Cody Toth, sr., Estacada; Tyler Smith, sr., Gladstone

Outside Linebackers: Morgan Maughan, sr., La Salle; David Gardelius, jr. Estacada

Defensive Backs: Taylor Taft, sr., Gladstone; Kelly Maguire, sr., North Marion; Austin Foteff, sr., Gladstone; Jake Hyde, sr., Estacada

Punter: Coby Proctor, so., Stayton

Special Teams Player: Bryant Hayes, sr., North Marion; Adam Maranda, sr., Stayton




Quarterback: Kelly Maguire, sr., North Marion

Running Backs: Mike Becker, sr., La Salle; Tyler Smith, sr., Gladstone; Tyler Mikolas, jr., Stayton

Center: Steve Holliman, sr., Gladstone

Guards: Kyle McDonald, sr., Estacada; Ben Liechtly, jr., Molalla

Tackles: Kylan Umphress, sr., Estacada; Todd Leedham, jr., Molalla

Tight Ends: Ian Campbell, jr., Stayton

Wide Receivers: Michael Swain, jr., La Salle; Seth Theroux, sr., La Salle; Evan Lyons, sr., Gladstone

Kicker: Austin Thul, jr., La Salle

Kick returner: Daniel Jury, sr., Estacada



Linemen: Taylor Schindler, sr., Gladstone; Michael Torres, jr., North Marion; Ben Liechtly, jr., Molalla; Eli Duhrkoop, jr., Estacada; Scott Rooney, sr., Stayton

Inside Linebackers: Austin Lord, jr., Stayton; Nick Dieringer, sr., La Salle; Derek Taylor, sr., Gladstone

Outside Linebackers: Dakota Weitman, sr., Stayton; Victor Toran, sr., North Marion

Defensive Backs: Luis Alvarado, sr., La Salle; Tyrell Williams, jr., Cascade; Matt Sullivan, sr., Estacada; Kelly Thuerkoff, sr. Stayton

Punter: Zach Rouse, so., Cascade

Special Teams Player: Andrew Ma. Sr., Gladstone




Quarterback: Bryce Peterson, sr., Cascade; Jacob Moore, jr., Molalla

Center: Mike Hiatt, sr., Stayton; Kramer Croisant, sr., La Salle

Guards: Zack Stutzman, sr. Stayton; Kyle Nelson, jr., North Marion; Caleb Wistock, jr., Stayton; Dan Cambell, sr., Gladstone; TJ Simons, sr., North Marion

Tackles: Dakota Weitman, sr., Stayton; John Atkinson, jr., La Salle

Wide Receivers: Klint Pippert, jr., North Marion; Mitch Clark, sr., Estacada

Kicker: Brenden Anderson, jr., Molalla



Linemen: Chris Wilmschen, sr., North Marion

Inside Linebackers: Kyle McGrath, sr., Stayton; Dillon Davidson, jr., Cascade

Outside Linebackers: Evan Lindmann, so., Stayton

Defensive Backs: Shawn Towery, jr., Cascade; Kieran McDonaugh, fr., La Salle; Klint Pippert, jr., North Marion; Buzz Eichner, sr., Estacada



Offensive MVP - Jacob Mitchell, Siuslaw.

Defensive MVP - Trae Collins, North Bend.

Co-Coaches of the Year - Joe Polamalu, Douglas, and Rick Taylor, North Bend.



Quarterback - Jacob Mitchell, sr, Siuslaw.

Running Back - Sky Woods, jr, Douglas; Jake Lucero, soph, North Bend; Triton Crane, sr, South Umpqua.

Wide Receiver - Joe Swesey, sr, Siuslaw; Joe Thompson, sr, Siuslaw; Ky Schoonhoven, sr, South Umpqua.

Tight End - Bryce Weidman, sr, North Bend. Center - Kyle Rose, sr, North Bend.

Offensive Line - Darrell Watson, sr, Douglas; Kyle Meals, sr, Douglas; Justin Tobey, sr, North Bend; Trae Collins, sr, North Bend.

Kicker - Tim Urista, sr, Douglas.


