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2016 4A Senior Softball All-Star Series

| June 6,2016

2016 4A Senior Softball All-Star Series

Many of the best Seniors at the 4A level, were gathered to represent the name across the chest for one last time before hanging up their jerseys for the last time in their prep athletic career.  

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2016-17 State-Wide College Softball Commitments

| May 26,2016

Here at OPS, we would like to begin a log of all of our college bound players in celebration of our beloved sport of Softball. We are asking your help as we celebrate our Oregon athletes, who will now take their talents onto the next level. If you know of...

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2016 4A Softball All-League Selections

| May 27,2016

We would like to celebrate our state-wide All League selections from all classifications. Congrats to all selected but let's never forget, that although the awards are individual, it takes other great teammates and coaches to make it all possible. We not only celebrate these athletes, but the game itself. If...

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2008 4A Football All-Star Selections

We at oregonprepsports.net will try to keep a list of all of the all-star teams for each league. If you have any all-star teams from leagues we are missing, or have 2nd team/HM lists, please send them to us here.




Offensive Player of the Year-Jordan Poyer, sr., Astoria.

Defensive Player of the Year-Jordan Poyer, sr., Astoria.



Split End-Marcus Brown, jr., Astoria; Josh Shoun, sr., Scappoose; Elrycc Berkman, sr., Seaside; FLK-Seth Honl, sr., Scappoose; Matt Wood, sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Alex Eterno, jr., Astoria;

Offensive Line-Dallon Hamilton, OT, sr., Banks; Nick Garner, OG, sr., Astoria; Sam Edison, C, sr., Banks; J.T. Strang, OG, sr., Tillamook; Chad Hollings-worth, OT, fr., Scappoose;

Tight End-Jared Rue, sr., Banks; Westlin Walker, sr., Tillamook; Fullback-Matt Beeler, sr., Tillamook;

Running Back-Dane Lund, jr., Astoria; Nick Turner, jr., Banks; Brandon Thomas, sr., Tillamook; Jackson Meyer, jr., Seaside;

Quarterback-Jordan Poyer, sr., Astoria; Riley Martin, soph., Yamhill-Carlton;

Kicker-Max Johnson, jr., Astoria.



Defensive Line-Jake Hatcher, jr., Astoria; Ron Nue, sr., Tillamook; Karl Konradson, sr., Scappoose; Masen Brause, sr., Astoria; Thomas Moore, sr., Banks;

Linebackers-Trevor Puckett, sr., Astoria; Gabe Linehan, sr., Banks; Zach Kelly, sr., Yamhill-Carlton;

Defensive Backs-Jordan Poyer, sr., Astoria; Ian Erickson, jr., Astoria; Neal Hammond, sr., Banks; Brock Markham, jr., Banks; Josh Rodrigues, jr., Tillamook; Heath Rhodes, sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Branden Cooper, sr., Yamhill-Carlton;

Punter-Chris Reeves, sr., Tillamook; Erik Calhoon, jr., Scappoose.



Co-Offensive Player of the Year: Alex Pursel, jr., Estacada & Taylor Taft, sr., Gladstone

Co-Defensive Player of the Year: Cody Toth, sr., Estacada & Tyler Smith, sr., Gladstone

Lineman of the Year: Kyle McDonald, sr., Estacada

Coach of the Year: Brigham Baker, Estacada

Assistant Coach of the Year: Gary Lewis, Estacada




Quarterback: Taylor Taft, sr., Gladstone

Running Backs: Alex Pursel, jr., Estacada; Jake Hyde, sr., Estacada; Jordan McCain, jr., North Marion; Kyle McGrath, sr., Stayton

Center: Logan Cheshier, jr., Estacada

Guards: Patrick Cavanaugh, jr., La Salle; Josh Hamilton, sr., Gladstone

Tackles: Taylor Schindler, sr., Gladstone; Adam Algatt, sr., Estacada

Tight Ends: Houston Webb, sr., Estacada

Wide Receivers: Austin Foteff, sr., Gladstone; Tyrell Williams, jr., Cascade

Kicker: Austin Cote, sr., Gladstone

Kick returner: Jordan McCain, jr., North Marion



Linemen: Steve Holliman, sr., Gladstone; Kyle McDonald, sr., Estacada; Kristof Schroeder, sr., La Salle; Aaron Schoknecht, sr., Estacada

Inside Linebackers: Chase Sterett, sr., North Marion; Cody Toth, sr., Estacada; Tyler Smith, sr., Gladstone

Outside Linebackers: Morgan Maughan, sr., La Salle; David Gardelius, jr. Estacada

Defensive Backs: Taylor Taft, sr., Gladstone; Kelly Maguire, sr., North Marion; Austin Foteff, sr., Gladstone; Jake Hyde, sr., Estacada

Punter: Coby Proctor, so., Stayton

Special Teams Player: Bryant Hayes, sr., North Marion; Adam Maranda, sr., Stayton




Quarterback: Kelly Maguire, sr., North Marion

Running Backs: Mike Becker, sr., La Salle; Tyler Smith, sr., Gladstone; Tyler Mikolas, jr., Stayton

Center: Steve Holliman, sr., Gladstone

Guards: Kyle McDonald, sr., Estacada; Ben Liechtly, jr., Molalla

Tackles: Kylan Umphress, sr., Estacada; Todd Leedham, jr., Molalla

Tight Ends: Ian Campbell, jr., Stayton

Wide Receivers: Michael Swain, jr., La Salle; Seth Theroux, sr., La Salle; Evan Lyons, sr., Gladstone

Kicker: Austin Thul, jr., La Salle

Kick returner: Daniel Jury, sr., Estacada



Linemen: Taylor Schindler, sr., Gladstone; Michael Torres, jr., North Marion; Ben Liechtly, jr., Molalla; Eli Duhrkoop, jr., Estacada; Scott Rooney, sr., Stayton

Inside Linebackers: Austin Lord, jr., Stayton; Nick Dieringer, sr., La Salle; Derek Taylor, sr., Gladstone

Outside Linebackers: Dakota Weitman, sr., Stayton; Victor Toran, sr., North Marion

Defensive Backs: Luis Alvarado, sr., La Salle; Tyrell Williams, jr., Cascade; Matt Sullivan, sr., Estacada; Kelly Thuerkoff, sr. Stayton

Punter: Zach Rouse, so., Cascade

Special Teams Player: Andrew Ma. Sr., Gladstone




Quarterback: Bryce Peterson, sr., Cascade; Jacob Moore, jr., Molalla

Center: Mike Hiatt, sr., Stayton; Kramer Croisant, sr., La Salle

Guards: Zack Stutzman, sr. Stayton; Kyle Nelson, jr., North Marion; Caleb Wistock, jr., Stayton; Dan Cambell, sr., Gladstone; TJ Simons, sr., North Marion

Tackles: Dakota Weitman, sr., Stayton; John Atkinson, jr., La Salle

Wide Receivers: Klint Pippert, jr., North Marion; Mitch Clark, sr., Estacada

Kicker: Brenden Anderson, jr., Molalla



Linemen: Chris Wilmschen, sr., North Marion

Inside Linebackers: Kyle McGrath, sr., Stayton; Dillon Davidson, jr., Cascade

Outside Linebackers: Evan Lindmann, so., Stayton

Defensive Backs: Shawn Towery, jr., Cascade; Kieran McDonaugh, fr., La Salle; Klint Pippert, jr., North Marion; Buzz Eichner, sr., Estacada



Offensive MVP - Jacob Mitchell, Siuslaw.

Defensive MVP - Trae Collins, North Bend.

Co-Coaches of the Year - Joe Polamalu, Douglas, and Rick Taylor, North Bend.



Quarterback - Jacob Mitchell, sr, Siuslaw.

Running Back - Sky Woods, jr, Douglas; Jake Lucero, soph, North Bend; Triton Crane, sr, South Umpqua.

Wide Receiver - Joe Swesey, sr, Siuslaw; Joe Thompson, sr, Siuslaw; Ky Schoonhoven, sr, South Umpqua.

Tight End - Bryce Weidman, sr, North Bend. Center - Kyle Rose, sr, North Bend.

