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North Marion 2019 4A Special District 2 League Champs!

| October 26,2019

North Marion 2019 4A Special District 2  League Champs!

How big was Friday night for The North Marion Huskies? Well let’s start with the first outright league Football title, in at least 60 years. 

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2018 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 4

Jeff Drumm | September 28,2018

2018 Premature Playoff Predictions, Week 4

It's time for another season of Premature Playoff Predictions. Much has changed about Oregon high school football in the past year, but I got my spreadsheets adjusted, and (assuming I didn't make any typos) I'm ready to start guessing at what will happen.   Game predictions are based on the Freeman rankings...

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NM/Woodburn- It's Back!

| September 13,2018

NM/Woodburn- It's Back!

What is Football without a great rival? One of the best ever is back in Northern Marion County! Photo Brent DeLaPaz Woodburn Independent Fall 1986- Pictured Woodburns Kit Cummings, and North Marions Kevin Pearson. Two good friends, who simply wore different uniforms.    The Woodburn/ North Marion rivalry, is one that stretches...

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2007 Football All-Star Selections

We at oregonprepsports.net will try to keep a list of all of the all-star teams for each league. If you have any all-star teams from leagues we are missing, or have 2nd team/HM lists, please send them to us here.




CO-OFFENSIVE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR - Andre Broadous, sr., Grant, Trevor Beltz, sr., Wilson.

DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Nick Silva, Franklin; Alex Melson; Grant.

CO-COACH OF THE YEAR - Chad Carlson, Lincoln; Aaron Olson, Wilson.


OFFENSE QB - Andre Broadous, sr., Grant; RB - Nate Kirkpatrick, jr., Lincoln; Trevor Beltz, sr., Wilson; C - Phil Knight, sr., Grant; G - Elliott Justice, sr., Grant; Wayne Kohnke, sr., Lincoln; T - Trevor Zinser, jr., Franklin; Melvin Jenkins, sr., Grant; TE - Bryan Butcher, sr., Grant; WR - Paul McCoy, sr., Grant; Jordan Polk, sr., Lincoln; Utility - Kenneth Acker, so., Grant; K - Gabe Miller, sr., Grant.

DEFENSE DL - Nick Silva, sr., Franklin; Harold Love, sr., Grant; Elliot Justice, sr., Grant; Cameron Davis, jr., Wilson; LB - Wesley Jacobsen, sr., Franklin; Alex Melson, sr., Grant; Charles Holmes, sr., Lincoln; DB – Paul McCoy, sr., Grant; Andre Broadous, sr., Grant; Aaron Macoubray, sr., Lincoln; Kirk Kirby, sr., Wilson; Utility - Reni Diaz, sr., Lincoln; P - Sam Buckingham, sr., Grant.


OFFENSE QB - Jayson Hobby, SR., Lincoln; RB - Demarcus Davis, jr., Benson; Kyle Sumaray, sr., Franklin; Jacob Gardner, so., Franklin; C - Nick O’Donnell, jr., Wilson; G - Nick Smith, jr., Wilson; Sam Smith, sr., Lincoln; T - Charlie Beaudoin, sr., Wilson; Alex Jones, jr., Benson; WR - ReShaun Bradley, jr., Franklin; UTILITY - Ian Hudson, sr., Wilson; K - Aaron Holtz, jr., Lincoln.

DEFENSE DL - Taylor Price, sr., Wilson; LB - Alex Berry, sr., Benson; James Moore, jr., Grant; Mason Wiederhorn, sr., Lincoln; DB - Ross Meinhart, sr. Lincoln; Bryan Butcher, sr., Grant; Ian Hudson, sr., Wilson; UTILITY - Derek Brown, jr., Wilson; P - Reni Diez, sr., Lincoln.


OFFENSE QB - MacIan Epley, jr., Franklin; Matt Meuser, sr., Wilson; RB – None; C - Michael Meza, so., Benson; Kyle Ireton, sr., Lincoln; G - Keenan Ono, sr., Benson; Marcus Johannessen, jr., Lincoln; T - Andrew Girres, sr., Benson; Andy Tylman, sr., Franklin; Brandon Laborico, jr., Franklin; Jonathan Zoesch, jr., Franklin; Joseph Young, sr., Grant; Marc Quennville, sr., Lincoln; Luke Hartwig, jr., Lincoln; Jack Davis, sr., Wilson; TE - Tyler Azurdia, jr., Franklin; WR - DeShaun Bradley, jr., Franklin; Dustin Davis, sr., Franklin; UTILITY - Ian Hudson, sr., Wilson; K - Patrick Morgan, sr., Wilson.

DEFENSE DL - Xavier Phillips, jr., Benson; Job Johnson, jr., Grant; Melvin Jenkins, sr., Grant; LB - Coleman Quinn, sr., Franklin; Tyler Wingard, jr., Franklin; Gabe Guertler, sr., Lincoln; DB - Jose Hererra, sr., Franklin; Anson Lilienthal, sr., Franklin.


Coach of the Year: Shawn Stanley, West Salem.

Asst. Coach of the Year: Cory Witbeck, Sprague, Darren Ramirez, West Salem.

Player of the Year – Clayton York, sr. (Redmond).


FIRST TEAM Tackle – Trent Michels, jr. (Sprague); Caleb Brock, jr. (Redmond); Guard – Kekai Walker, sr. (West Salem); Graciano Rubio, jr. (McNary); Center – Cody Peterman, sr. (West Salem); TE – John Gallagher, sr. (West Salem); WR – Jordan Bishop, sr. (West Salem); Bo Guthrie, sr. (Redmond); QB – Cody Johnson sr. (Redmond); RB – Jordan Jenkins, sr. (West Salem); Clayton York, sr. (Redmond); Tony Gonzalea, jr. (McKay); K – Ryan Allan, sr. (West Salem); Kick Returner – Jordan Bishop, sr. (West Salem).

SECOND TEAM Tackle – Victor Hernandez, sr. (McKay); Michael Herbert, jr. (South Salem); Guard – Stephen Cook, jr. (Sprague); Cody Stock, jr. (Redmond); Center – Zach Clausen, sr. (Sprague); TE – Taylor Johnson, jr. (Redmond); WR – Christian Arsenault, sr. (Redmond); Dominic David, jr. (South Salem); QB – Aaron Hire, sr. (West Salem); RB – Tony Wilson, sr. (Sprague), Soloman Frank, sr. (McKay); Chase Sexton, sr. (West Salem); K – Zach Brown, sr. (McNary); KR – Steven Rodriguez, so. (McNary).

HONORABLE MENTION OL – Rickey Martinex, sr. (West Salem); Keegan Rank, sr. (North Salem); Freddie Coronado, sr. (McNary); Derrick Lent, jr. (West Salem); Adam Buyes, sr. (McKay); Eric Spond, xr. (South Salem); Tyler Steele, jr. (West Salem); Colton Steinke, jr. (Redmond); TE – Colin Casad, sr. (Sprague); Matt Cox, sr. (South Salem); Darian Kauffman, jr. (McNary); WR – Jake Simpson, sr. (West Salem); Brett Weisbrodt, sr. (West Salem); Zach Brown, sr. (McNary); Dustin Boyd, jr. (McNary); Sheldon Austria, jr. (McNary); Zach DuFault, jr. (South Salem); QB – Adam Kniffin, sr. (Sprague); Casey Reyes, jr. (North Salem); Jonathan Sigado, jr. (South Salem); RB – Thomas Hoover, sr. (West Salem); Sam Wilkerson, sr. (McNary); Ty Nordstrom, sr. (Redmond); Cory Bickler, jr. (South Salem); Steven Rodriguez, so. (McNary); K – Cole Mahaffnet, sr. (McKay); Colin Casad, sr (Sprague); Josh Kay, jr. (South Salem); KR – Dominic David, jr. (South Salem).


FIRST TEAM DL – Brandon Shields, sr. (Redmond); Tyler Steele, jr. (West Salem); Alex Fox, sr. (West Salem); Rixon Ludwig, sr. (South Salem); LB – Tony Wilson, sr. (Sprague); John Gallagher, sr. (West Salem); Clayton York, sr. (Redmond); Soloman Frank, sr. (McKay); CB – Jordan Bishop, sr. (West Salem); Bo Gutrie, sr. (Redmond); Safety – Adam Kniffin, sr. (Sprague); Steven Ellis, sr. (West Salem);P – Ryan Allen, sr. (West Salem).

