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2016 4A Senior Softball All-Star Series

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2016 4A Senior Softball All-Star Series

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Girls Basketball Menu / Archvies

East 19 West 7

Vale QB Brady Lovell & the athletic east defense win the 54th. East-West Shrine All-Star game for 3A, 2A, & 1A football for the East with 2 tds in the 4th. qtr. to pull away from the 7-7 halftime tie.





Conventional wisdom for all-star games is that there is no defense played in these spectacles, and it becomes a showcase for offense. The reality was the complexity of installing timing required for either a strong air game or a diverse option in such a short period of time, when mixing players from a variety of systems, was too much. And was more than trumped by the proven small-school formula for defense of turning a bunch of real good athletes loose to run amok, and create havoc.


Neither side was able to generate any effective air game, and there were really only 3 serious drives. And all keyed by individuals creating plays.


The game, as its supposed to do, did provide an enjoyable opportunity to watch several players display their versatility, and for several players from the smaller schools to prove they can compete with better publicized programs from larger schools. In all, the game featured 17 players heading on to college football, 9 at Western Oregon.


Scappoose’s Dan Klobbes took the East’s opening kickoff back to the 29. Sherwood’s Lukkes Gilgan couldn’t move the West, with a bad snap in the shotgun on 2nd. down the key problem. It was a play designed by a young man that’s a Shrine patient I believe. Coach Bill Masei used the play as planned on the 2nd. play. Trick plays share 1 requirement with regular plays. They require execution to work.


The West punted, and after Hidden Valley’s Sam Dollarhyde’s 7 yd. return, Sisters QB Andy Burke led a 64 yd. drive to paydirt. Heppner’s Matt Kenny had a couple of key runs, and Siuslaw’s Kirk Wilson, hometown hero Matt Banta, Burke, and Mazama’s Jordan Nelson all contributed. Klobbes was all over the stadium for the West, on O, D, & special teams, and made his presence known, but once the East got inside the 10, 3 runs out of the a 3 back set culminated in a Dollarhyde 3 yd. TD. The PAT kick made it 7-0 East with 9:07 left in the 1st. qtr. (The Shrine game uses modified NCAA rules, and 15 min. qtrs.)


Gilgan tried to get a running game going, using Banks’ Matt Miller for inside work, but Vale’s Willie Maupin throttled that. Wilsonville’s Cam Smith managed a 1st. down into East territory, but 2 Gilgan runs only gave Union’s Kaleb Thurston an opportunity for air time. After a rare pass was off target, the West punted back to the East. However, Burke & Wilson couldn’t get a 1st. down, and the East punted it right back. Klobbes managed only a 2 yd. return.


Regis’ Justin Beggs & Klobbes’ runs couldn’t offset a sack of Gilgan, bringing up 4th. & 3+. The West went for it, but was just short, turning it over on downs with 1:00 left in the 1st. The East couldn’t move it, and the qtr. ended 7-0 East. Stayton’s Steven Dark opened the 2nd. with a punt to about the West 25 that Smith brought back to the 35 behind a great block by Klobbes.


Willamina QB Zach Burdon took over, but 2 Burdon keepers brought up 3rd. down. Burns’ Steve Doverspike broke up the pass, and the west had to put. Prospect’s Darrel Swearingen had a very good game punting, and drove this one to the East 10. Kenny returned it to the 16.


Lovell took over at QB for the East, but an incompletion offset 2 Dollarhyde rushes, and Dark punted to the West 27. The East had run on 17 of 18 plays at that point.


The West also went 3 & punt. Dollarhyde pounded ahead twice for the East, but Lovell was sacked by Beggs & Dayton’s Zach Sullivan, forcing a punt.


Burdon then mounted a 65 yd. drive that tied the score, with help from Colton’s Eric Norton, Klobbes, Taft’s Daryl Larkins, & Corbett’s Dan Kerslake. Norton is an example of the qualities of these young men that go beyond the football field. Already a volunteer firefighter for Colton, Norton is headed for S.W. Oregon CC for Paramedic and advanced fire training. He also capped the drive with n 8 yd. TD run. The PAT made it 7-7 with 1:43 left in the half.


Dollarhyde took the kickoff from the 20 out to the 41, and Lovell’s QB draw reached the West 46. Lovell rolled right to the 39 with 1:17 left, but a holding penalty backed the East out to the 49. A bad snap resulted in an incompleted pass. Steven Cressey of S. Wasco made a big tackle to bring up 4th. down. A long pass intercepted by Smith ended the 1st. half with the game tied 7-7, and the Steer auction took over the field.


After poor unlucky Lucky was sold off, football resumed. Burke returned at QB for the East, but it was 3 & punt again, as the West’s defense was swarming. Klobbes’ return to the West 45 put the West in excellent field position. The 1st. play was a pitch right that never got pitched, but the West avoided disaster when Riverdale’s Craig Thomason recovered. The drive stalled, & Swearingan’s punt pinned the East at their 18 with 10:50 left in the 3rd.


The East went 3 & punt behind 2 big stops by Estacada’s Alan Noble. But the West went 3 & punt as Dark led the fired up East D. Swearingen blasted a 60 yd. punt for a touchback.