Offensive Line - Darrell Watson, sr, Douglas; Kyle Meals, sr, Douglas; Justin Tobey, sr, North Bend; Trae Collins, sr, North Bend.

Kicker - Tim Urista, sr, Douglas.


Defensive Line - Trae Collins, sr, North Bend; Justin Tobey, sr, North Bend; Tim Bellando, sr, Douglas; Dylan Becker, sr, Sutherlin.

Linebacker - Mike Ruppert, sr, Douglas; Jake Lucero, soph, North Bend; Jim Henry, jr, Sutherlin; Jacob Neilsen, sr, Douglas.

Defensive Back - Sky Woods, jr, Douglas; Mike Swoboda, Siuslaw; Dalton Iveans, jr, North Bend; Skyler Walton, sr, North Bend.

Punter - Bryson Norton, sr, Douglas.



Quarterback - Ryan Smedley, sr, South Umpqua.

Running Back - Bryson Norton, sr, Douglas; Mike Ruppert, sr, Douglas; Cameron Seiger, jr, North Bend.

Wide Receiver - Ridge Buchman, jr, Brookings-Harbor; Seth Johnson, sr, North Bend.

Tight End - Kyle Summers, sr, Sutherlin. Center - Kamron Bratlie, jr, Douglas.

Offensive Line - Ryan Fullerton, sr, Sutherlin; Dylan Becker, sr, Sutherlin; Brandon Huber, North Bend; Jim Henry, jr, Sutherlin.

Kicker - Tim Cote, Sutherlin; Kyle Rose, sr, North Bend.


Defensive Line - Austin Hensley, jr, North Bend; Mike Bradley, sr, Siuslaw; Evan Buchanan, sr, Siuslaw; D.C. Phillips, jr, South Umpqua; Chance Crane, soph, South Umpqua.

Linebacker - Eric Tipler, jr, Siuslaw; John Duman, jr, Siuslaw; Pete Chaney, sr, North Bend; Clay Lent, sr, South Umpqua.

Defensive Back - Bryson Norton, sr, Douglas; Robert Brog, sr, Siuslaw; Ky Schoonhoven, sr, South Umpqua; Triton Crane, sr, South Umpqua.

Punter - Ryan Smedley, sr, South Umpqua.



Quarterback - Paul Polamalu, jr, Douglas; Dalton Iveans, jr, North Bend.

Running Back - Kyle Jaukkuri, soph, Sutherlin; Brian Andry, Sutherlin; Dustin Paradis, soph, Brookings-Harbor.

Tight End - Rivers Gage-Hunt, sr, Siuslaw.

Center - Eric Gordon, soph, Sutherlin; Nick Longo, jr, Brookings-Harbor.

Offensive Line - Mason Vosika, jr, Douglas; Derek Watson, sr, Douglas; Chance Crane, soph, South Umpqua; Roy Sigmond, sr Siuslaw; Ryan Larson, jr, Siuslaw; Neil Watson, sr, Brookings-Harbor.


Defensive Line - Kyle Hoover, South Umpqua; David Parliament, jr, Brookings-Harbor; Blake Ballew, sr, Sutherlin.

Linebacker - Ricky Cortes, soph, Douglas; Evan Peterson, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Tyler Lueckfeld, fr, Brookings-Harbor; Evan Carroll, sr, South Umpqua.

Defensive Back - Jered Stoffal, jr, Douglas; Dustin Paradis, soph, Brookings-Harbor; Ryan Smedley, sr, South Umpqua.

Punter - James Felber, sr, Sutherlin.



Offensive players of the year: Grant Hedrick, Central and Tristan Metcalf, Newport

Defensive player of the year: Marcus Cuellar, Central

Coach of the year: Shane Hedrick, Central


OFFENSE: G - Zane Wise, sr, Sweet Home; Michael Hayward, sr, Newport; T - Marcus Cuellar, sr, Central; Thomas Demelo, sr, Central; C - Logan Clark, sr, Sweet Home; TE - Josh Riggs, sr, Sweet Home; WR - Michael Hamilton, sr, Central; Eric Phillips, sr, Central; RB - Amos Parmenter, sr, Sweet Home; Tristan Metcalf, jr, Newport; QB - Grant Hedrick, jr, Central; P - Tristan Metcalf, jr, Newport; K - Roman Deberow, jr, Central.