Defensive Line - Trae Collins, sr, North Bend; Justin Tobey, sr, North Bend; Tim Bellando, sr, Douglas; Dylan Becker, sr, Sutherlin.

Linebacker - Mike Ruppert, sr, Douglas; Jake Lucero, soph, North Bend; Jim Henry, jr, Sutherlin; Jacob Neilsen, sr, Douglas.

Defensive Back - Sky Woods, jr, Douglas; Mike Swoboda, Siuslaw; Dalton Iveans, jr, North Bend; Skyler Walton, sr, North Bend.

Punter - Bryson Norton, sr, Douglas.



Quarterback - Ryan Smedley, sr, South Umpqua.

Running Back - Bryson Norton, sr, Douglas; Mike Ruppert, sr, Douglas; Cameron Seiger, jr, North Bend.

Wide Receiver - Ridge Buchman, jr, Brookings-Harbor; Seth Johnson, sr, North Bend.

Tight End - Kyle Summers, sr, Sutherlin. Center - Kamron Bratlie, jr, Douglas.

Offensive Line - Ryan Fullerton, sr, Sutherlin; Dylan Becker, sr, Sutherlin; Brandon Huber, North Bend; Jim Henry, jr, Sutherlin.

Kicker - Tim Cote, Sutherlin; Kyle Rose, sr, North Bend.


Defensive Line - Austin Hensley, jr, North Bend; Mike Bradley, sr, Siuslaw; Evan Buchanan, sr, Siuslaw; D.C. Phillips, jr, South Umpqua; Chance Crane, soph, South Umpqua.

Linebacker - Eric Tipler, jr, Siuslaw; John Duman, jr, Siuslaw; Pete Chaney, sr, North Bend; Clay Lent, sr, South Umpqua.

Defensive Back - Bryson Norton, sr, Douglas; Robert Brog, sr, Siuslaw; Ky Schoonhoven, sr, South Umpqua; Triton Crane, sr, South Umpqua.

Punter - Ryan Smedley, sr, South Umpqua.



Quarterback - Paul Polamalu, jr, Douglas; Dalton Iveans, jr, North Bend.

Running Back - Kyle Jaukkuri, soph, Sutherlin; Brian Andry, Sutherlin; Dustin Paradis, soph, Brookings-Harbor.

Tight End - Rivers Gage-Hunt, sr, Siuslaw.

Center - Eric Gordon, soph, Sutherlin; Nick Longo, jr, Brookings-Harbor.

Offensive Line - Mason Vosika, jr, Douglas; Derek Watson, sr, Douglas; Chance Crane, soph, South Umpqua; Roy Sigmond, sr Siuslaw; Ryan Larson, jr, Siuslaw; Neil Watson, sr, Brookings-Harbor.


Defensive Line - Kyle Hoover, South Umpqua; David Parliament, jr, Brookings-Harbor; Blake Ballew, sr, Sutherlin.

Linebacker - Ricky Cortes, soph, Douglas; Evan Peterson, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Tyler Lueckfeld, fr, Brookings-Harbor; Evan Carroll, sr, South Umpqua.

Defensive Back - Jered Stoffal, jr, Douglas; Dustin Paradis, soph, Brookings-Harbor; Ryan Smedley, sr, South Umpqua.

Punter - James Felber, sr, Sutherlin.



Offensive players of the year: Grant Hedrick, Central and Tristan Metcalf, Newport

Defensive player of the year: Marcus Cuellar, Central

Coach of the year: Shane Hedrick, Central


OFFENSE: G - Zane Wise, sr, Sweet Home; Michael Hayward, sr, Newport; T - Marcus Cuellar, sr, Central; Thomas Demelo, sr, Central; C - Logan Clark, sr, Sweet Home; TE - Josh Riggs, sr, Sweet Home; WR - Michael Hamilton, sr, Central; Eric Phillips, sr, Central; RB - Amos Parmenter, sr, Sweet Home; Tristan Metcalf, jr, Newport; QB - Grant Hedrick, jr, Central; P - Tristan Metcalf, jr, Newport; K - Roman Deberow, jr, Central.