SECOND TEAM DL – Therin Dahline, sr. (Sprague); Michael Emerson, sr. (McKay); Jordan Vanderwyden, sr. (West Salem); Wes Kirk, sr. (McNary); LB – Kyle Kniffin, sr. (Sprague); Jordan Jenkins, sr. (West Salem); Darian Kauffmann, jr. (McNary); Taylor Thompson, jr. (Redmond); CB – Jake Simpson,sr. (West Salem); Dominic David, jr. (South Salem); S – Brett Weisbrodt, sr. (West Salem); Gage Nichols, sr. (McNary); P – Zach Brown, sr. (McNary).

HONORABLE MENTION DL – Colin Casad, sr. (Sprague); Greg Stamm, sr. (Sprague); Kekai Walker, sr. (West Salem); John Chrisman, sr. (North Salem); Keegan Rank, sr. (North Salem); Victor Hernandez, sr. (McKay); Justin Rose, sr. (South Salem); Paul Harris, jr. (McNary); Cody Stock, jr. (Redmond); LB – Chase Sexton, sr. (West Salem); Landon Kuenzi, sr. (West Salem); Javier Garcia, sr.(North Salem); Butch Whitaker, sr. (Redmond); Matt Cox, sr. (South Salem); Robby Martinez, jr. (West Salem); Jackson Wilde, jr. (McNary); Scott Stoddard, jr. (McNary); Javi Luna, jr. (South Salem); CB – Gi lSalcido, sr. (McKay); Bret Gilbert, sr. (West Salem); Corbin Garner, sr. (North Salem); Christian Arsenault, sr. (Redmond); Gabe Synegal, jr. (Sprague); Sheldon Austria, jr. (McNary); S – Billy Montagne, sr. (Sprague), John Brewer, sr. (McKay); Kevin Noel, sr. (McNary); Donnie Tavita, sr. (Redmond); Tyler Scheller, jr. (West Salem); Craig Chamberlain, jr. (South Salem); P – Jesse Manzo, sr. (North Salem); Jonathan Sigado, jr. (South Salem).



OFFENSIVE PLAYERS OF THE YEAR - Kalonji Paschal, Jefferson; Marlon Miles, Jefferson.


COACH OF THE YEAR - Ken Duilio, Madison.


OFFENSE QB - Steven Littleton, jr., Madison; RB - Marlon Miles, jr., Jefferson; Tremaine Channel, jr., Jefferson; C - Harun Mustafa, sr., Jefferson; G - Zach Nold, sr., Roosevelt; Robert Price, sr., Jefferson; T - Kyle Shinagawa, jr., Cleveland; Dan Study, jr., Madison; TE - Jordan Duilio, jr., Madison; WR - Kalonji Paschal, sr., Jefferson; Forrest Rogers, sr., Madison; UTILITY - Cameron Jackson, sr., Roosevelt; K - Habtuma Cardin, sr., Jefferson.

DEFENSE DL - Nick McFelt, jr., Jefferson; Johnathan Hall, sr., Jefferson; Dan Study, jr., Madison; Zach Nold, sr., Roosvelt; LB - RJ McKeever, sr., Cleveland; Simon Muange, jr., Jefferson; Micheal Tenbush, jr., Madison; DB - Kalonji Paschal, sr., Jefferson; Forrest Rogers, sr., Madison; Cameron Jackson, sr., Roosevelt; Terrell Malley, jr., Roosevelt; UTILITY - Ian Perkins, so., Jefferson; P - Floyd Hagen, sr., Cleveland.


OFFENSE QB - Quincey Perkins, sr., Jefferson; RB - Nick Pietrzyk, jr., Marshall; Terrell Malley, jr., Roosevelt; T - Alvin Johnson, sr., Jefferson; Geremy Perkins, jr., Madison; TE - Johnel Gray, jr., Cleveland; WR - Jaques Kahey, sr., Cleveland; Zack Minden, jr., Cleveland; UTILITY - Saia Kofe, so., Jefferson; K - Patrick DeYoung, jr., Cleveland.

DEFENSE DL - Shaun Palakiko, jr., Cleveland; Jay Lowe, sr., Cleveland; Joe Smoot, jr., Madison; LB - Termaine Channel, sr., Jefferson; Zach Jacobs, sr., Marshall; Andy McIntyre, jr., Cleveland; Steven Littleton, jr., Madison; DB - Jacob Winslow, sr., Cleveland; UTILITY - Robbie Bassen, sr., Madison; P - Darryl Delley, sr., Marshall.


OFFENSE RB - Floyd Hagen, sr., Cleveland; Curtis Callaway, sr., Madison; C - Ernie Pearson, sr., Madison; G - Saia Nguaumo, sr., Roosevelt; Chris Veaudry, jr., Madison; T - Craig Doby, sr., Roosevelt; TE - Robert Thomas, sr., Jefferson; Justin Wilmoth, sr., Roosevelt; WR - Chao Irvan-Jones, jr., Madison; UTILITY - Darryl Delley, sr., Marshall; K - Patrick DeYoung, Cleveland.

DEFENSE DL - Dustin Dikes, sr., Madison; Nelson Cooper, jr., Madison; LB - Tim Soucie, sr., Cleveland; Kaneisini Taku, sr., Roosevelt; Michael Rodela, jr., Madison; DB - Gabe Wallace, sr., Cleveland; Pecola McCloud, sr., Roosevelt; Kyle George, jr., Madison; Anthony Randall, jr., Madison; P - Michael Tenbush, Madison; Cameron Jackson, sr., Roosevelt.


Offensive player of the year: Daryl Watkins, sr. (Corvallis).

Defensive player of the year: Neil Crook, sr. (West Albany).

Co-Coaches of the year: Scott Gragg (Silverton); Randy Nyquist (West Albany).

Co-Assistant coaches of the year: Mike Zandofsky (Corvallis); Jim Phillips (West Albany).


OFFENSE QB: Reese Miller, jr. (West Albany); RB: Chris Brees, sr. (Dallas); Anthony Lacoste, so. (West Albany); Chris Henry, sr. (Corvallis); WR: Will Murphy, sr. (West Albany); Daryl Watkins, sr. (Corvallis); TE: Scot Foss, sr. (West Albany); Kyle Risen, sr. (Corvallis); OL: Matt Sorem, sr. (West Albany); Eric Swearingen, sr. (West Albany); Tony Darcy, sr. (South Albany); Michael Beaton, jr. (Dallas); John Braun, jr. (West Albany); PK: Tyler George, jr. (West Albany).

DEFENSE DL: Michael Beaton, jr. (Dallas); Colton Hackstedt, sr. (Lebanon); Matt McHenry, jr. (West Albany); John Braun, jr. (West Albany); LB: Neil Crook, sr. (West Albany); Scot Foss, sr. (West Albany); Coty Krebs, sr. (Corvallis); Alex Ness, sr. (West Albany); DB: Daryl Watkins, sr. (Corvallis); Josh Craig, jr. (Silverton); Jesse Strickland, sr. (West Albany); Will Murphy, sr. (West Albany); P: Jesse Boustead, sr. (Dallas); KR: Marcas Genera, sr. (Dallas).


OFFENSE QB: Kevin Younger, sr. (Corvallis); RB: Brett Seiber, sr. (Lebanon); Colby Maynard, sr. (South Albany); Nick Stewart, jr. (West Albany); WR: Jesse Boustead, sr. (Dallas); Erik VanKuelen, sr. (South Albany); TE: Casey Cameron, sr. (Dallas); Wes Bartz, jr. (South Albany); OL: Kevin Do, sr. (Corvallis); Kevin Leahy, sr. (Corvallis); Mitch McKinley, jr. (Dallas); Michael Pulsipher, sr. (Silverton); Aaron Magnuson, jr. (West Albany); PK: Brandon Kuenzi, sr. (Silverton); KR: Tim Paradis, sr. (Silverton).

DEFENSE DL: Michael Pulsiper, sr. (Silverton); Tonu Caspino, jr. (Corvallis); Tieg Kinkade, sr. (Crescent Valley); Dustin Shear, jr. (Corvallis); LB: Michael Joos, sr. (Corvallis); Zach Ayers, sr. (South Albany); Brandon Kester, sr. (Silverton); Tyler Witt, sr. (Corvallis); DB: Kyle Russell, sr. (Woodburn); Marcas Genera, sr. (Dallas); Drew Pigg, sr. (West Albany); Eric Brewster, jr. (Dallas); P: Brian Pallki, jr. (Crescent Valley).


OFFENSE QB: Kyle Russell, sr. (Woodburn); RB: Nick Stewart, sr. (Crescent Valley); Brandon Kester, sr. (Silverton); Jesse Duke, jr. (South Albany); WR: Brandon Kuenzi, sr. (Silverton); Paul Semerikov, jr. (Woodburn); TE: Jeremy Fackrell, sr. (Woodburn); OL: Mitch Ornelas, sr. (Woodburn); Tyler George, jr. (West Albany); Kyle Sprenkle, jr. (South Albany); Colton Hackstedt, sr. (Lebanon); David Hardenbrook, jr. (South Albany); PK: Galen Hunt, sr. (Dallas); KR: Matt McHenry, jr. (West Albany).