DEFENSE: DL - Marcus Cuellar, sr, Central; Zane Wise, sr, Sweet Home; Ryan Staggs, sr, Newport; Kirk St Clair, sr, Philomath; LB - Ricky Cedillo, sr, Central; Amos Parmenter, sr, Sweet Home; Trevor Motter, sr, Philomath; DB - Eddie Campos,sr, Central; Logan Stevens, sr, Philomath; Tristan Metcalf, jr, Newport; Brent Moyer, jr, Sweet Home.



Offensive players of the year: Gianni Carter, Marist and Tevin Cheever, Marist

Defensive players of the year: Jeff Bedbury, Marist and Kyle McClaughry, Junction City

Coaches of the year: Rusty Zysett, La Pine and Frank Geske, Marist


OFFENSE: Tevin Cheever, jr., qb, Marist; Will Swindling, so., rb, Marist; Nic Head, sr., rb, Sisters; Jacob Stanley, sr., rb, Cottage Grove; Jeff Bedbury, jr., wr, Marist; Gianni Carter, sr., wr, Marist; Jordan Fugate, sr., wr, La Pine; Jake Logan, jr., wr, La Pine; David Black, sr., te, Cottage Grove; Kalen Dennis, jr., ol, Marist; Cole Richardson, jr., ol, Marist; Tyler Miller, sr., ol, Sisters; James Weilbrenner, jr., ol, Marist.

DEFENSE: Chad Simmons, jr., lb, Junction City; Nick Gammie, jr., lb, Marist; Will Swindling, so., lb, Marist; Kyle McClaughry, sr., lb, Junction City; Josh Danford, jr., dl, Junction City; Brodie Davis, sr., dl, Elmira; David Black, sr., dl, Cottage Grove; Tyler Miller, sr., dl, Sisters; Gianni Carter, sr., db, Marist; Jeff Bedbury, jr., db, Marist; Mitch Wilson, jr., db, Marist; Carlos Real, sr., db, Elmira.

SPECIALISTS: Gabe Schepergerdes, sr., k, Marist; William Lyons, sr., p, Elmira; Jeff Bedbury, jr., kr, Marist.


OFFENSE: Grant Thompson, jr., ol, Cottage Grove; Brandon Crover, jr., ol, Elmira; Adam Nasalroad, jr., ol, Marist; Mat Devereaux, so., ol, Marist; James Taylor, sr., ol, La Pine; Randy Ketchum, sr., te, Sisters; Sam Hardin, jr., rb, Marist; Joel Duhn, sr., rb, Junction City; Dillon Ford, jr., rb, Elmira; Ty Slater, jr., qb, La Pine; Mitch Wilson, jr., wr, Marist; Carlos Real, sr., wr, Elmira; Brian Dunn, so., wr, Cottage Grove.

DEFENSE: Logan Mayers, so., dl, Marist; Marcus Saraceno, sr., dl, Marist; Max Engelman, sr., dl, Marist; Pat Harwood, jr., dl, Junction City; Aaron Nelson, sr., dl, Pleasant Hill; Lucas Reitman, sr., lb, Sisters; Cody Bagwell, sr., lb, Pleasant Hill; Jess Lee, jr., lb, Junction City; Grant Thompson, jr., lb, Cottage Grove; Ty Hiday, sr., db, Marist; Jordan Fugate, sr., db, La Pine; Colton McClintock, sr., db, Junction City; Shelby Brown, jr., db, Junction City.

SPECIALISTS: William Lyons, sr., k, Elmira; Trevor Sustaire, jr., k, Cottage Grove; Chad Simmons, jr., p, Junction City; Carlos Real, sr., kr, Elmira.