DEFENSE: DL - Marcus Cuellar, sr, Central; Zane Wise, sr, Sweet Home; Ryan Staggs, sr, Newport; Kirk St Clair, sr, Philomath; LB - Ricky Cedillo, sr, Central; Amos Parmenter, sr, Sweet Home; Trevor Motter, sr, Philomath; DB - Eddie Campos,sr, Central; Logan Stevens, sr, Philomath; Tristan Metcalf, jr, Newport; Brent Moyer, jr, Sweet Home.



Offensive players of the year: Gianni Carter, Marist and Tevin Cheever, Marist

Defensive players of the year: Jeff Bedbury, Marist and Kyle McClaughry, Junction City

Coaches of the year: Rusty Zysett, La Pine and Frank Geske, Marist


OFFENSE: Tevin Cheever, jr., qb, Marist; Will Swindling, so., rb, Marist; Nic Head, sr., rb, Sisters; Jacob Stanley, sr., rb, Cottage Grove; Jeff Bedbury, jr., wr, Marist; Gianni Carter, sr., wr, Marist; Jordan Fugate, sr., wr, La Pine; Jake Logan, jr., wr, La Pine; David Black, sr., te, Cottage Grove; Kalen Dennis, jr., ol, Marist; Cole Richardson, jr., ol, Marist; Tyler Miller, sr., ol, Sisters; James Weilbrenner, jr., ol, Marist.

DEFENSE: Chad Simmons, jr., lb, Junction City; Nick Gammie, jr., lb, Marist; Will Swindling, so., lb, Marist; Kyle McClaughry, sr., lb, Junction City; Josh Danford, jr., dl, Junction City; Brodie Davis, sr., dl, Elmira; David Black, sr., dl, Cottage Grove; Tyler Miller, sr., dl, Sisters; Gianni Carter, sr., db, Marist; Jeff Bedbury, jr., db, Marist; Mitch Wilson, jr., db, Marist; Carlos Real, sr., db, Elmira.

SPECIALISTS: Gabe Schepergerdes, sr., k, Marist; William Lyons, sr., p, Elmira; Jeff Bedbury, jr., kr, Marist.


OFFENSE: Grant Thompson, jr., ol, Cottage Grove; Brandon Crover, jr., ol, Elmira; Adam Nasalroad, jr., ol, Marist; Mat Devereaux, so., ol, Marist; James Taylor, sr., ol, La Pine; Randy Ketchum, sr., te, Sisters; Sam Hardin, jr., rb, Marist; Joel Duhn, sr., rb, Junction City; Dillon Ford, jr., rb, Elmira; Ty Slater, jr., qb, La Pine; Mitch Wilson, jr., wr, Marist; Carlos Real, sr., wr, Elmira; Brian Dunn, so., wr, Cottage Grove.

DEFENSE: Logan Mayers, so., dl, Marist; Marcus Saraceno, sr., dl, Marist; Max Engelman, sr., dl, Marist; Pat Harwood, jr., dl, Junction City; Aaron Nelson, sr., dl, Pleasant Hill; Lucas Reitman, sr., lb, Sisters; Cody Bagwell, sr., lb, Pleasant Hill; Jess Lee, jr., lb, Junction City; Grant Thompson, jr., lb, Cottage Grove; Ty Hiday, sr., db, Marist; Jordan Fugate, sr., db, La Pine; Colton McClintock, sr., db, Junction City; Shelby Brown, jr., db, Junction City.

SPECIALISTS: William Lyons, sr., k, Elmira; Trevor Sustaire, jr., k, Cottage Grove; Chad Simmons, jr., p, Junction City; Carlos Real, sr., kr, Elmira.