DEFENSE DL: Tyson Seaman, sr. (West Albany); Nick Stewart, sr. (Crescent Valley); Matt Jackson, sr. (Dallas); Forrest Lammert, sr. (Lebanon); LB: Scott Lembke, jr. (Crescent Valley); Ben Green, jr. (Dallas); Tristan Kuenzi, sr. (Silverton); Mitch McKinley, jr. (Dallas); DB: Jake Craig, jr. (Silverton); Tim Paradis, sr. (Silverton); Ross Orman, so. (Corvallis); Jesse Boustead, sr. (Dallas); P: Tim Paradis, sr. (Silverton).


OFFENSE QB: Russell Duerr, sr. (Lebanon); Luke Ferguson, jr. (Silverton); RB: Nate Williams, sr. (Corvallis); Eric Brewster, jr. (Dallas); Colby Eason, so. (Crescent Valley); WR: Derek Van Antwerp, jr. (Lebanon); Jason Martin, jr. (Corvallis); Jordon Baumgartner, sr. (Crescent Valley); Elliot O’Bryan, jr. (West Albany); OL: Josh Evans, sr. (Crescent Valley); Grant Boehme, sr. (South Albany); Logan Stewart, sr. Dallas); Greg Fennimore, so. (Silverton); Evan Murry, sr. (Corvallis); Gabe Fennimore, so. (Silverton); Jamie Roberts, jr. (Crescent Valley); KR: Ricky Jones, sr. (Corvallis).

DEFENSE DL: Chris Rath, sr. (Corvallis); David McConnell, sr. (Silverton); Kyle Sprenkle, jr. (South Albany); Vonn Lambert, so. (West Albany); Tajon Burton, sr. (Corvallis); LB: Robbie Zaina, sr. (Lebanon); Michael Van Doran, jr. (South Albany); DB: Anthony Lacoste, so. (West Albany); Bo Belcher, sr. (South Albany).


Offensive Players of the Year — Garrett Davis, Jr., Eagle Point, WR; Scott Erickson, Sr., Eagle Point, QB.

Defensive Players of the Year — Sam Gaviglio, Sr., Ashland, P; Bryce Peila, Sr., Crater, DB.

Coach of the Year — Charlie Hall, Ashland.


OFFENSE QB - Scott Erickson, Sr., Eagle Point; RB - D.J. Pree, Jr. Crater; Hunter Lange, Sr., Klamath Union; Lewis Sebrell, Jr., Ashland; TE - Zach Boskovich, Sr., Crater; OL - Austin Rowley, Jr., Eagle Point; Adam Waisneiwski, Sr., Crater; Matt Lipski, Sr., Ashland; Anthony Timmerman, Sr., Crater; Sage Jensen, Sr., Ashland; WR - Garrett Davis, Jr., Eagle Point; Mark Brooks, Sr., Klamath Union; Josh Hogeland, Sr., Ashland; Bryce Peila, Sr., Crater; PK - Charlie Sebrell, Jr., Ashland.

DEFENSE DL - Adam Waisneiwski, Sr., Crater; Zach Heppner, Sr., Eagle Point; Julian Ewald, Sr., Ashland; Issa Shahin, So., Ashland; LB - Josh Scarminach, Sr., Ashland; Zach Boskovich, Sr., Crater; Dario Mobley, Jr., Crater; Kenny Fahndrich, Jr., Crater; DB - Mark Brooks, Sr., Klamath Union; Jake Ringrose, Sr., Eagle Point; Sam Gaviglio, Sr., Ashland; Bryce Peila, Sr., Crater; P - Sam Gaviglio, Sr,. Ashland; Nick Brothers, Sr., Crater.


OFFENSE QB - Jon Amos, Jr., Klamath Union; RB - Kenny Fahndrich, Jr., Crater; Jake Ringrose, Sr., Eagle Point; Pat Hutchinson, Jr., Ashland; Angelo Cavarretta, Jr., Mazama;TE - Randy Denson, So., Klamath Union; Derick Nealy, Sr., Mazama; OL - Matt Olvera, Sr., Klamath Union; Nick Brandt, Sr., Klamath Union; Brian Hodgkins, Jr., Eagle Point; Luke Jannusch, Sr., Ashland; Tyson Hoffman, Sr., Crater; WR - Tyler Kinert, Sr., Eagle Point; Eric Chadderdon, Jr., Klamath Union; PK - Christian Massey, Jr., Crater.

DEFENSE DL - Austin Rowley, Jr., Eagle Point; Zach Luther, Sr., Klamath Union; Ryan Baxter, Sr., Crater; Dan Cowan, Jr., Ashland; Derick Nealy, Sr., Mazama; LB - Jack Rasmussen, Sr., Ashland; Nate Oxford, Sr., Crater; DB - Eric Chadderdon, Jr., Klamath Union; Nick Brothers, Sr., Crater; Rick Sayler, Sr., Ashland; Max Gordon, Sr., Ashland; Luke Ramsey, Jr., Mazama.


OFFENSE QB - Nick Brothers, Sr., Crater; Matt Dierks, Sr., Ashland, QB; TE - Dario Mobley, Jr., Crater; OL - Joe Hatch, Jr., Ashland; Jeff Peters, Jr., Ashland; Cody Osuna, Jr., Crater; WR - Ryan Smith, Sr., Eagle Point; Josh Lokeno, Jr., Crater; Charlie Sebrell, Jr., Ashland.

DEFENSE DL - Jake Stone, Sr., Crater; LB - Brian Hodgkins, Jr., Eagle Point; Deon McLaughlin, So., Klamath Union; DB - Brandon Davis, Jr., Eagle Point; Will Bowers, Jr., Ashland; Josh Lokeno, Jr., Crater.




Players of the Year: Jordan Poyer, Astoria (Offense); Kyle Bansen, Yamhill-Carlton (Defense).

Coaches of the Year: Alan Boschma, Yamhill-Carlton; Ben Buchanan, Banks.


FIRST TEAM QB: Jordan Poyer, Jr., Astoria; Walter Skuzeski, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Gabe Linehan, Jr., Banks; RB: Willie Webb, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Kyle Bansen, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; RB: Sean Wasson, Sr., Scappoose; RB: Ryland Geiger, Sr., Scappoose; Brad Markham, Sr., Banks; WR: Chance Rice, Sr., Scappoose; Josh Marsh, Sr., Banks; Jeremy Carow, Jr., Seaside; TE: Jesse Lindsay, Sr., Scappoose; OL: Will Bush, Sr., Astoria; Jacob Baldwin, Sr., Scappoose; A.J. Lewis, Sr., Banks; Sam Edison, Sr., Banks; Bubba Owens, Sr., Tillamook; Caleb Smetana, Sr., Tillamook; Justin Smith, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; PK: Max Johnson, So., Astoria.


FIRST TEAM DL: Grady Parker, Sr., Astoria; Chris Edwards, Sr., Astoria; Jesse Lindsay, Sr., Scappoose; Adam Claussen, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Collin Pickerill, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Gus Evers, Jr., Banks; Ron Neu, Jr., Tillamook; LB: Trevor Puckett, Jr., Astoria; Kyle Bansen, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Jeff Baisch, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Matt Beeler, Jr., Tillamook; Thomas Moore, Jr., Banks; Michael Pope, Sr., Banks; DB: Dom Walker, Sr., Seaside; Willie Webb, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Heath Rhodes, Jr., Yamhill-Carlton; Alden Bayless, Sr., Banks; Johnny Janisko, Sr., Banks; P: Ed Kauffunger, Sr., Seaside.


Offensive Player of the Year – Chris Nagel (La Salle).

Defensive Player of the Year – Eric Whalen (La Salle).

Coack of the Year – Mike Fanger (La Salle).


OFFENSE  QB – Vince Hicks, sr. (La Salle).  RB - Chris Nagel, sr. (La Salle); RJ Williams, sr. (Cascade); Alex Pursel, so. (Estacada).  C - Drew McNall, sr. (Gladstone); Peter Borowczak, sr. (Molalla).  G - Clint Olheiser, sr. (Cascade); Mike Oborn, sr. (La Salle).  T - Kyle McDonald, jr. (Estacada); Eric Whalen, sr. (La Salle).  TE - Morgan Maughan, jr. (La Salle).  WR - Cam Keeney, sr. (La Salle); Casey Johnson, sr. (Cascade).  K - Austen Cote, jr. (Gladstone).  KR - Darrell Fields, sr. (Gladstone).