Cody Farrell, Pleasant Hill; Derick Miller, Elmira; Andrew Enger, Sisters; Justin Stormo, Pleasant Hill; Darrell Fairbanks, Pleasant Hill; Will Lyons, Elmira; Pat Harwood, Junction City; Matt Lay, Elmira; Chase Kleint, Sisters; Scott Daletas, Pleasant Hill; Kyle Hammontree, Elmira; Taylor Shelley, Junction City; Alex Toureen, Cottage Grove; Justin Stormo, Pleasant Hill; James Taylor, La Pine; Weston Strohmeyer, Elmira; Brandon Crover, Elmira; Spencer Wilson, La Pine; Matt Lay, Elmira; Aaron Carr, Elmira; Kelly Tuerffs, Cottage Grove, Cole Falline, La Pine; Jeff Bedbury, Marist.



Offensive player of the year: Clint Sager, Hidden Valley

Defensive player of the year: Clint Sager, Hidden Valley

Coach of the year: Todd Williams, North Valley



C - Austin Kasner, sr, Hidden Valley;

G - Paul Gutzman, sr, North Valley; Jake Combe, jr, Hidden Valley;

T - Andrew Wert, sr, North Valley; Louis Riley, sr, Henley;

TE - Clint Sager, sr, Hidden Valley;

WR - Jordan Brewster, sr, Henley; Skyler Reagan, jr, Phoenix;

QB - Chris Kammel, jr, Phoenix;

RB - Anthony Norman, sr, North Valley; Todd Woodrum, jr, Hidden Valley; Tyler Newsome, jr, Henley;

PK - Trevor Woodruff, sr, North Valley;


DL - Andrew Wert, sr, North Valley; Devon Ogden, sr, North Valley; Kaylen Maynard, sr, Hidden Valley; John Myers, jr, Henley; Ben Crichton, sr, Phoenix;

LB - Paul Gutzman, sr, North Valley; Clint Sager, sr, Hidden Valley; Lance Tausaga, sr, Illinois Valley;

DB - Garrett Schwietert, sr, North Valley; Chase Kearney, sr, Hidden Valley; Kyle Conner, sr, Henley; Skyler Reagan, jr, Phoenix;

P - Trevor Woodruff, sr, North Valley;



C - Travis George, jr, North Valley;

G - Collin Poulton, jr, Hidden Valley; David Rosser, jr, Henley;

T - Kaylen Maynard, sr, Hidden Valley; Luke Reynolds, sr, Illinois Valley;

TE - Ben Crichton, sr, Phoenix;

WR - Dane Anderson, so, North Valley; Kyle Conner, sr, Henley;

QB - Ryan Anderson, jr, North Valley;

RB - Cody Austin, sr, North Valley; Casey Evans, sr, Henley; Lance Tausaga, sr, Illinois Valley;

PK - Cody Albertson, so, Hidden Valley;


DL - Levi Tolar, jr, North Valley; Manny Zamora, sr, Henley; Jacob Campbell, sr, Illinois Valley; Cody Krauss, jr, Hidden Valley;

LB - Tim Verling, sr, Henley; Alex Machado, sr, Phoenix; T.J. Parker, jr, Illinois Valley; Cody Austin, sr, North Valley;

DB - Tyler Tappan, sr, North Valley; Ryan Carter, jr, Hidden Valley; Dom Ralls, sr, Phoenix; Singeon Gotfried, jr, Hidden Valley;

P - Lance Tausaga, sr, Illinois Valley;



C: Drexler Nelson, jr, Henley; Bret Carder, so, Phoenix

G: Spenser Young, sr, Henley; John Florey, sr, Phoenix; Anthony McGarity, sr, Phoenix; Justin Halstead, sr, Illinois Valley

T: Ben Scott, sr, North Valley; Cody Krauss, jr, Hidden Valley; Manny Zamora, sr, Henley

TE: John Myers, jr, Henley; Ricoh Johnson, sr, North Valley

WR: Sam Winter, sr, Illinois Valley; Antonio Escalante, sr, Illinois Valley; Chris Wojcik, sr, Hidden Valley

RB: Joe Backen, sr, Phoenix; Armando Ledesma, sr, Phoenix; Steven Powell, sr, Hidden Valley; Nick Dechenne, jr, North Valley

QB: Spencer Apland, sr; Johnny Cullen, so, Henley

PK: Manny Zamora, sr, Henley


DL: Jeff Bohn, sr, Phoenix; James Humphries, sr, Phoenix; James Lupinski, jr, Henley;