Cody Farrell, Pleasant Hill; Derick Miller, Elmira; Andrew Enger, Sisters; Justin Stormo, Pleasant Hill; Darrell Fairbanks, Pleasant Hill; Will Lyons, Elmira; Pat Harwood, Junction City; Matt Lay, Elmira; Chase Kleint, Sisters; Scott Daletas, Pleasant Hill; Kyle Hammontree, Elmira; Taylor Shelley, Junction City; Alex Toureen, Cottage Grove; Justin Stormo, Pleasant Hill; James Taylor, La Pine; Weston Strohmeyer, Elmira; Brandon Crover, Elmira; Spencer Wilson, La Pine; Matt Lay, Elmira; Aaron Carr, Elmira; Kelly Tuerffs, Cottage Grove, Cole Falline, La Pine; Jeff Bedbury, Marist.



Offensive player of the year: Clint Sager, Hidden Valley

Defensive player of the year: Clint Sager, Hidden Valley

Coach of the year: Todd Williams, North Valley



C - Austin Kasner, sr, Hidden Valley;

G - Paul Gutzman, sr, North Valley; Jake Combe, jr, Hidden Valley;

T - Andrew Wert, sr, North Valley; Louis Riley, sr, Henley;

TE - Clint Sager, sr, Hidden Valley;

WR - Jordan Brewster, sr, Henley; Skyler Reagan, jr, Phoenix;

QB - Chris Kammel, jr, Phoenix;

RB - Anthony Norman, sr, North Valley; Todd Woodrum, jr, Hidden Valley; Tyler Newsome, jr, Henley;

PK - Trevor Woodruff, sr, North Valley;


DL - Andrew Wert, sr, North Valley; Devon Ogden, sr, North Valley; Kaylen Maynard, sr, Hidden Valley; John Myers, jr, Henley; Ben Crichton, sr, Phoenix;

LB - Paul Gutzman, sr, North Valley; Clint Sager, sr, Hidden Valley; Lance Tausaga, sr, Illinois Valley;

DB - Garrett Schwietert, sr, North Valley; Chase Kearney, sr, Hidden Valley; Kyle Conner, sr, Henley; Skyler Reagan, jr, Phoenix;

P - Trevor Woodruff, sr, North Valley;



C - Travis George, jr, North Valley;

G - Collin Poulton, jr, Hidden Valley; David Rosser, jr, Henley;

T - Kaylen Maynard, sr, Hidden Valley; Luke Reynolds, sr, Illinois Valley;

TE - Ben Crichton, sr, Phoenix;

WR - Dane Anderson, so, North Valley; Kyle Conner, sr, Henley;

QB - Ryan Anderson, jr, North Valley;

RB - Cody Austin, sr, North Valley; Casey Evans, sr, Henley; Lance Tausaga, sr, Illinois Valley;

PK - Cody Albertson, so, Hidden Valley;


DL - Levi Tolar, jr, North Valley; Manny Zamora, sr, Henley; Jacob Campbell, sr, Illinois Valley; Cody Krauss, jr, Hidden Valley;

LB - Tim Verling, sr, Henley; Alex Machado, sr, Phoenix; T.J. Parker, jr, Illinois Valley; Cody Austin, sr, North Valley;

DB - Tyler Tappan, sr, North Valley; Ryan Carter, jr, Hidden Valley; Dom Ralls, sr, Phoenix; Singeon Gotfried, jr, Hidden Valley;

P - Lance Tausaga, sr, Illinois Valley;



C: Drexler Nelson, jr, Henley; Bret Carder, so, Phoenix

G: Spenser Young, sr, Henley; John Florey, sr, Phoenix; Anthony McGarity, sr, Phoenix; Justin Halstead, sr, Illinois Valley

T: Ben Scott, sr, North Valley; Cody Krauss, jr, Hidden Valley; Manny Zamora, sr, Henley

TE: John Myers, jr, Henley; Ricoh Johnson, sr, North Valley

WR: Sam Winter, sr, Illinois Valley; Antonio Escalante, sr, Illinois Valley; Chris Wojcik, sr, Hidden Valley

RB: Joe Backen, sr, Phoenix; Armando Ledesma, sr, Phoenix; Steven Powell, sr, Hidden Valley; Nick Dechenne, jr, North Valley

QB: Spencer Apland, sr; Johnny Cullen, so, Henley

PK: Manny Zamora, sr, Henley


DL: Jeff Bohn, sr, Phoenix; James Humphries, sr, Phoenix; James Lupinski, jr, Henley;