DEFENSE  DL - Eric Whalen, sr. (La Salle); Peter Borowczak, sr. (Molalla); Clint Olheiser, sr. (Cascade); Jeff Sawyer, sr. (La Salle)  ILB - Nick Dieringer, JR. (La Salle); Clay Edwards, sr. (Estacada); Tyler Smith, jr.(Gladstone).  CB - RJ Williams, sr. (Cascade); Darrell Fields, sr. (Gladstone); Tony Titrud, sr. (La Salle).  OLB - Casey Johnson, sr. (Cascade); Travis Cisneros, jr. (La Salle).  S - Thane Rice, sr. (Gladstone); Kelly Maguire, jr. (N. Marion).  P - Cam Keeney, sr. (La Salle).  Special Teams Player - Chance Jackson, sr. (Cascade); Darrell Fields, sr. (Gladstone); Clint Pippert, so. (N. Marion).


OFFENSE  QB – Taylor Taft, jr. (Gladstone).  RB - Tyler Smith, jr. (Gladstone); Nikita Ovchinnikov, jr. (Molalla); Jordan McCain, so. (North Marion).  C - Brian Lockner, sr. (La Salle).  G - Brendan Brucker, sr. (Cascade); Kyle Allen, sr. (Estacada).  T - Austin Baker, sr. (Molalla); Levi Cooper, sr. (N. Marion).  TE - Paul Federico, sr. (Cascade).  WR - Darrell Fields, sr. (Gladstone); Tarance Glynn, sr. (Molalla).  K - Austin Thul, so. (La Salle).  KR - Dakota Brown, sr. (Cascade); Jake Hyde, jr. (Estacada).

DEFENSE  DL - Kyle Allen, sr. (Estacada); Steve Holliman, jr. (Gladstone); Mike Oborn, sr. (La Salle); Levi Cooper, sr. (N. Marion).  ILB - Brendan Brucker, sr. (Cascade); Sean Coleman, sr. (Cascade); Nikita Ovchinnikov, jr. (Molalla); Chase Sterrett, jr. (N. Marion).  OLB - Brady Regier, sr. (Gladstone); Morgan Maughan, jr. (La Salle).  DB - Dakota Brown, sr. (Cascade); Jake Hyde, jr. (Estacada).  S - Spencer Beeson, jr. (Cascade); Tarance Glynn, sr. (Molalla).  P - Alex Armstrong, sr. (Gladstone).


OFFENSE  QB - Bryce Petersen, jr. (Cascade); Jacob Moore, so. (Molalla).  RB - Clay Edwards, sr. (Estacada); Marvin Medina, sr. (North Marion).  OL - Cheyne Fobert, sr. (North Marion); Simeon Dixon, jr. (La Salle).  TE - Dillon Neumann, sr. (North Marion); Trenton Hartsell sr.(Stayton).  WR - Dakota Brown, sr. (Cascade); Brady Regier, sr. (Gladstone); Luke Loberg, sr. (Stayton).

DEFENSE  DL - Myles Dunlop, sr. (Estacada); Taylor Schindler, jr. (Gladstone); Dillon Neumann, sr. (North Marion); Greg Whitethorn, sr. (Stayton).  ILB - Drew McNall, sr. (Gladstone).  OLB - Kyle Coots, sr. (Cascade); Bryce Wilson, sr. (Estacada); Jordan McCain, so. (North Marion).  DB - Matt Sullivan, jr. (Estacada); Jeremy Sprague, sr. (Molalla).  P - Jake Day, sr. (Estacada); Ryan Bowers, jr. (Stayton).


Players of the Year: Shawn Mitchell, North Bend and Jacob Mitchell, Siuslaw

Coaches of the Year: Tim Dodson, Siuslaw; Bill Masei, North Bend; and Rick Taylor, Douglas


OFFENSE Quarterback — Jacob Mitchell, jr, Siuslaw; Running Back — Shawn Mitchell, sr, North Bend; Lane Seals, sr, North Bend; Kale Forrester, sr, North Bend; Tight End — Joel Bechtold, sr, Siuslaw; Wide Receiver — Drew Rainwater, sr, Siuslaw; Anthoney Robinson, sr, Siuslaw; Center — Ben Daniels, sr, Siuslaw; Offensive Line — Elliot Adams, sr, North Bend; Cameron Thrall, sr, Siuslaw; Henry Schueneman, sr, Siuslaw; Mike Ruppert, jr, Douglas; Kicker — Alex Clark, sr, North Bend; Zach Laxague, sr, Siuslaw.

DEFENSE Defensive Line — Elliot Adams, sr, North Bend; Joel Bechtold, sr, Siuslaw; Dallas Rosemeyer, sr, Sutherlin; Cameron Thrall, sr, Siuslaw; Linebacker — Cody Clark, sr, North Bend; Lane Seals, sr, North Bend; Tyler Mais, sr, Siuslaw; Andrew Neilsen, sr, Douglas; Defensive Back — Drew Rainwater, sr, Siuslaw; Anthoney Robinson, sr, Siuslaw; Luke Clark, sr, North Bend; Andrew Tuttle, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Punter — Kale Forrester, sr, North Bend.


OFFENSE Quarterback — Ethan Ottemiller, sr, North Bend; Running Back — Andrew Neilsen, sr, Douglas; Bo Younker, jr, South Umpqua; Nick Morris, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Tight End — Jordan Cowan, sr, Sutherlin; Wide Receiver — Luke Clark, sr, North Bend; Mike Oliver, sr, Sutherlin; Center — Nick Mytrofanuik, sr, South Umpqua; Offensive Line — Anthony Terrell-Perez, sr, Sutherlin; Chris Broggi, fr, South Umpqua; Justin Tobey, jr, North Bend.

DEFENSE Defensive Line — Mike Althof, jr, Brookings-Harbor; Cody Walton, sr, Douglas; Mark Parmerlee, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Justin Tobey, jr, North Bend; Linebacker — Clayton Lent, jr, South Umpqua; Jimmy Henry, soph, Sutherlin; David Marrington, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Steve Oman, sr, North Bend; Defensive Back — A.J. Weber, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Bryson Norton, jr, Douglas; Chris Wells, sr, South Umpqua; Andrew Slack, sr, North Bend; Randy Holton, sr, Siuslaw; Punter — Bryson Norton, jr, Douglas.


OFFENSE Quarterback — Caleb Trowbridge, sr, Sutherlin; A.J. Weber, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Ryan Smedley, jr, South Umpqua; Jacob Neilsen, jr, Douglas; Running Back — Jimmy Henry, soph, Sutherlin; David Ingram, sr, Douglas; Tight End — Andrew North, jr, Brookings-Harbor; Wide Receiver — Bryson Norton, jr, Douglas;
Center — Phillip Boateng, jr, North Bend; Offensive Line — Kaden McFarland, soph, South Umpqua; Denver Conrad, sr, Siuslaw; Seth McDonald, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Brandon Huber, jr, North Bend.

DEFENSE Defensive Line — Seth McDonald, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Julian Laney, sr, Siuslaw; Rory Costello, soph, South Umpqua; Shane Kraska, sr, North Bend; Vinny Bombara, jr, Sutherlin; Linebacker — Kody Reavis, sr, Siuslaw; Aaron Hunter, sr, Siuslaw; David Ingram, sr, Douglas; Jake Gilman, jr, Sutherlin; Mike Ruppert, jr, Douglas; Defensive Back — Caleb Trowbridge, sr, Sutherlin; Nick Larman, sr, Sutherlin; Punter — Andrew Tuttle, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Austin Elliott, sr, Sutherlin.


Offensive Player of the year: Larry Ragsdale, Illinois Valley

Defensive Player of the year: Lance Tausaga, Illinois Valley

Coach of the year: Bobby Thornhill, Illinois Valley


OFFENSE  Saxon Gotfried, Hidden Valley WR 12; Paul Gutzman, North Valley G 11; Eddie Lord, Hidden Valley C 12; Eric McConico, Illinois Valley RB 12; Jordan Neilson, Hidden Valley PK 12; Jordan Neilson, Hidden Valley Pnt 12; Larry Ragsdale, Illinois Valley RB 12; Lucas Reynolds, Illinois Valley C 11; Rockey Rosser, Henley WR 12; Clint Sager, Hidden Valley T 11; Jake Scott, Hidden Valley TE 12; Jake Sleight, North Valley QB 12; Keith Suits, North Valley RB 12; Lance Tausaga, Illinois Valley G 11; Andrew Wert, North Valley T 11.

DEFENSE  Ben Crichton, Phoenix DE 11; Dustin Fox, Hidden Valley DB 12; Christopher Henry, Henley LB 12; Eric Hiller, North Valley DE 12; Korey Locken, Phoenix DB 12; Eddie Lord, Hidden Valley LB 12; Codee Mitchell, Henley Line 12; Bobby Parsons, Illinois Valley Line 12; Steven Paul, Illinois Valley LB 12; Jesse Swift, Illinois Valley DB 12; Lance Tausaga, Illinois Valley LB 11; Garrett Wallace, Henley RB 12.


OFFENSE  Jade Anderson, Henley RB 11; Dustin Fox, Hidden Valley RB 12; Christopher Henry, Henley G 12; Joel Hottman, Henley T 12; Korey Locken, Phoenix WR 12; Steven Paul, Illinois Valley TE 12; Bobby Parsons, Illinois Valley T 12; Brendon Reyes-Johnson, North Valley WR 12; Dave Wardle, Hidden Valley QB 12.

DEFENSE  Brent Behneke, Phoenix LB 12; Jeff Bohn, Phoenix DE 11; Shawn Borman, Hidden Valley Line 12; Joe Christie, Rogue River LB 12; Mike Davis, Henley Line 11; Paul Gutzman, Hidden Valley LB 11; Doug Hoskins, Illinois Valley DB 12; Chase Kearney, Hidden Valley DB 11; Larry Ragsdale, Illinois Valley DB 12; Dom Ralls, Phoenix DB 11; Clint Sager, Hidden Valley LB 11; Brad Shamhart, Henley DE 12.


OFFENSE  Joe Backen, Phoenix, guard, junior; Tommy Bonilla, North Valley, guard, senior; Shawn Borman, Hidden Valley, guard, senior; Brady Brummett, North Valley, running back, senior; Chris Burman, Rogue River, wide receiver, senior; Justin Chavarria, Henley, running back, junior; Matt Cornish, North Valley, Wide receiver, senior; John Davis, Phoenix, tackle, junior; Jacob Ellis, Illinois Valley, running back, senior; Neil Emerson, Phoenix, quarterback, senior; Casey Evans, Henley, wide receiver, junior; Garrett Fisher, Illinois Valley, guard, senior; John Jesse, Rogue River, guard, sophomore; Chrystian Johnson, Rogue River, tackle, sophomore; Anthony McGarity, Phoenix, center, junior; Eric Ogden, North Valley, center, senior; Skyler Reagan, Phoenix, wide receiver, sophomore; Christian Reyes, Rogue River, wide receiver, freshman; Mike Spark, Rogue River, center, senior; Matt Taylor, Henley, quarterback, senior; Chad Tardie, Illinois Valley, tight end, senior; Levi Watkins, Rogue River, running back, sophomore; Steven Wedan, Henley, tight end, junior.

DEFENSE  Rogue Burman, Rogue River, back, freshman; Donald Cox, Henley, linebacker, junior; Saxon Gotfried, Hidden Valley, back, senior; Eli Haberman, Rogue River, linebacker, senior; John Jessee, Rogue River, linebacker, sophomore; Derek Knutsen, Rogue River, linebacker, junior; Alex Machado, Phoenix, linebacker, junior; Jacob Miller, Illinois Valley, linebacker, senior; Devon Ogden, North Valley, line, junior; Tyler Tappan, North Valley, back, junior; Derek Woodland, Henley, linebacker, senior.





FIRST TEAM OL: Zach Plant, Sr., Rainier; Levi Timmerman, So., Vernonia; Anthony Quaranta, Sr., Riverdale; Jeremy Rehn, Sr., Neah-Kah-Nie; Justin Straw, Sr., Clatskanie; WR: Hazze Walker, Sr., Rainier; Adam Stockton, Sr., Neah-Kah-Nie; Conrad Ritchie, Sr., Clatskanie; TE: Alex Fenton, Sr., Warrenton; RB: Jeramey Lende, Sr., Vernonia; Luke Meyer, Sr., Clatskanie; Andrew Allen, Sr., Rainier; QB: Jesse Renoude, Sr., Rainier; Evan Peterson, Sr., Riverdale; P: Brandon Slaughter, Sr., Warrenton.

SECOND TEAM OL: Colton Patton, Sr., Vernonia; Taylor Smith, Jr., Vernonia; RB: Joe Marino, Jr., Neah-Kah-Nie; P: Hazze Walker, Sr., Rainier; Cody Davis, Sr., Vernonia;


FIRST TEAM DE: Anthony Quaranta, Sr., Riverdale; Brandon Slaughter, Sr., Warrenton; DL: Kyle Palmer, Jr., Rainier; Justin Straw, Sr., Clatskanie; Taylor Sluder, Sr., Clatskanie; LB: Jordan Smith, Sr., Rainier; Jesse Oblack, So., Clatskanie; Jeramey Lende, Sr., Vernonia; Jake Thompson, Sr., Vernonia; DB: Blake Zytniowski, Jr., Rainier; Branden Staehely, Sr., Rainier; Jordan Little, Sr., Warrenton; K: Hazze Walker, Sr., Rainier

SECOND TEAM DL: Madison Ngirarois, Jr., Neah-Kah-Nie; Stephen Petersen, So., Warrenton; LB: Jacob Drabandt, Jr., Clatskanie; K: Cody Davis, Sr., Vernonia


COACH OF THE YEAR  - Rob Umbenhower, Dayton.


OFFENSE  QB - Cole Houston, Horizon Christian.  RB - Nick Connor, Colton; James Benson, RB, Dayton; Dustin Risseauw, Willamina.  TE - Kenny Heuttl, Dayton.  SE - Loren Sheets, Horizon Christian; Dan Norton, Colton.  OL - Kenny Stoller, Dayton; D.J. Strouse, Willamina; Travis Olsen, Colton; Daniel Huber, Amity; K.J. Low, Sheridan.  K – Josh May, Dayton.

DEFENSE  DL - Justin Fraijo, Colton; Jacob Gonzalez, Dayton; Brandon Melton, Amity; D.J. Strouse, Willamina; Kenny Stoller, Dayton.  LB - Dustin Risseauw, Willamina; Thomas Bunn, Dayton; Dan Norton, Colton.  DB - Kaden Andrews, Dayton; JJ Flynn, Willamina; McKenzie Hall, Colton; Michael Whitehead, Dayton.  P – Andrew Bristol, Horizon Christian.


OFFENSE  QB - Michael Whitehead, Dayton.  RB - Kaden Andrews, Dayton; Brandon Melton, Amity; Julius Gomez, Amity.  TE - Bobby Hatch, Amity.  SE - Jeremy Kreutzbender, Amity; Zach Poisal, Sheridan.  OL - Daniel Kubes, Dayton; Thomas Ponder, Dayton; Chris Galer, Amity; Seth Bunn, Dayton; Zach Bemrose, Horizon Christian,  K - Nick Conner, Colton.

DEFENSE  DL - Ronney Rife, Willamina; Simonson Cole, Horizon Christian; Juan Ruiz, Gervais.  DE - Ryan Manley, Amity; Kenny Heuttl, Dayton.  LB - Mihail Kalugin, Gervais; Nick Conner, Colton; Andrew Bristol, Horizon Christian.  DB - Kaleb Gilgan, Horizon Christian; Cody Millious, Dayton; Mark Rohde, Amity; Brandon Jordan, Sheridan.  P – Andrew Bristol, Horizon Christian.


OFFENSE  QB - J J Flynn, Willamina; Evan Stanbaugh, Colton.  TE – Andrew Bristol, Horizon Christian; Christian Hall, Colton; James Mitchell, Sheridan; Kyle Wegner, Dayton.  OL - Evan Josh, Horizon Christian; Juan Ruiz, Gervais; Justin Fraijo, Colton; Anthony Ruiz, Gervais.

DEFENSE  DL - Thomas Ponder, Dayton; Travis Olsen, Colton; Cody Hunt, Sheridan; Brian Disabatino, Sheridan; Derek Olsen, Colton.  DE - Steve Ramero, Colton.  LB - Kolby Lewis, Amity.  DB - Lee Gilgan, Horizon Christian; Paul Yakis, Gervais.  P - Devin Cavan, Sheridan.


Back of the Year – Jake Obersinner (Regis).

Lineman of the Year – Andrew Seumalo (Santiam Christian).

Coack of the Year – Doug Ieradi (Regis).


OFFENSE QB – Dylan Bochler (Regis); Demetri Howerton (Santiam Christian); RB – Jason Gower (Regis); Jake Obersinner (Regis); Keith Petersen (Santiam Christian); WR – Daniel Hochspier (Jefferson); Nivin Sjostrom (Toledo); TE – Andrew Seumalo (Santiam Christian); OL – Tyler Purdom (Toledo); Jordan Ellison (Creswell); Robert Keudell (Regis); Tony Zolla (Santiam Christian); Jeremy Burroughs (Santiam Christian); KR – Jason Gower (Regis); K – Jake Obersinner (Regis).

DEFENSE DL – Trevon Johnson (Creswell); Robert Keudel (Regis); Andre Semalo (Santiam Christian); Michael Norlander (Santiam Christian); LB – Anibal Vazquez (Harrisburg); Eric Hellesto (Santiam Christian); Kamron Sjostrom (Toledo); Justin Silbernagel (Regis); DB – Joe Obersinner (Regis); Perry Moore (Waldport); Andrew Richardson (Santiam Christian); Andrew Kennel (Santiam Christian); Tyson Oleman (Toledo); P – Aleks Gabrio (Creswell).


OFFENSE QB – Logan Diaz (Jefferson); RB – Perry Moore (Waldport); Nick Kowto (Toledo); WR – Korey Alexander (Santiam Christian); Trevor Herrold (Santiam Christian); TE – A.J. Beltran (Creswell); OL – Trevin Blinn (Harrisburg); Willie VanHook (Toledo); Caleb Hickenlooper (Jefferson); Jordan Ramos (Regis); Charles Sherman (Regis); KR – Nick Kowto (Toledo); K – Ryan Wilson (Toledo).

DEFENSE DL – Kyle Kuhnhausen (Creswell); Trevin Blinn (Harrisburg); Brody McGowen (Harrisburg); Wes Buck (Regis); Ryan Wilson (Toledo); Charles Sherman (Regis); LB – Mickael Parkhurst (Santiam Christian); Jordan Ellison (Creswell) Ryan Tuss (Regis); Jake Obersinner (Regis); DB – Zack Mallard (Creswell); Arlin Raney (Jefferson); Greyson England (Creswell); Anibal Vazquez (Harrisburg); Aaron Oakes (Harrisburg); P – Derek Piete (Regis); Jeremy Burroughs (Santiam Christian).


OFFENSE QB – Alekx Gabri (Creswell); Nick Flatt (Toledo); RB – Jerred Lewis (Creswell); Jack Hafner (Regis); Michael Norlander (Santiam Christian); WR – Derek Piete (Regis); TE – Jeff King (Waldport); OL – Tyler Tillitt (Harrisburg); Kyle Anderson (Harrisburg); Chris Dryden (Jefferson); Dustin Woosley (Waldport); KR – Perry Moore (Waldport); K – Derek Piete (Regis).

DEFENSE DL – Kyle Kuhlhausen (Creswell); Michael Morkert (Toledo); Wayne Crow (Waldport); LB – Wes Linhart (Jefferson); Erick Young (Toledo); Nathan Goforth (Waldport); DB – Ryan Lynch (Harrisburg); Ryan Hansen (Santiam Christian).


Offensive Player of the Year — Jeffrey Knox, Gold Beach

Defensive Player of the Year — Mitch McDonald, Gold Beach

Coaches of the Year — Andy Maurer, Cascade Christian; Kevin Swift, Gold Beach


OFFENSE Quarterback — Jeffrey Knox, jr, Gold Beach; Running Back — Travis Moore, jr, Gold Beach; Ben Heidegger, sr, Cascade Christian; Daniel Kinney, jr, Cascade Christian; Tight End — James Baldridge, sr, Coquille; Wide Receiver — Nathan Moore, sr, Gold Beach; Justin Lessley, sr, Coquille. Center — Nick Zimmer, sr, Cascade Christian; Offensive Line — Jake Ayala, sr, Cascade Christian; Anthony Simera, sr, Gold Beach; Mitch Longwill, sr, Gold Beach; Joseph Savala, jr, Coquille; Kicker — Todd Martin, soph, Gold Beach.

DEFENSE Defensive Line — Ryan Palmek, sr, Cascade Christian; Justin Duchien, sr, Cascade Christian; Robert Phillips, sr, Gold Beach; James Baldridge, sr, Coquille; Linebacker — Travis Moore, jr, Gold Beach; Ben Heidegger, sr, Cascade Christian; Daniel Kinney, jr, Cascade Christian; Mitch McDonald, sr, Gold Beach; Defensive Back — David Bonotto, sr, Gold Beach; Alex Cummings, sr, Cascade Christian; Mackenzie Burdett, sr, Gold Beach; Cory Christoffersen, soph, Reedsport; Ben Joffer, soph, Cascade Christian; Punter — Evan Rice, sr, Myrtle Point.


OFFENSE Quarterback — Colton Cochran, soph, Cascade Christian; Kyle Fields, sr, Glide; Running Back — Herbie Smith, sr, Gold Beach; Brock Halter, sr, Glide; Scott Clark, jr, Myrtle Point; Tight End — Justin Cuchien, sr, Cascade Christian; Wide Receiver — Robin Bollinger, jr, Glide; Tyler Love, sr, Myrtle Point. Center — Logan Hockema, jr, Gold Beach. Offensive Line — Brandon Neves, sr, Reedsport; Tim Young, jr, Gold Beach; Michael Leslie, jr, Myrtle Point; Cesar Lira, jr, Reedsport; Kicker — Robert Stuberg, sr, Coquille.

DEFENSE Defensive Line — Garret Wolford, jr, Gold Beach; Josh Huskey, jr, Glide; Kory Hay, sr, Myrtle Point. Linebacker — Buddy Parlier, jr, Coquille; Garren Hitner, sr, Myrtle Point; Brandon Grissom, soph, Cascade Christian; Cody Carney, jr, Bandon; Defensive Back — Robin Bollinger, jr, Glide; Heston Altenbach, soph, Coquille; Evan Rice, sr, Myrtle Point; Colton Holmes, sr, Coquille; Punter — David Bonotto, sr, Gold Beach.


OFFENSE Quarterback — Adam Chase, soph, Reedsport; Keith Murray, sr, Bandon; Running Back — Ryan Smith, sr, Reedsport; Archie Garrett, sr, Bandon; Tight End — Garren Hitner, sr, Myrtle Point; Wide Receiver — Colton Holmes, sr, Coquille. Center — Jason Smith, sr, Coquille; Joey Meil, soph, Glide; Brian Law, sr, Reedsport. Offensive Line — Cody Messerle, sr, Coquille; Cory Miller, sr, Myrtle Point; Kicker — Jason Rondeau, sr, Glide.

DEFENSE Defensive Line — Mike Cassaro, sr, Reedsport; Ismael Osorio, soph, Reedsport; Alex Dingus, jr, Coquille; Aaron Cervantes, sr, Gold Beach; Matthew Bohn, jr, Cascade Christian; Linebacker — Thomas Kincheloe, soph, Myrtle Point; Cesar Lira, jr, Reedsport; Tim Davis, sr, Coquille; Thomas O’Connor, sr, Glide; Brock Halter, sr, Glide; Zac Sykes, sr, Myrtle Point. Defensive Back — Tyler Stickler, fr, Cascade Christian; Punter — Daniel Kinney, jr, Cascade Christian; Heston Altenbach, soph, Coquille; Jeff Jackson, sr, Glide.


Offensive player of the year: Jimmy Cook, sr, Grant Union

Defensive player of the year: Darin Johnson, sr, Vale

Coach of the year: Jeff Jacobs, Vale 

FIRST TEAM  Quarterback: Logan Garner, sr., Burns.  Running backs: Jimmy Cook, sr., Grant Union; Luke Skerjanic, sr., Vale; Nathan Creason, jr., Umatilla.  Receivers: Drew Heinz, sr., Burns; Garrett Swisher, sr., Burns.  Tight End: Lance Erickson, sr., Vale.  Offensive linemen: Niles Branstetter, sr., Grant Union; Daniel Doverspike, sr., Burns; Eric Coy, jr., Vale; Josh Wilson, jr., Umatilla; Jordon Bunker, jr., Nyssa.  Defensive Linemen: Zane Murray, jr., G. Union; Daniel Doverspike, sr., Burns; Derrick Cooper, sr., Vale; Jordan Bunker, sr., Nyssa.  Defensive Backs: Matt Robertson, sr., Vale; Tyler Martin, jr., G. Union; Garrett Swisher, sr., Burns; Drew Heinz, sr., Burns.  Linebackers: Garrett Bentz, so., Burns; Gabe Moreno, sr., Vale; Nathan Creason, jr., Umatilla; Levi Case, sr., Nyssa; Jimmy Cook, jr., G. Union; Darin Johnson, sr., Vale.  Punter: Jimmy Cook, sr., G. Union; Mikie Martinez, sr., Riverside.  Place Kicker: Darin Johnson, sr., Vale.  Kick Returner: Karl Schoorl, jr., Nyssa.