Lovell was back at QB for the East, but it looked like an HV game, as Dollarhyde pounded away play after play. Swearingen proved he was more than just a punter with a tackle, and Blanchet’s Darren Welch stopped Dollarhyde to force 4th. down & a punt, which Smith returned from his 36 to the 48 with 4:58 left in the 3rd.


Smith, Burden, Miller, & Klobbes ate up the rest of the quarter getting to a 1st. down at the East 28, overcoming an off-side penalty, and big stops by Maupin & Pleasant Hill’s Ryan Circle.


The 4th. qtr. opened with 4 rushes that resulted in the West turning it over on downs with 12:51 left. Key was a loss by Burdon on a fake handoff roll out left that Glendale’s Bret Prock smelled out & shut down. But the West D forced a 3 & punt. Dark’s 40 yd. punt pushed the West back to their 30. Gilgan returned at QB, but the West was again smothered by a very active East D, and the West punted to the East 32 with 9:03 left.


Lovell then took the game over. After a 15 yd. gain off a pitch left, he rolled left to midfield, then missed Dollarhyde with a pass to the right. But that opened the right side for a roll out to the 37 & a 1st. down. Next was a roll out for 5, followed by a QB draw to the right for a 32 yd. TD behind a key Banta block. The PAT was missed, but the East had taken the lead 13-7 with 7:05 left. After the game, Lovell acknowledged his blockers, receivers included, and stated 3 of his 4 runs out of drops on the drive were called runs, with only 1 initially looking to pass.


Klobbes returned the kickoff 30 yards to the East 45, but when Gilgan dropped the 1st. snap, it set up 2nd. & long. A screen left & a Gilgan rollout netted only 5 yds., & with 5:04 left the West had to punt. Swearingen pinned the East at the 1 with yet another great punt with 4:52 left.


Dollarhyde & Kenny plowed ahead for some breathing room, and Dollarhyde almost broke away around left end, but was brought down at the 10 to force a punt. Dark got off a high punt to the East 45, but Klobbes was only able to take it ahead to the 43, with 2:19 left.The West looked to pull out the game with a late drive from this field position, but the East D had other ideas. Gilgan’s pass to the right down to the 25 was incomplete, and his sweep left was stopped for no gain. West called time with 2:01 left & 3rd. & 10.


Gilgan dropped deep back right, was nearly sacked at his own 40. Throwing it up into the rush, Heppner’ Rory Kilkenny intercepted & rambled 42 yards for the TD to seal the deal. The PAT was missed, but the East led 19-7 with 1:49 left. The kickoff went to the 15, was returned to the 27, and fumbled, but recovered.


Gilgan's pass left for Beggs was overthrown. A run gained 5, but on 3rd. down, a pass over the middle was intercepted by Mazama’s Jordan Nelson at about the 40, and returned to the 22. Wilson & Burke ran out the clock.


After the game, Lovell was named Player of the Game.


Swearingen & Dark’s punting, Klobbes’ & Smith’s overall play, Dollarhyde’s trademark hard running, Norton’s key plays, and especially the legion of players from 2A & 1A that stepped up whenever their opportunity arose also impressed.


It was also interesting that with limited time to install offenses, Lovell & Burdon from 2A teams outshined the better known Burke & Gilgan from 3A teams. The larger programs are built around more great athletes, but also systems built on numbers & practiced execution, to support their leaders. That, however, takes time to perfect. Burdon, and especially Lovell, being used to working with quality support, but generally a lot less of it (numbers), were more creative & productive personally when given such a wealth of athletes to work with.


Special thanks to Fox Sports for covering the game, and to all the olddawgs from Baker for again being hosts to folks from all over the state for the 54th. edition of this great event on a beautiful afternoon.


Side note to olddawg & the other Baker staff: The blue yard numbers were hard to read, and may have resulted in some yardage errors. Go back to BIG WHITE numbers.


West 0 7 0 0 – 7

East 7 0 0 13 – 19



Dollarhyde 3 yd run (PAT) (9:07)



Norton 8 yd. run (PAT) (1:43)



Lovell 32 yd. run 7:05

Kilkenney 42 yd. Int. Return (1:49)


Statistics (West, East) First Downs 8 6 Rushing Yards 48-143 37-152 Passing 1-11-2, 3 yds. 3-10-1, 20 yds. Fumbles-Lost 3-0 2-0 Penalties-Yards 2-10 4-25 Total Yards 146 172


Individual statistics


Rushing — West: Burdon 13-65, Klobes 4-29, Norton 4-15, Kerslake 4-8, Smith 4-7, Larkins 2-7, Gilgan 10-6, Morgan 1-5, Lucia 1-1, Miller 3-1, Sullivan 1-0, Beggs 1-(-1). East: Lovell 7-65, Kenny 8-36, Dollarhide 10-30, Burke 3-8, Wilson 6-7, Nelson 2-4, Banta 1-2.


Football season is back, and it is off to a great start with the predicted Baker Blast! Now, its 3 weeks of camps & training before the fun 15 week run to the championships begins!



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