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Championship Chase – Myrtle Point and Rainier

Bobcats Battle Columbians In Title Game


Columbians Are Perfect!

And a chase it will be! No towering posts here, as the fourth ranked Myrtle Point Bobcats (27-3), regular season champions of the Sunset 7 Conference, take on the third ranked and undefeated Rainier Columbians (28-0), champions of the Lewis & Clark League.


Both teams press and scrap for their wins, typifying the working class communities they come from. For the Bobcats, it’s a case of doing it the hardest way possible. For the Columbians, it’s a quest for perfection.

Myrtle Point reached the title game by beating top ranked Burns (who recovered to finish fourth) 39-38, in what might have been the most competitive game of the girls’ tournament, until they beat second ranked Valley Catholic (who recovered to finish third) 48-43 in double overtime.


Rainier reached the Saturday night showdown by first beating Harrisburg (who claimed sixth) 31-28, and then cruising by Vale (who claimed fifth) 40-26.

First Quarter

Tip to Rainier, and Mollee Schwegler lays it in. MP to, Schwegler again! MP takes their time this time, and then Sam Sanders sinks a 3. And the game settles into a half court game. Sanders is on from 3 land, and hits her second for an 8-6 lead just before midway.

GB's Chrissy Johnson gets a second foul with 2:45 to go. Raeanne Hanks get a second one for Rainier, and GB goes up 11-6 on Johnson's free throws. Schwegler answers, then Sanders and Schwegler trade 3s. GB 14-11 after 1.

Second Quarter

Kylee Fischer answers Brittany Wright's 2 for Rainier with a 3, and Rainier wants time with 7:08 to go.

Both defenses are demanding the opponent shoot over them. GB's Johnson gets her third foul 2 minutes into the second quarter battling for a board.

GB goes to the 4 corner, so Wright steals it, and gets a foul on Sanders. But Schwegler misses the 3.

So she steals off the spread and lays it in. GB only 17-15, as they call time at 2:39.

More MP spread. But when they turn it over when they bring post Cally Kennedy out to handle the ball. But then, so does Rainier. NP holds for the last shot, but not quite, and Sanders shots an air ball 3 with 15 seconds left. But Schwegler misses the last 3, no harm, and no score for 3 1/2 minutes! That after a 4 minute scoreless run before the Schwegler steal!

Schwegler and Sanders each had 9 in the first period, but only Schwegler extended that, off the steal. A 4-3 period, edge Rainier! Turnovers even at 5, Rainier +1 on the offensive and total boards. GB has decided they can't run with Rainier, and can't afford to attack with Johnson in foul trouble, so shortening a game they lead is the strategy. And Rainier is willing to pick their steals. Find a hot hand, and you will find a blue trophy.

And, we have no band on championship night! Ugh!

Third Quarter

Schwegler gets her second foul, putting Johnson on the line, an MP up 3.

Kayla Nagunst makes a twisting move for Rainier, but can't finish. So, she steals out of the spread, and misses. Third foul on hicks, and Kylee Fischer misses a 3 for MP. So does Wright.

Johnson gets her 4th. on a turning charge with 5:15 left, and away she goes for a long while.

Nagunst knocks a Bobcat down going for a board, and gets her second foul.

Fisher gets hers with 3:50 left, preventing a Wright bucket. Saves 1 of 2 points.

Jessica Minium ties it with 3 to go at 18. GB back to the spread, and a 5 sec. turnover when they have a post with the ball 35' feet out. Time out Rainier with 2:42 in the quarter, still 18-18.

Now, Schwegler takes her time, and then a top of the key jumper for the lead! Sanders answers with a layin. Schwegler's 3 from the right side misses. Nagunst gets her third foul, and GP misses.

But Rainier steps on the sideline. Nagunst sits down for the last minute of the quarter.

GP holds for 1, but Sanders' NBA 3 is short. 5-3 this quarter, but Rainier has caught up. 20-20 going to the fourth!

Fourth Quarter

Schwegler misses, gets her board, but then Fischer picks Wright's pocket. TO MP @ 6:56.

Turnover trading time. 6 to go, after Schwegler's third foul sends Johnson to the line for the 2 point lead.

This time Fischer gets a mugging ticket. Schwegler ties it on Sanders foul, and Johnson comes back with over 5 to go. Big gamble in the 22 tie game. MP has 3 tos; Rainier 2.

Third foul on Fischer with 5 to go. Nagunst scores, MP misses, Wright lays it in on the break! Time Out MP! With 4:29 left, down 26-22.

MP looks for Kennedy, but she misses, and Schwegler dribbles out of the pile. But Rainier can't convert.

Another MP miss! Now Rainier goes to the 4 corner. When Schwegler drives, she gets checked; GB ball!

Missed ft, but Hanks' 4th. foul with 2:37 to go. Johnson makes only the second, still a 3 point game. \

Schwegler saves a loose ball, and Rainier spreads it out. Sanderss' third foul, 2 to go! Schwegler sinks both! 28-23 Rainier!

2 to go, Wright gets her third, and the next foul will = double bonus. Sanders misses, but MP gets the tieup! Sanders for 3! But then her third foul, and Schwegler makes only 1!

Fourth foul on Nagunst; Johnson makes only 1; Schwegler RB!

Rainier holds, up 2 as we go under 1 min. Schwegler drives, gets decked, no call, ball still to Rainier. Nagunst to the line, but makes only 1. Still a 1 pos. game. Time out MP with 42.2 to go, down 30-27, and the Bobcats are down to 1 time out.

Fischer is done with 37.5 to go, and Schwegler is at the line again. And drills both!

Schwegler gets her 4th. with 21.4 left, but Sanders gets only 1 down, and trips Amanda Schwegler as she pulls down the RB and dribbles out. Makes only 1 ft, and Hanks is gone with 10.6 to go, and Johnson makes 2 + 1, and its 33-31 Rainier.

M. Schwegler to the line with 7.6 to go, and drains both! Rainier time out up 35-31!

Schwegler steals and that's IT!!!! Columbians storm the court, UNDEFEATED, with the 35-31 win!

Coach Doug Knox could only say "Oh Man! That's Incredible!" What was incredible was Molly Schwegler, who hit 9 of 10 from the line in the 4th. quarter, extending her total to a game high 22. Schwegler acknowledged "I was feeling it! I just took my time on the free throws."

Schwegler suffered a strained back last season, but came back with a stellar season, capped by being lifted onto her teammates' shoulders with the state championship trophy in hand.

Schwegler discussed the matchup with Myrtle Point, noting "We looked forward to playing Myrtle Point all year. We wanted to show everyone what we had!"

Coach Knox explained "I get on Molly about forcing things, but she is a heck of a player. This is what she can do!" As far as putting the game in her hands at the line, Coach Knox acknowledged "She has been draining free throws since she was 3 feet tall."

Myrtle Point Coach Marty Stallard also acknowledged the roll of the free throws, observing "Rainier hit their free throws, and we missed a couple. Krissy (Johnson) had a great effort, after the early fouls. We just couldn't quite overcome that."

Schwegler explained "We were confident our shots would start falling. We just kept playing good defense, like usual. We picked our spots, and then in the second half, we hustled a little more. We knew we could do it."







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