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2016 4A Senior Softball All-Star Series

| June 6,2016

2016 4A Senior Softball All-Star Series

Many of the best Seniors at the 4A level, were gathered to represent the name across the chest for one last time before hanging up their jerseys for the last time in their prep athletic career.  

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2016-17 State-Wide College Softball Commitments

| May 26,2016

Here at OPS, we would like to begin a log of all of our college bound players in celebration of our beloved sport of Softball. We are asking your help as we celebrate our Oregon athletes, who will now take their talents onto the next level. If you know of...

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2016 4A Softball All-League Selections

| May 27,2016

We would like to celebrate our state-wide All League selections from all classifications. Congrats to all selected but let's never forget, that although the awards are individual, it takes other great teammates and coaches to make it all possible. We not only celebrate these athletes, but the game itself. If...

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2006 Girls Soccer All-Star Selections

We at oregonprepsports.net will try to keep a list of all of the all-star teams for each league.  If you have any all-star teams from leagues we are missing or have 2nd team/HM lists, please send them to us here.




First Team: Sara Wild, sr., Grant; Caroline Kreuz, so, Lincoln; Zoe Mullen, sr., Grant; Kimmie Tammen, jr., Grant; Kendall Johnson, so., Lincoln; Jenny Kordosky, jr., Wilson; Audrey Almy, sr., Grant; Annika Gansberg, jr., Wilson; Scout Libke, so., Lincoln; Erin Thayer, so., Lincoln. GK: Melissa Ferguson, sr., Wilson.

Most Valuable Player: Sara Wild, Grant.

Coach of the Year: Jody Lim, Lincoln.

Second Team: Leslie Horner, sr., Wilson; Adriane Cloepfil, sr., Lincoln; Shannon Tucker, jr., Grant; Rebecca Lake, jr., Grant; Madeline Harper, so., Franklin; Mackenzie Burns, jr., Grant; Katie Spellman, sr., Wilson; Jane Neiman, jr., Lincoln; Bobbi Cronn, jr., Franklin; Sarah Henderson, sr., Lincoln; Rebecca Dunn, sr., Wilson. GK: Kelsey Kern, jr., Grant.

Honorable Mention: Julia Fonk, fr., Franklin; Jane Robson, fr., Franklin; Ashley Sloan, so., Franklin; Michaela Pin, sr., Franklin; Bailey Rueck, jr., Grant; Jessica Tucker, sr., Grant; Brett Rousseau, jr., Lincoln; Mattie Stager, jr., Lincoln; Beth Salzberg, sr., Wilson; Shelby Gatewood, sr., Wilson.



First team: Hayley Koch, sr., