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Lions Deliver From Outside

Allan Classen | March 21,2014

West Linn cruised to the 6A boys championship with three straight wins by double-figure margins. There was never much doubt that they were going to repeat as state champs.   They had four starters back from the 2013 team, a foursome that brought a total of seven seasons prior experience as starters....

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Oregon prep basketball players on NCAA tournament rosters

Andrew Millbrooke | March 16,2014

Oregon prep basketball players on NCAA tournament rosters

  Grant’s Moser and Newberg’s Braun ready for swan song in NCAA tourney   Seven former Oregon prep boys basketball players are currently on rosters of teams that qualified for the upcoming NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Two seniors, Oregon’s Mike Moser and North Dakota State’s Taylor Braun, are poised to play a big...

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Philomath Jumps On La Salle Early, Holds On For 4A State Title

| March 15,2014

Philomath Jumps On La Salle Early, Holds On For 4A State Title

Warriors Back Up Early Blitz By De Saulnier With Team Defense   Ben DeSaulnier showed why he's the best athlete in the state at the 4A level, and one of the best at any level, with a performance that led Philomath to as much as a 15 point lead in the first...

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One PreSeason Peek at the West Valley League

History teaches us that the Dayton Pirates will win the WVL. Never forget your history. What has it been, 25 straight years in the playoffs for Dayton? The celebration of life for Dayton’s and Oregon’s legendary coach, Dewey Sullivan, did not break Dayton’s success. Although history is very likely to repeat again, there are 6 other teams with hopes to steal the WVL title from the Pirates.

Just one fan’s crystal ball, and such crystals are always a bit defective. I hope you enjoy reading my perspective even when you disagree. It is not perfect, just my perspective.

Sheridan Spartans

Last season, Sheridan’s offense was ranked #5 in 3A averaging 28.8 points per game, but averaged only 21.2 points per game during head-to-head WVL play (5th best in the WVL). On defense, Sheridan was again #5 in 3A averaging 12.9 points per game, but they gave up an average of 14.2 per game during WVL play (2nd best). The 2006 Spartans were one of the best Spartan teams in nearly 20 years.

Sheridan lost 3 WVL games by a combined total of 10 points. It means that Sheridan was just 10 points away from a WVL title last season. 10 points over 3 games was the difference between the league championship and fourth place in the WVL. Sheridan’s blue and gold football program has been on an improving cycle for a couple of years now. Assuming the improving trend continues, then Sheridan is in the thick of the WVL title race again in 2007.

The counter-balance to the improving trend for Sheridan is that nearly all the starters from last year’s team graduated in June 2006. This includes the QB, several RBs, the TE, the WR, and 4 experienced linemen. Gone is All-State and WVL All-League first team OL (2nd team LB) Jordon Branson. Gone is WVL All-League first team RB and first team LB Jacob Williams. Gone are WVL All-League second team or honorable mention DL Nathan Arneson, DE/RB Adam Jordan, SE/DB Justin Tomlinson, TE/DE Steve Fuller, SE/K Ryan Swift, and OL Lucas McKay. This is a huge amount of talent and experience to replace.

The Spartans have sufficient depth to reload, but the reloaded Spartans will be smaller and will start out very inexperienced at the varsity level.

Some experienced players available to return and lead the way for the Spartans include: junior DB Brandon Jordan (5-7, 150), QB/DB Zach Poisal (6-0, 165), and RB/LB Adam Butler (5-10, 180).

Returning to anchor the line will be OL/DL Cody Hunt (5-10, 220), OL/DL Josh Maier (5-11, 220), and C/DL KJ Lowe (6-0, 230). Lowe was a 2006 WVL All-League honorable mention offensive linemen. Rumors are that Brandon Jordan will move to QB, Poisal to WR with Devin Jordan, and Butler will be joined at RB by Devin Cavin.

To think of the Spartans as reloaded is something new since the mid-1990’s or even the 1980’s. From 2001 to 2004, Sheridan only won one football game. An excellent turn-around! If there is too much of a drop-off in 2007, the overall improving trend my start to stumble.

To make the playoffs in 2007, the Spartans new players must maintain the strong defensive effort shown in 2006, and then improve the offensive scoring particularly during league games. They still have a very good line, so the less experienced skill players will have to be successful early and throughout the season.

Following the Monroe Jamboree, the Spartans open by traveling to play the Jefferson Lions and then hosting the Riverdale Mavericks. This may be a soft preseason that will not help prepare the younger Spartan players for the WVL league opener at Colton, followed by a 2-week trial in early October hosting Dayton and traveling to rival Willamina. Sheridan finishes the season hosting Amity after hosting Regis at the end of October. That final league game against Amity may determine if Sheridan makes the playoffs in ’07.

Look for Sheridan to finish in the 3, 4, or 5 spot in the WVL, not that they won’t try to find a way to win the league’s title. Two years ago Sheridan forced a 3-way tie for third place with a win over rival Willamina, and the Spartans could certainly make the WVL finish very interesting again this season.

Amity Warriors

In 2005, the Amity blue and white dropped from scary playoff Warriors to regular post season benchwarmers. Shifting talent and changes in coaching had many feeling 2005 was a one-season off year for the Warriors at 3 - 6.

Then following the 2006 season, they were still stuck at 3 - 6 for the season, and Amity dropped from a 2 – 3 league record in 2005 to only 1 - 4 in 2006. Gervais, a newcomer to the WVL following the 6-way reclassification, was kind enough to provide Amity with its only league win in 2006. But Gervais did that for everybody else in the league too, so Amity finished dead last in 2006 among the long-term WVL rivals, and even lost to the other league newcomer Colton.

Amity’s sinking trend can be seen in the seasonal statistics. At Amity’s peak in 2000, the offense average (that’s AVERAGED) 58.2 points per game (they scored over 750 points in one season!), while the defense gave up only 7.3 points a game. In 2003, the last state championship year for Amity, the offense was down to only 34.8 points per game, and the defense was yielding 14. From 2000 to 2003, offensive scoring dropped nearly 50%, and the defense was allowing points twice as often. By 2005, offense was down to only 19.6 points a game, and the defense was being comparably rocked at 21.6 points a game. The offensive downslide stopped in 2006 as Amity scoring actually pushed up a bit to 20.3 per game. But defense continue to weaken, falling to 25.9 points a game (the worst Amity defense since some time before 1995).

Clearly Amity must improve its defensive play. But improvement on offense is also required. In 2006, Amity was stopped without points in the red zone 16 times. That is nearly the equivalent of failing to get 14 points every game, and would have made Amity a 6-3 team instead of a 3-6 team. Amity’s offense must do better at making the most of scoring opportunities.

On the positive side, several WVL coaches have mentioned that they know Amity’s talent is building-up again. Only several injuries or a wildfire of ineligibility or nonparticipation for key players will prevent Amity from returning to the fight for the WVL title. Will 2007 bring the return of the playoff Warriors, or will that sinking feeling continue in Amity? Game-long tough defense must return to Amity if the Warriors want to return to the playoffs.

The QB situation at Amity remains in question, because they have three good options. Bobby Hatch is a 6-1, 185 lb. sophomore who is also a punishing DB and a powerful RB. Also available is a 6-0, 175 lb. junior Brad Greene. Both Hatch and Greene are tough runners as well as good passers. With the most varsity game time and the likely starter is the 6-1, 160 lb. senior Ryan McMullen. Like Hatch, both Greene and McMullen are excellent DBs. These three players are too athletic to have 2 of them on the bench, so something has to adjust before the season starts for Amity. In any case, don’t expect any drop off in Amity’s offense if they have to replace a QB. If Hatch does not start as QB, look for him to start as an RB or TE.

Amity has an excellent returning RB in 5-9, 185 lb. senior Brandon Melton, a WVL all-league second team RB in 2006. Give him a small hole in the D line, and he will make a few extra yards all by himself. For example, he had 156 rushing yards against Colton last year. Depending on his off-season training, Melton could be closer to 200 lbs. when the season begins. Melton could be joined by 6-0, 205 lb. junior Ryan Manley who is returning from an injury plagued season. Even if Manley’s injuries limit his abilities, Amity still has a powerful 1-2 punch with these two RB’s. Amity’s RB stable is full, including experienced senior Tim Whitman (5-10, 170), juniors Wilson Huber (5-6, 160) and Julius Gomez (6-0, 180), and a couple of sophomores with breakaway speed around the corners. QBs Greene and Hatch also run well. A large collection of quality RBs is vintage Amity from Amity’s championship seasons.

Amity returns a 2006 WVL All-League First Team split end/WR in senior Jeremy Kreutzbender (6-4, 200). With a good vertical leap, Jeremy can find ways to catch footballs on offense and defense. He allows Amity’s offense to continuously threaten with a useful passing game. For example, Jeremy had 2 TD pass receptions (from QB McMullen) against Dayton in 2006. Add Kreutzbender to Amity’s crop of RBs and QBs and Amity has plenty of talent available for the LB/DB positions. Amity may also have the services of senior RB/LB Cody Milious (5-11, 200).

The big question for Amity will be its linemen, especially on defense. Graduated are WVL All-League first team OL Logan Umbarger and honorable mention OL Brice Ketchum (who was also a first team DL). Depth on the line was a problem for Amity in 2006. For example, Amity had a 21-14 lead over Dayton at halftime, only to lose 42-21. Many teams broke away from Amity in the second half, and tired, undersized lineman may partly be the reason.

A junior, Chris Galer (6-0, 215), returns to anchor the O as center and lead the D line. Two OT/LB’s return in senior Nathan Stoller (6-0, 190) and junior Stephen Wolfe (6-3, 215). Another returning starter is senior TE Egan Bull (6-1, 185), who joins Galer to anchor the DL. Amity seems to be missing a couple of Gs, and some linemen over 215 lbs.

Line size is Amity’s weak spot. The line’s strength and speed will be critical to Amity’s success in 2007. A smaller line may not hinder Amity’s offense, but the defense may be vulnerable to powerful blocking lines (Willamina, Dayton, Gold Beach, Cascade Christian, for examples). The presently unknown line at Horizon Christian may be the only line in the WVL that is smaller than Amity’s line.

However, Amity’s LBs and DBs are nearly as big or bigger than the linemen. As an overall team, Amity is not small. The preleague games against Regis and Santiam Christian will reveal just how big of a problem the line play will be for Amity, particularly on defense. It is this weakness that will likely prevent Amity from finishing better than 3rd in the WVL.

If Amity must pull Kreutzbender into the line to block, then look for a couple WRs from among the sophomores and juniors to step up for passing drills. This could work out just fine if Hatch is the QB, as many of the younger players are familiar with Hatch at that the QB position. Another option is to move Manley into the O line and bring in one of the speedy soph. RBs to complement Melton, such as Cristian or Porter.

Looking to help on the line will be sophomores Jordan Hinchman (6-0, 230) and Jake Stepisnik (5-10, 185). There are several other players learning OL/DL, but they are all under 180 lbs. If sophomores can simply be ‘adequate’ in 2007 while they gain experience, it will free up Galer, Bull and others to really use their experience and skills. If the sophomores prove competitive or better, then Amity’s chances are significantly improved.

Following a tune-up at the Toledo Jamboree, Amity opens with Regis again this year. Regis will have already played a game against Dayton. Last year Regis scored 2 TDs on a punt return and a sweep right in the first 5 minutes of the game, something Amity’s special teams and defense must avoid in 2007. Amity travels to Santiam Christian the next week. Just one win from either game would indicate that Amity is greatly improved. The Warriors then host the 2A Santiam Wolverines before starting league play at Colton at the end of September. Amity must travel to play Colton, Dayton and Sheridan, hosting only Willamina in key WVL matchups.

Look for Amity to enter league play with a 1 – 2 record, but they will have learned much from those 3 games. A win at Colton likely indicates that Amity will finish at least 3-3 in league play in 2007. Unless both Colton and Sheridan can completely reload, look for Amity to return to the playoffs in 2007.

Willamina Bulldogs

2006 was the best football season for the Willamina Bulldogs since before 1998, finishing at 7-4, 3rd in the WVL, and including a playoff win over LCL champion Clatskanie. 2007 looks just as good or better for the Black and Orange, with a balanced mix of players with playoff experience, and some younger players new to starting on varsity.

Gone to graduation are: QB Chewning; RBs Dickey, Guardiola, Sabey, and Gonzalez; TE Slough; WR Schad; and OL/DLs Bishop, Miller and Flynn. Slough was a WVL All-League first team TE; Dickey and Guardiola were second team RBs; Dickey was an honorable mention LB; Chewning was an honorable mention QB; Miller was an honorable mention OL, and Bishop was a second team DL. That’s much noteworthy talent to replace.

A possible replacement for Chewning at QB is senior Noel Villalobos (6-0, 170). He can toss passes to returning sophomore WR/DB JJ Flynn (6-0, 170) and returning senior TE/LB Eric Gretzon (5-11, 175). Flynn was a 2006 WVL All-League second team split end, and Gretzon is a quality DB with good experience against the pass. Hoping for more playing time as WR/DBs will be senior Nick Cook (6-1, 175) and junior Brandon Bruckner (5-10, 170). The hands to catch the ball are available if Villalobos can get the passes to them. Some other player may step up and prove to be a more worthy QB than Villalobos. JJ Flynn is also an experienced kicker.

Returning with good experience as RB/LBs are: sophomore BJ Wilson (5-9, 155) and seniors Matt Hembree (5-10, 190) and Dustin Risseeuw (6-2, 220). Wilson was a 2006 WVL All-League second team DB, and Risseeuw was an honorable mention linebacker. Contributions as RB/LBs may also come from juniors Ricky Olson (5-10, 200) and Joseph Garza (5-8, 145). This is a powerful group of RBs which reduces the Bulldogs need to have an outstanding passing game, but expect Coach Aaron Cupp to continue using some interesting pass formations successfully. Risseeuw can score rushing or as a receiver, and he is a strong presence in the middle of the defense.

Although Willamina’s line graduated two Gs and a T, returning starters include senior C/DL DJ Strouse (6-0, 205) and junior T/DL Cody Strouse (6-1, 230). DJ and Cody were both WVL All-League second team OL in 2006. There are a host of players ready to fill positions and reload the powerful Bulldog OL/DL including: seniors Justin Lux (5-10, 200), Josh Woodward (6-2, 250+), and Kenny Seagrove (5-9, 250+), juniors Tony Olson (5-10, 225), Jon Ream (6-3, 250+), John Jennings (6-1, 250+), Nick Brown (5-9, 220), Rosendo Petersen (5-11, 190), and Robert Villanueva (6-3, 250+); sophomores Byron Villalobos (5-11, 250+), Chris Orozco (5-8, 185) and Levi Englund (5-10, 170). Even if they have just average speed, the available depth suggests a very powerful line again for the Bulldogs, perhaps the WVL’s best line in 2007.

In 2006, Willamina had the #11 scoring offense in 3A averaging 23 points a game, and was second to Dayton in head-to-head WVL competition averaging 26.6 points per game. On defense in 2006, Willamina was #11 in 3A averaging 17.1 points per game, and 4th in head-to-head WVL competition yielding an average of 21.1 points per game. If the Bulldogs want to climb to the WVL title, they must maintain their powerful offensive success and improve their defensive play.

Willamina opens the season hosting its own jamboree before hosting the LCL’s Clatskanie Tigers in a dogs and cats rematch of last years playoff game, and then traveling to play Toledo’s Boomers. They open league play at Dayton on the 21st of September. Playing the less-experienced Pirates early in the season may be just the opportunity the Bulldogs need to find the WVL championship, but they will have to beat Dayton on the Pirates home field. Willamina plays Sheridan, Amity and Colton in October.

Look for Willamina to finish 2nd or 3rd in the WVL in 2007, with a very strong chance of finishing as the league champs.

Colton Vikings

Colton had an excellent, but up and down season in 2006, finish 2nd in the WVL, then lost 24-6 to Bandon in the first round of the playoffs. They finished 6-5, down a bit from 10-3 in 2005.

The green and gold Colton Vikings lost some good players to graduation, including Thompson, Casterline, Stanbro, Ogden, Tomlin, Rutherford, Lower and Fama. However, nearly as much experience and talent returns to play again this season.

Colton had the #12 ranked offense in 3A in 2006, averaging 22.2 points per game. On defense, they ranked #14, yielding 18.7 points per game. In head-to-head WVL league play, Colton’s offense and defense were both ranked third, although the team finished in second place.

Players returning with good experience include: seniors Nick Connor (QB/DB), Daniel Norton (RB/DB), Jesse Via (RB/DE), Trevor Hess (DB), Derek Olson (OL/DL), and junior Cody Dostert (WR/DB). Other seniors available to contribute this season will be CJ Potter, Jordon Vicars, Travis Olson and David Bledsoe. Other juniors hoping to contribute include Evan Stanbro, Cody Donnell, Christian Hall, and Justin Frajio. Conner, Hess and Stanbro can all serve as QB, as can upcoming soph. Tanner Conner.

The returning experience should keep Colton’s offense as potent as last season, and perhaps a bit improved.

There are two main keys for Colton’s success in ’07.

First, several players must develop into skilled lineman or the team’s ability to challenge for the WVL title will collapse. The graduated Ogden, Lower, Stanbro and Fama must be replaced. Perhaps some of the upcoming sophs. can help, like Alex and Blake Greer, McKergow, Powell, Ham, Jesser, Lareau or Ellison. Preparation is needed both for offense and defense. A shortage of line experience could hurt Colton, especially early in the season.

Second, even many of the players with lots of experience will be moved to new positions this season, particularly in the defensive backfield. So, many experienced and ‘new starters’ must learn to read the plays and react from a new location. Again, the shortage of experience could hurt Colton early in the season. Depth is also a weakness should Colton have to deal with injuries or ineligibilities.

Colton opens the season hosting the LCL’s Vernonia, and then travels for two games against former rivals still in the 2A Tri-River, Blanchet and Kennedy.

An advantage for Colton is that they get to host key WVL league games against Sheridan, Amity and Dayton this season, before traveling to play Willamina at the end of October. The outcome of the back to back home games against Sheridan and Amity at the end of September are critical. If Colton loses both games then the Vikings may not return to the playoffs in 2007.

In summary, do not expect Colton to have a ‘down’ season, unless they experience a ton of injuries or ineligibilities. However, an improvement over least season will be difficult unless the new starters develop fast. Colton should finish from 2nd to 4th in the West Valley League, with a drop all the way to 5th possible only if both Amity and Sheridan have improved over last year.

Dayton Pirates

The black, maroon and white Pirates start their first full season without their legendary coach, Dewey Sullivan. 25 straight years in the playoffs, and it looks like the streak will continue into 2007 under coach Rob Umbenhower.

Dayton won the WVL championship 13 straight years from 1985 to 1997, then Amity won in 1998. Over the 5 years from 2000 to 2004, Dayton did not win a WVL title. The Pirates reclaimed the WVL crown for 2005 and 2006.

Once again the perennial WVL favorites, the Dayton Pirates graduated 12 players from last year’s team, including the bulk of their starting linemen in Bansen, Heiser, Hernandez, Barth, Wisdom, Mullan, and Bilodeau, and a group of excellent RB/DBs in Bernards, May and Olheiser. 3A All-State Honors went to Bernards, May, and Heiser. WVL All-League Honors went to Heiser, Bernards, May, Bansen, Bilodeau, Olheiser, and Wisdom.

But don’t start to think the Pirate ship lacks wind in its sails. A quarter of a century of playoff appearances proves they know how to reload every year.

The Pirates return junior QB Michael Whitehead (5-9, 165) who adds a passing threat to what is normally considered a run-oriented offensive machine. For example, Whitehead had 3 TD passes against Colton in the WVL title game last year. Senior TE/DB Kyle Wegner returns as a likely target of some Whitehead passes. Also returning with experience catching passes is junior RB/WR/LB James Benson (5-7, 185), a First Team WVL All-League LB in 2006.

Senior Kaden Andrews (5-10, 170) returns as a fully experienced RB/DB, and was a Second Team WVL All-League DB in 2006. For example he had 101 rushing yards against Gervais in 2006, a rushing TD against Colton, and 2 INTs against Colton. Possibly joining Andrews is a host of capable RBs with some experience in varsity games, including: Steven Clark (5-11, 185), Daniel Kubes (5-11, 170), Josh Valdez, Kyle Valdez, and JB Alderman.

Although Dayton’s linemen will be mostly new to starting as varsity players, they will not lack in size and power. Many have significant time playing in varsity games. Available for OL/DL include: senior TE/DEs Kenny Stoller (6-4, 225), Sutton Bowers (6-1, 180), and Matt Harris (6-0, 185), and junior TE Dave Van Horn (6-1, 215); senior OT/DTs Kyle and Ethan Blankenship (5-11, 225), Ben Upmeyer (6-1, 235), senior G/DLs Seth Bunn (5-10, 185), Caleb Stringer (5-9, 200) and Thomas Ponder (5-10, 180); and Sophomore OL/DL Jacob Gonzales (6-1, 250, a grandson of one of Dewey Sullivan’s first players). Seth Bunn was a Second Team WVL All-League LB in 2006, and he may anchor the Pirate defense in 2007.

With five available lineman at 225+, the traditional Pirate belly-T offense is certainly reloaded with power, and averages more height, weight and speed compared to the 2006 Dayton line. Only the strongest, well-conditioned defensive lines will be able to hold against this group for an entire game.

Perhaps the big question for Dayton will be how and what type of changes or adjustments will come from new coach Umbenhower. If the Pirates have a weakness, it is pass defense. But a strong pass rush means that few opposing QBs ever have time for a consistent passing game.

Starting with the traditional opening game rivalry with Regis, Dayton follows with games against 2A Scio and then Jefferson before starting league play. They finish the schedule with a nonleague game at Santiam Christian in early November, an excellent tune-up for the playoffs for both teams.

It is entirely possible for the Pirates to enter the playoffs undefeated in 2007. The WVL title is certainly within reach, with only Willamina expected to be a significant threat in WVL play. Dayton plays Willamina as their first league game at home in September.

Gervais Cougars

The Gervais Cougars finished the 2006 season with the #20 ranked offense in 3A (averaging 14 points per game), and the #26 ranked defense in 3A (averaging 33.3 points per game). In head-to-head WVL league games, the offense scored only 8.4 points per game, and the defense yielded 43.6 points a game.

The last time the blue and gold Cougars had a winning football season was in 2000 (5-4), and the only team they have beaten since 2003 is Chemawa. Gervais does not have Chemawa on their schedule for 2007, so things must change in Gervais or they will end up winless.

Graduated from last year’s team are RBs Michael Kartal and Adrian Mendoza, TE David Stott, and OL/DL Kevin Weidemann. Key players, yes, but only 4 to replace.

Assuming all the experienced starters return, it could create a pretty good Cougar team in 2007. A senior, QB/LB Mike Kalugin (5-9, 175), returns to lead the offense. His backup will likely be sophomore Joe Gonzalez (5-6, 140).

Returning junior FB/LB Oziel Villa (6-0, 210) will be joined by a group of sophomore RBs in Alex and Reiko Vera (both about 5-7, 145) and Tony Castenada (5-9, 165). Don’t be surprised if one of the WRs or TEs gets converted to another RB.

The Cougars have two returning WR/DBs in junior David Poot (6-0, 160) and senior Paul Yakis (5-11, 155). They are supported by senior Josh Brentano (5-8, 150).

