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Mohawk "You're Offensive!"

I can remember Saturday mornings as a kid pouring down the sports section Friday Results scanning for the Huntington Locomotives score.

I had no allegiance to the school and only knew it was somewhere over near the Snake River but I knew they sure could light up a scoreboard. Now and then they'd be in the 100's and commonly put up between 70 and 90 points a game. It was a big disappointment if they had anything under 60 points.


If memory serves me correct, Life Magazine even did a small article on them in the mid 60's. (Or was it Look Magazine?) I believe Huntington, which years ago served as a railroad switching yard,  has dwindled to such a small 1A school they now struggle for points and are winless so far in Eight man ball.


Still, there is a special place in my heart for just sixteen kids out on a field under the Friday Night lights.  If you ever get the chance, run over to St. Paul to watch the Buckaroo's in action. Its football Americana at its finest. 



There seems to be a new beast in the 1A Ranks who is piling up the points in Mohawk. The Indians have amassed 270 points through 4 games and are averaging 67.5 points per game. Basketball teams would love to average that many PPG. Last weeks victim, Crow, fell 88-9. However the road gets a bit tougher as Mapleton and Lowell could put a dent in Mohawks momentum.



Speaking off offensive displays, the Top 10 1A schools put up an average of 56 points last Friday.  The opposite landed in the 3A high school football ranks where the Top 10 Schools averaged just 19.7 points per game last week.  The other four divisions all averaged between 33.8 and 31.8 points per contest. One other anomaly was that five (or half of the Top 10 6A teams had byes and four of the 10 1A teams were off last Friday. Yet nobody had byes in 2A, 3A, 4A or 5A among the top teams.



In the eight horse race at Northwest Oregon Downs, clearly the two horses Romulus (Wilsonville) and Remus (Sherwood) are pulling away from the pack and this is the weekend everyone in Hillsboro finds out if Glencoe will give chase. Keep in mind that many pegged Glencoe as league favorites and if its going to be a three horse race, they must get by the Spartans. If Glencoe gets the win on Friday, it sets up some real jockeying. The last three weeks in the NWOC have a scenario where St. Helens gets roped into a four team round-robin stretch run with Glencoe, Wilsonville and Sherwood. These four teams finish the season all playing each other the final three weeks.


Its possible, if Corvallis gets the upset against West Albany this Friday, that the top three ranked teams, all NWOC members, will go into full playoff mode to decide where they will be seeded. St. Helens can play spoiler and if you get the Lions in their den on a miserable wet rainy night, as Dennis Hopper said, "strange things happen man."



Everyone loves the underdog and and Aloha has been down so long you have to go back to the days of Lowe and behold. It was good to see Aloha's Gridiron Grand Poohbah Chris Casey get some love from the media recently. While younger brother Pat has been the media darling as of late, Casey has been slowly building up a football program that other teams fought to schedule as their homecoming victim for years. I've rooted for him since his days at Newberg and if someone could have loaned him three inches and twenty pounds, he may have outshone Pat as his heart and desire for football is tremendous. Here's hoping for an upset special with Aloha stunning Westview. I even had one-eyed Madame Raviolu cast a spell of good luck for the Warriors of Poi (not Troy).   


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