LB: Dane Dellsite, so, North Valley; Cody Hamel, sr, Henley; Doug North, so, Henley; David Rosser, jr, Henley

DB: James Hogg, sr, North Valley; Josh Faust, jr, Hidden Valley; Dane Anderson, so, North Valley; Tyler Newsome, jr, Henley; Jordan Brewster, sr, Henley

P: Steven Powell, sr, Hidden Valley



Offensive players of the year: Jake Turner, Ontario and Chad Adams, Baker

Defensive player of the year: Jake Turner, Ontario



C - Justin O'Neal, senior, Baker;

OL - Jordan Martinez, senior, Ontario; Chris Brown, Junior, McLoughlin; Paul Johnson, senior, Baker; Kevin Fraser, Junior, Baker;

TE - Kendall Brown, Junior, McLoughlin

WR - Nico Martinez, Junior, Ontario; Trace Richardson, Junior, Baker

QB - Jordan Harlow, senior, Baker

RB - Jake Turner, senior, Ontario; Frank Lopez, junior, Ontario



DL - Jordan Martinez, senior, Ontario; Lorenzo Long, senior, McLoughlin; Ted Shaw, senior, Baker; Kennan Richards, senior, Baker

LB - Matt Anthony, junior, Ontario; Marcus Kelp, senior, McLoughlin; Nick Watts, junior, McLoughlin; Dekker Smith, Junior, Baker

DB - Jake Turner, senior, Ontario; Nick Stanford, junior, McLoughlin; Rowdy LaMiller, senior, Baker; Walker Kaseberg, senior, Baker

K - Andy Godfrey, senior, La Grande

P - Tad Anzaldua, senior, Ontario




C - Kevin Corn, senior, Ontario

OL - Marcus Kelp, senior, McLoughlin; Sam Villalobos, junior, Ontario; Kody Walton, senior, La Grande; Bryce Brose, senior, Baker

TE - Matt Anthony, Junior, Ontario

WR - Walker Kaseberg, senior, Baker; Josh Mejia, Junior, Ontario

QB - Tac Anzaldua, senior, Ontario

RB - Kody Kralman, senior, McLoughlin; Nick Stanford, junior, McLoughlin; Chad Adams, senior, Baker



DL - Robert Gardner, senior, Baker; Toby Quintero, sophomore, Ontario; Chris Brown, junior, McLoughlin; Caleb Colton, senior, Baker

LB - Max Nicholson, senior, La Grande; John Tuck, senior, La Grande; Marcus Marines, junior, Ontario; Bryce Smith, senior, Baker

DB - Nico Martinez, junior, Ontario; Kendall Brown, junior, McLoughlin; Brandon Powell, junior, La Grande; Chad Adams, senior, Baker

K - Nick Stanford, junior, McLoughlin

P - Zach Conlee, junior, McLoughlin




C - Phillip Marker, senior, McLoughlin

OL - Zach Conlee, junior, McLoughlin; Lawrence Timmons, Sophomore, McLoughlin; Robert Gardner, senior, Baker; Nik Cortez, junior, McLoughlin; Nolan O'Reilly, Sophomore, La Grande

TE - Dekker Smith, Junior, Baker

WR - Roger Garza, senior, Ontario; Wes Burgess, junior, La Grande; Brandon Powell, junior, La Grande; Kennan Richards, senior, Baker

RB - Stephen Talbot, Sophomore, Baker; Pablo Grimaldi, Sophomore, McLoughlin



DL - Marty Clark, senior, La Grande; Tanner DeWitt, senior, La Grande

LB - Isai Villalobos, senior, Ontario; Alex Rodighiero, senior, McLoughlin; Dalton Sheets, senior, McLoughlin; Colton Flynn, junior, Baker; Matt Nicholson, Sophomore, La Grande

DB - Josh Mejia, junior, Ontario; Stephen Talbot, Sophomore, Baker; Jace Sargent, senior, McLoughlin; Andy Godfrey, senior, La Grande; Jace Fields, senior, Ontario

P - Nick Stanford, junior, McLoughlin

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