The likely starting TE is junior Luke Wedner (6-4, 175), who will also see time as DE. Others looking to play TE are sophomore Frank Belleque (5-9, 165) and Jimmy Marquez (5-9, 160).

Four starters return on the OL/DL, including: senior Eric Utter (5-10, 205), and juniors Kory Pranger (5-7, 185), Ramiro Cortes (5-9, 230) and Eduardo Cabrera (5-10, 220). Four sophomores will be looking to fill a spot on the line: Jared Brentano (5-10, 175), Tony Isiordia (5-10, 180), Daniel Espinoza (5-9, 165) and Marcus Grassman (5-9, 165).

With Wedner at TE, and Villa at RB, the Cougar offense could be running at defenses with five players over 200 lbs., which is some power the Gervais offense has been missing for several years.

Following a tune-up at the Willamina Jamboree, Gervais opens the season with games against the LCL’s Riverdale and Rainier before beginning league play by hosting Horizon Christian. Without significant help from last year’s JV players, the Cougars are likely facing another long season. If they have not improved overall, they may not even finish in front of newcomer Horizon Christian.

However, if all the experienced players return, and if Amity, Colton or Sheridan have not reloaded well, 3 or 4 WVL wins may be possible for the Cougars this season. An overall winning season is possible for the Cougars, with a bit of luck.

Horizon Christian Hawks

The Horizon Christian Hawks (Tualatin), coached by George Crace, join WVL football in 2007.

HC will play home games at Hillsboro Stadium in 2007.

Since it usually takes a year or two for new football programs to develop, it is reasonable to assume that the Hawks will struggle for wins in 2007. A playoff appearance in the first season would simply be shocking. Excellent, but shocking.

However, a Crace-coached football team in a rookie season may be better prepared than expected. Any WVL team that overlooks proper preparation will be defeated by the Hawks.

For now, little is known with certainty about the Hawk’s roster or the style of play coach Crace will use on offense or defense. A basic double-wing or wing-T offense is reasonable to expect. You can bet the first few Hawk games will be well-scouted by the other WVL schools, and styles and player rosters will be well-known by the time league play begins. Drawing students from Tualatin and the greater southern-Portland area, Horizon Christian may already have a stable full of excellent athletes.

The purple and gold Hawks open with a game against 3A independent and future WVL football rival Valley Catholic (who will join the WVL in 2008). Then they host the 2A Santiam Wolverines before traveling to play Chemawa.

The Hawks open league play at Gervais on September 21, and then host Sheridan at the end of the month. Some feel these are the two league games the Hawks have a chance to win. If the Hawks are good enough to beat both Gervais and Sheridan, they could enter October as a 5-0 team. The Hawks then play Amity, Colton, Dayton and Willamina to finish league play.

Look for the Hawks to start league play as a 1 – 2 team (but 3 – 0 and 0-3 are possible), and don’t expect them to win any WVL league games in 2007. However, if Gervais continues to struggle and Sheridan cannot reload, HC just might find a league win or more in 2007.

Valley Catholic Valliants

The Valley Catholic Valiants (Beaverton) will start playing football in the WVL in 2008. In preparation, Coach John Perrigo will have Valley Catholic playing an independent schedule in 2007.

With a WVL baseball championship, two WVL basketball championships, and a WVL softball championship in ’06, Valley Catholic has made it clear that they have competitive athletes. The 2008 football Valiants should be an interesting team to watch.

The blue and white Valiants open 2007 with a game at Horizon Christian, followed by games at Bandon and Gaston. The Valiants then host Scio and Blanchet before traveling to Gervais and Reedsport. This is a good sampling teams and styles to prepare for the 2008 season.

Guessing the WVL Finish:

Top 4 enter the playoffs in 2007.

6-0 Dayton
5-1 Willamina
4-2 Amity
3-3 Colton
2-4 Sheridan
1-5 Gervais
0-6 Horizon Christian
Valley Catholic (non-league season)

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