SECOND TEAM  Quarterback: Tyler Pirrie, senior, Vale.  Running backs: Keldon Martin, senior, Grant Union; Chris Gilespie, senior, Burns; Shaine Simpson, senior, Riverside.  Receivers: Sam Rawlins, senior, Grant Union; Cam Anthony, senior, Vale.  Tight end: Bryce Doherty, senior, Riverside.  Offensive linemen: Cole Maley, junior, Grant Union; Cash Wenick, junior, Grant Union; Cody Wilson, senior, Vale; Kyle Erstrom, senior, Vale; Vinny Thomason, senior, Riverside.  Defensive linemen: Tyler Roberts, senior, Grant Union; Michael Martin, junior, Burns; Lance Erickson, senior, Vale; Lee Bursell, junior, Umatilla; Vinny Thomason, senior, Riverside.  Defensive backs: Cam Anthony, senior, Vale; Shaine Simpson, senior, Riverside; Sam Rawlins, senior, Grant Union; Dallon Swindlehurst, senior, Burns.  Linebackers: Austin Hood, junior, Vale; Toby Smith, senior, Vale; Bryce Doherty, senior, Riverside; Will Brady, senior, Grant Union. Punter: Logan Garner, senior, Burns.

HONORABLE MENTION  Quarterbacks: Aaron Van Gorder, senior, Riverside; Austin Ranft, junior, Grant Union; Steven Williams, junior, Umatilla.  Running backs: Dakota Stockdale, senior, Burns; Caleb Fiest, sophomore, Burns.  Receivers: Russ Seals, senior, Vale; Luis De La Paz, senior, Umatilla.  Tight ends: Eric Bentz, sophomore, Burns; Cody Riley, senior, Burns; Eric Jensen, sophomore, Nyssa.  Offensive Linemen: Dylan Thompson, sophomore, Burns; Gary Young, senior, Burns; Gory Fritts, senior, Burns; Colby Rios, senior, Vale; Toby Smith, senior, Vale; Marshall Roxbury, sophomore, Umatilla; Kiko Campos, sophomore, Umatilla; Johnny Pena, senior, Riverside; Levi Case, senior, Nyssa.  Defensive linemen: Cash Wenick, junior, Grant Union; Dakota Stockwell, senior, Burns; Josh Wilson, junior, Umatilla; Aaron Trukositz, junior, Umatilla; Eric Coy, senior, Vale.  Defensive backs: Russ Seals, junior, Vale; John Iverson, junior, Nyssa; Dustin Lippert, junior, Grant Union.  Linebackers: Matt Ogata, senior, Burns; Ian Revak, senior, Burns; Taylor Pankey, sophomore, Umatilla.  Punter: Nathan Creason, senior, Umatilla.



Co-Backs of the Year - Nevin Lewis, jr. (Culver); Brock Sarbeck, sr. (Scio).

Lineman of the Year – Aaron Hutchinson, sr. (Santiam).

Co-Coaches of the Year – Kurt Davis (Culver); Randy Treager (Kennedy).


OFFENSE QB - Nevin Lewis, jr. (Culver); RB – Adam Rodriguez, sr. (Kennedy); Brock Sarbeck, sr. (Scio); Tommy Wolf, jr. (Blanchet); WR – Joseph Wright, sr. (Salem Academy); Gerald Speas, sr. (Culver); TE – Thomas Griffin, sr. (Culver); OL - Aaron Hutchinson, sr. (Santiam); Matt Zachary, sr. (Culver); Austin Carlson, sr. (Scio); Trent Worden, sr. (Blanchet); Jordan Lane, sr. (Salem Academy); K – Nevin Lewis, jr. (Culver).

DEFENSE DL - Aaron Hutchinson, sr. (Santiam); Jordan Lane, sr. (Salem Academy); Garrett Moritson, jr. (Culver); Austin Carlson, sr. (Scio); Adrian Rodriguez, sr. (Kennedy); LB – Brock Sarbeck, sr. (Scio); Blake Allen, sr. (Kennedy); Austin Alley, jr. (Culver); DB – Tyler Warren, sr. (Culver); Dylan White, jr. (Santiam); Tommy Wolf, jr. (Blanchet); P - Adrian Rodriguez, sr. (Kennedy).


OFFENSE QB – Tyler Montgomery, sr. (Salem Academy); RB – Dan Filipenko, sr. (Salem Academy); Austin Alley, jr. (Culver); Coulter Mastenbrook, so. (Scio); WR – Dylan White, jr. (Santiam); Max Goodman, sr. (Blanchet); TE – Garrett Wavra, jr. (Kennedy); OL – Branden Senn, sr. (Culver); Garrett Moritson, jr. (Culver); Russell St. John, sr. (Scio); Robert Rodiriquez, jr. (Kennedy); Blake Allen, sr. (Kennedy); K – David Sharabarin, jr. (Kennedy).

DEFENSE DL – Sean McAndrew, sr. (Blanchet); Robert Rodiriquez, jr. (Kennedy); Garrett Wavra, sr. (Kennedy); Eric Brown, fr. (Blanchet); Shane Courtney, sr. (Santiam); LB – Matt Zachary, sr. (Culver); Kyle Greenwood, jr. (Santiam), Dan Filipenko, sr. (Salem Academy); DB – Kyle Ring, sr. (Scio); Derek Barth, so. (Kennedy); Nevin Lewis, jr. (Culver); P - Nevin Lewis, jr. (Culver).


OFFENSE QB – Sam Treager, jr. (Kennedy); RB – Ryan Young, jr. (Kennedy); Tygh Gianella, jr. (Blanchet); Mike Adee, sr. (Santiam); Louis Hernandez, sr. (Kennedy); Kyle Mancini, sr. (Culver); OL – Shane Courtney, sr. (Santiam) Jason Willis, sr. (Blanchet); Cody Taylor, sr. (Blanchet); Jamie Kelsh, sr. (Blanchet).

DEFENSE DL – Wyatt Briggs, jr. (Scio); Jason Willis, sr. (Blanchet); Erik Coffey, sr. (Salem Academy); LB – Nick Souza, jr. (Salem Academy); Ryan Young, jr. (Kennedy); Paul Krueger, sr. (Culver); T.J. Weisz, fr. (Blanchet); DB – Joseph Wright, sr. (Salem Academy); Gerald Speas, sr. (Culver); Randy Frey, jr. (Kennedy); Max Heil, sr. (Scio); P – Aaron Hutchinson, sr. (Santiam).



CASCO (Special District #1)


FIRST TEAM QB - Isaac McKinley, Sr., Country Christian; RB: Kameron Graham, Sr., Falls City; Ryan Pierson, So., St. Paul; Cruz Saucedo, Sr., OSD; Guard - Grant Smith, Sr., OSD; David Ferguson, So., St. Paul; Center: Austin Smith, So., St. Paul; Ends: Tyler Brown, So., Perrydale; Ruben Rivera, Sr., St. Paul; Zach Weldon, Sr., Country Christian.

SECOND TEAM QB - Justin Storm, Sr., Perrydale; RB: Cody Comerford, Jr., Perrydale; Charlie Robinson, Sr., Country Christian; Blake Bernhardt, Sr., St. Paul; Guard - Mac Cruikshank, Jr., Perrydale; Steven Sickles, Sr., Falls City; Center: Austin Black, Jr., Perrydale; Ends: Evan Smith, So., OSD; Brent Garrison, Sr., Falls City; Greg Rosa, Jr., St. Paul.


FIRST TEAM DL - Mac Cruikshank, Jr., Perrydale; Grant Smith, Sr., OSD; DE - Brent Garrison, Sr., Falls City; David Ferguson, So., St. Paul; LB – Blake Barnes, So., Perrydale; Isaac McKinley, Sr., Country Christian; Blake Bernhardt, Sr., St. Paul; DB – Justin Storm, Sr., Perrydale; Kameron Graham, Sr., Falls City; Ruben Rivera, Sr., St. Paul.

SECOND TEAM DL - Trevor Hamden, Sr., Country Christian; Austin Smith, So., St. Paul; DE - Mike Angel, Jr., Perrydale; Matt Tinnell, Sr., Country Christian; LB - Jon Culpepper, Sr., Falls City; Moses Rivera, Jr., St. Paul; Charlie Robinson, Sr., Country Christian; DB – Ryan Pierson, So., St. Paul; Zach Weldon, Sr., Country Christian.

8-MAN ALL STAR TEAM REPRESENTATIVES Isaac McKinley, Sr., Country Christian; Kameron Graham, Sr., Falls City; Grant Smith, Sr., OSD; Blake Bernhardt, Sr., St. Paul; Ruben Rivera, Sr., St. Paul.

ALTERNATES Justin Storm, Sr., Perrydale; Steven Sickles, Sr., Falls City; Zach Weldon, Sr., Country Christian; Brent Garrison, Sr., Falls City; Cruz Saucedo, Sr., OSD.

