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North Marion 2019 4A Special District 2 League Champs!

| October 26,2019

North Marion 2019 4A Special District 2  League Champs!

How big was Friday night for The North Marion Huskies? Well let’s start with the first outright league Football title, in at least 60 years. 

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2018 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 4

Jeff Drumm | September 28,2018

2018 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 4

It's time for another season of Premature Playoff Predictions. Much has changed about Oregon high school football in the past year, but I got my spreadsheets adjusted, and (assuming I didn't make any typos) I'm ready to start guessing at what will happen.   Game predictions are based on the Freeman rankings...

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NM/Woodburn- It's Back!

| September 13,2018

NM/Woodburn- It's Back!

What is Football without a great rival? One of the best ever is back in Northern Marion County! Photo Brent DeLaPaz Woodburn Independent Fall 1986- Pictured Woodburns Kit Cummings, and North Marions Kevin Pearson. Two good friends, who simply wore different uniforms.    The Woodburn/ North Marion rivalry, is one that stretches...

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St Paul/Santiam Part Ways But Not Tradition

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The St Paul Buckeroos, were proven to be a power in their time at the 2A Classification, when they moved up from the 1A level to begin the 2014 season.


Over the last four years, The Bucks adjusted to the move, culminating into a 2A Tri-River League Title last season, before being upset by league rivals The Santiam Wolverines in the State Semi-Finals on a last second field goal. Keep in mind that the success that The Bucks saw at the bigger level, came despite the fact that the student body numbers didn't change much, always hovering right at about 100 kids in the entire school. 


That alone is a testament to the program, the community, and the positive reinforcement of cross over athletes. It is true what they say multi sport athletes are crucial to next level recruiters but even more important, it enhances the experiences of the athlete who will one day look back on all of this with memories of wonder and pride even if high school is the end of the road as an athlete. 
Enter 2018, St Paul is back at the 1A classification and although they lost a few great players from last year including 2A All-State QB Holden Smith, and All State TE Campbell Smith(Both Shrine Game Starters), the group that is back for The Bucks still holds a big core of studs that were heavily responsible for that great run at the 2A level. Watching exclusively 2A Football last year and being a former RB myself, I still stand by my strong feeling that St Pauls Justin Herberger, and Saul Martinez, along with Santiams Brody Davidson, and Trevor Tinney, were the four best RB's that the 2A level had to offer in 2017. 
All four of them have done nothing short of backing that claim up this year at their respective levels but the scary part is, now Herberger and Martinez are playing eight man instead of eleven. If you know those two as I do, it's scary trust me. Both are elusive fast, and strong with powerful motors. I can tell ya this in Herberger, Martinez, Davidson, and Tinney, all four of these guys would start and succeed at much bigger schools. The add in Senior RB/DB Francisco Vargas-Ayala for The Bucks, who runs as hard as any of these backs and brings some speed of his own, The Bucks are simply loaded on the ground behind a toughly skilled veteran offensive line, so good luck in stopping it. 
Taking over for Holden Smith at QB, is Junior TJ Crawford. Crawford comes in with some good experience at the 2A level last year, getting many touches as a RB/QB as a Sophomore. Although tough shoes to fill in the loss of Smith, Crawfords experience in the very tough Tri-River last year, helped him nourish the tools needed to step in and quarterback these studs to success here in 2018.
The Bucks took a big hit to their vaunted receiving corp when they lost Senior WR/DB's Rawley Koch to a broken collarbone early in the season, and Senior flyer Jaidyn Jackson with a broken hand not long after that. You add those two kids to this potent ground game at the eight man level? Forget about it. Although The Bucks have unfortunately lost Koch for the year, The Bucks received a surprise this week, getting Jackson back off the PUP list, and he simply went right back to work in tonight's return. From all I watched last year, Jackson was the most explosive receiver at the 2A level, and his speed at the 1A level this year, will present itself even more with 16 players on the field compared to 22. His return before playoffs, is huge towards the ultimate goal of this squad here in 2018. 
With all this explosiveness on offense for The Bucks, it translates to a very aggressive fast defense with all above players being key components along with Junior Alex Dela Cerda, and and Senior Zach Brentano among many others. At the 1A level, it is rare to see much of a kicking game but you guessed it, The Bucks even bring that to the table if it is needed. Dela Cerda handles the kick off duties and simply drills the ball off the tee, allowing his track team to go hunt. Brentano handles the PAT duties when called upon, and has a nice leg especially for a small school level. His accuracy is good enough to the point where if he gets it off, it is usually converted and was even called upon last year for a few successful FG opportunities.
No disrespect intended, but after another Home Coming blowout win tonight at the hands of The Waldport Irishmen, St Paul has claimed a share of their second straight league championship and can take the title outright next week at home vs. Siletz Valley(3-1). With the talent The Bucks have, look for them to seal it up convincingly before resting for the playoffs. These Bucks as good as they are, are well managed and humble as maybe the lessons learned to close out 2017, keep them grounded and simply focused on controlling what they can control one play at a time, as they know come playoff time, what may have been an easy run in the 1A Special District One North Division, will surely get tougher on the road to the 1A crown for which they among others seek in December.
 2018 St Paul Home Coming Court
Queen- Megan Tuck escorted by King- Justin Herberger
Senior Princess- Korina Rosas escorted by Prince- Zach Brentano
Senior Princess- Taysha Veeman escorted by Prince- Aiden Kirsch
Junior Princess Isabelle Wyss escorted by Prince Saul Martinez
Sophomore Princess Allyson Nicklous escorted by Prince Jaden Thompson
Freshman Princess Rianna Nowlin escorted by Prince Clancy Koch
National Anthem- Courtesy of Seniors Taysha Veeman, and Mercedes Smith
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2018 St Paul Homecoming Queen Megan Tuck With Father Jason
Meanwhile their former league rival at the 2A level Wolverines of Santiam, have been rolling along returning a large part of that talented corp that took them to the 2A State Championship Game in 2017, are headed for a huge show down of their own on October 19. The Wolverines will travel to face The Sheridan Spartans, a contest which will decide the 2A Special District 2 League Title.
This one will be a doozy folks, guaranteed. Santiam will come into the contest at 6-0/4-0 OSAA # 6, and The Spartans stand in waiting at 4-1/3-0 holding The OSAA # 2 Ranking. Call me sentimental, but I sure would have liked one more year of The St Paul/Santiam Rivalry but then again, if my two favorite teams finish as I hope they can, two state titles in one year will let me sleep just fine this Winter. Go Bucks, Go Wolverines! 
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2018 Santiam Wolverines     


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