LB: Dane Dellsite, so, North Valley; Cody Hamel, sr, Henley; Doug North, so, Henley; David Rosser, jr, Henley

DB: James Hogg, sr, North Valley; Josh Faust, jr, Hidden Valley; Dane Anderson, so, North Valley; Tyler Newsome, jr, Henley; Jordan Brewster, sr, Henley

P: Steven Powell, sr, Hidden Valley



Offensive players of the year: Jake Turner, Ontario and Chad Adams, Baker

Defensive player of the year: Jake Turner, Ontario



C - Justin O'Neal, senior, Baker;

OL - Jordan Martinez, senior, Ontario; Chris Brown, Junior, McLoughlin; Paul Johnson, senior, Baker; Kevin Fraser, Junior, Baker;

TE - Kendall Brown, Junior, McLoughlin

WR - Nico Martinez, Junior, Ontario; Trace Richardson, Junior, Baker

QB - Jordan Harlow, senior, Baker

RB - Jake Turner, senior, Ontario; Frank Lopez, junior, Ontario



DL - Jordan Martinez, senior, Ontario; Lorenzo Long, senior, McLoughlin; Ted Shaw, senior, Baker; Kennan Richards, senior, Baker

LB - Matt Anthony, junior, Ontario; Marcus Kelp, senior, McLoughlin; Nick Watts, junior, McLoughlin; Dekker Smith, Junior, Baker

DB - Jake Turner, senior, Ontario; Nick Stanford, junior, McLoughlin; Rowdy LaMiller, senior, Baker; Walker Kaseberg, senior, Baker

K - Andy Godfrey, senior, La Grande

P - Tad Anzaldua, senior, Ontario




C - Kevin Corn, senior, Ontario

OL - Marcus Kelp, senior, McLoughlin; Sam Villalobos, junior, Ontario; Kody Walton, senior, La Grande; Bryce Brose, senior, Baker

TE - Matt Anthony, Junior, Ontario

WR - Walker Kaseberg, senior, Baker; Josh Mejia, Junior, Ontario

QB - Tac Anzaldua, senior, Ontario

RB - Kody Kralman, senior, McLoughlin; Nick Stanford, junior, McLoughlin; Chad Adams, senior, Baker



DL - Robert Gardner, senior, Baker; Toby Quintero, sophomore, Ontario; Chris Brown, junior, McLoughlin; Caleb Colton, senior, Baker

LB - Max Nicholson, senior, La Grande; John Tuck, senior, La Grande; Marcus Marines, junior, Ontario; Bryce Smith, senior, Baker

DB - Nico Martinez, junior, Ontario; Kendall Brown, junior, McLoughlin; Brandon Powell, junior, La Grande; Chad Adams, senior, Baker

K - Nick Stanford, junior, McLoughlin

P - Zach Conlee, junior, McLoughlin




C - Phillip Marker, senior, McLoughlin

OL - Zach Conlee, junior, McLoughlin; Lawrence Timmons, Sophomore, McLoughlin; Robert Gardner, senior, Baker; Nik Cortez, junior, McLoughlin; Nolan O'Reilly, Sophomore, La Grande

TE - Dekker Smith, Junior, Baker

WR - Roger Garza, senior, Ontario; Wes Burgess, junior, La Grande; Brandon Powell, junior, La Grande; Kennan Richards, senior, Baker

RB - Stephen Talbot, Sophomore, Baker; Pablo Grimaldi, Sophomore, McLoughlin



DL - Marty Clark, senior, La Grande; Tanner DeWitt, senior, La Grande

LB - Isai Villalobos, senior, Ontario; Alex Rodighiero, senior, McLoughlin; Dalton Sheets, senior, McLoughlin; Colton Flynn, junior, Baker; Matt Nicholson, Sophomore, La Grande

DB - Josh Mejia, junior, Ontario; Stephen Talbot, Sophomore, Baker; Jace Sargent, senior, McLoughlin; Andy Godfrey, senior, La Grande; Jace Fields, senior, Ontario

P - Nick Stanford, junior, McLoughlin

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