MOUNTAIN VALLEY (Special District #2)

Player of the year: Joey Knighton, Butte Falls

Coach of the year: Randy Stephenson, Butte Falls


OFFENSE  QB — Jake Stevens, Powers Sr.; QB — Travis Fuller, Days Creek Jr.; Back — Joey Knighton, Butte Falls Sr.; Back — Tyler Smith, Gilchrist Sr.; C — Eli Fisher, Camas Valley NA; C — Kiefer Allen, Powers NA; G — Josh Sutfin, Butte Falls Jr.; G — Bryar Zimmerman, Days Creek Jr.; End — Mario Cellis, Elkton Jr.; End — Willy Johnson, Days Creek Sr.; K — Luke Ovguard, Triad NA.

DEFENSE  DE — Bronson Owens, Days Creek Jr.; DE — Cody Kievit, Camas Valley Sr.; G — Eli Fisher, Camas Valley Sr.; G — Josh Sutfin, Butte Falls Jr.; LB — Mac Smith, Elkton Jr.; LB — Caaleb Clayton, Gilchrist NA; LB — Willy Johnson, Days Creek Sr.; DB — Maison Cay, Camas Valley Sr.; DB — Preston Fivecoat, North Lake Jr.; DB — Thomas Wagnor, Powers.


OFFENSE  QB — Ransom Smith, Gilchrist Sr.; Back — Nick Reeves, Powers Sr.; Back — Mason Lieuallen, Powers Sr.; C — Billy Effingham, North Lake NA; G — Skylar Peterson, Triad So.; G — Caaleb Clayton, Gilchrist NA; End — Kyle Blanton, Powers Jr.; End — Sean Reese, Triad Sr.; P — Chase Elliot, Camas Valley NA.

DEFENSE  DE — Dakota Gordon, Prospect Jr.; DE — Travis Eller, Butte Falls So.; G — Billy Effingham, North Lake Sr.; G — Bryar Zimmerman, Days Creek Jr.; G — T.J. Wilson, Butte Falls Sr.; LB — Josh McGonagle, Butte Falls So.; LB — Joey Knighton, Butte Falls So.; LB — Mason Lieuallen, Powers Sr.; DB — Chase Ellis, Butte Falls So.; DB — Rustin Hogson, Days Creek Sr.


OFFENSE  QB — Mac Smith, Elkton, Jr.; Backs — Kurt Dever, Camas, Jr.; Loren Meeker, Triad, So.; Dan Heintz, Days Creek, Jr.; Harley Casillas, Butte Falls, So.; Josh Dyck, Butte Falls, Jr.; Dennis Wolfe, Camas, Sr.; Thomas Wagner, Powers, Sr.; Sky Smith, Triad, Sr.; Guard — Allex Perkins, Gilchrist.

DEFENSE  LB— Sean Reese, Triad, Sr.; Loren Meeker, Triad, So.; Ransom Smith, Gilchrist, Sr..; Guard —Joe Kepplle, Gilchrist.; DB — Rob Carper, Prospect, Sr.; Travis Fuller, Days Creek, Jr.; Kyle Blanton, Powers.

BIG SKY (Special District #3)

FIRST TEAM  Defensive linemen: Tyler Tibbets, Dufur; KC McCollough, Dufur; Kip Krebs, Ione; Joe Dove, South Wasco.  Linebackers: Beau Lewis, Dufur; Chad Benson, South Wasco.  Defensive backs: Cody Frishman, Dufur; Walker Kaseberg, Sherman; Jerrod Warnock, South Wasco.  Center: Beau Lewis, Dufur.  Offensive ends: Tyler Tibbetts, Dufur; Mike Madison, Echo.  Offensive guards: Loren Ashley, South Wasco; KC McCollough, Dufur.  Offensive backs: Matt Hammel, Dufur; Chad Benson, South Wasco.  Quarterback: Mike Burgett, South Wasco.

SECOND TEAM  Defensive Linemen:  Mike Fischer, Echo;  Kevin Fowler, Ione;  Mitch Simantel, Sherman; Casey Johnson, South Wasco.  Linebackers: Cody Johnson, South Wasco; CJ Forest, Dufur.  Defensive backs:  Ty Wyman, Dufur; Mike Madison, Echo; Paul Hams, Ione.  Center: Mike Fischer, Echo.  Offensive ends: Clay Morter, Ione; Jerrod Warnock, South Wasco.  Offensive guards: CJ Forrest, Dufur; Ray Harris, Echo.  Offfensive backs: Ty Wyman, Dufur; Ryan Standiford, Condon-Wheeler; Quarterback: Walker Kaseberg, Sherman.

HONORABLE MENTION  Defensive linemen: Kenny Shane, Arlington; Logan Padgett, Sherman.  Linebackers: Ryan Standiford, Condon-Wheeler; Allen Rietman, Ione.  Centers: Joe Dove, South Wasco; Kip Krebs, Ione.  Offensive backs: Dustin Christensen, Echo; Allen Rietman, Ione.  Quarterbacks: Andy McFarlane, Echo; Dustin Miller, Dufur.

HIGH DESERT (Special District #6)


DEFENSE  Def. guard: Carl Neumann, Crane; Jamie Newton, Spray-Mitchell; Def. End: Baxter Davies, Crane; Chris Brower, Crane; Colton Cynn, Adrian; Andrew Harper, Harper; Def. Back: Dallen Davies, Crane; Asa Miller, Spray-Mitchell; David Myers, Adrian; Linebackers: Cody Henricks, Crane; Raymond Thompson, Crane; Kyle Dondero, Adrian; Titus Wilson, Burnt River; Keith Adams, Spray-Mitchell.

OFFENSE  PK: Neeko Rachor, Spray-Mitchell; KR: Dallen Davies, Crane; Kyle Rodgers, Adrian; Center: Carl Neumann, Crane; J.T. Black, Prairie City Jamie Newton, Spray-Mitchell; Offensive Guard: George Ellsworth, Adrian; Joseph Fischer, Spray-Mitchell; Eric Teal, Prairie City; Offensive End: Baxter Davies, Crane; Levi Harris, Crane; Asa Miller, Spray-Mitchell; David Myers, Adrian; Running Back: Raymond Thompson, Crane; Kyle Rodgers, Adrian; Titus Wilson, Burnt River; Cole Winegar, Prairie City; Neeko Rachor, Spray-Mitchell; Quarterback: Dallen Davies, Crane; Keith Adams, Spray-Mitchell; Punter: Steven Casiano, Harper.


DEFENSE  Def. Guard: Richie Kezerle, Burnt River; J.J. Stephens, Adrian; Aaron Starr, Spray-Mitchell; Def. End: Levi Harris, Crane; George Ellsworth, Adrian; Joseph Fischer, Spray-Mitchell; Josiah Fischer, Spray-Mitchell; Aron Walker, Burnt River; Def. Back: Matt Stevens, Crane; Landon Koontz, Burnt River; Neeko Rachor, Spray-Mitchell; Linebackers: Andy Walker, Burnt River; Jason Starr, Spray-Mitchell; Cole Winegar, Prairie City; Steven Casiano, Harper; Kyle Hand, Dayville-Monument.

OFFENSE  PK: Matt Holloway, Crane; Eric Teal, Prairie City; Center: Chance Wood, Adrian; Robert Olson, Harper; Offensive Guard: Colton Ketscher, Crane; Aaron Starr, Spray-Mitchell; Zach Grogan, Burnt River; Offensive End: Tad Jones, Jordan Valley; Colton Wynn, Adrian; Kody DeNoma, Harper; Running Back: Cody Henricks, Crane; Kyle Osborn, Adrian; Kyle Hand, Dayville-Monument; Steven Casiano, Harper; Quarterback: Blake Ishida, Adrian; Jared DeNoma, Harper; Dillon Hendricks, Prairie City; Punter: Eric Neal, Prairie City.


DEFENSE  Def. Guard: Max Winninger, Prairie City; Daniel Lode, Adrian; Def.End: Koehl Trautman, Jordan Valley; Andrew Harper, Prairie City; Def.Back: Kyle Rogers, Adrian; Levi Jones, Adrian; Blake Ishida, Adrian; Nolan Fischer, Spray-Mitchell.

OFFENSE  PK: Kyle Dondero, Adrian Offensive End: Brendon Crisler, Prairie City; George Wickhorst, Prairie City; Josiah Fischer, Spray-Mitchell; Chris Chapman, Dayville-Monument; Running Back: Matt Stevens, Crane; Andy Walker, Burnt River; Jason Starr, Spray-Mitchell; Punter: Kyle Dondero, Adrian; Neeko Rachor, Spray-Mitchell.

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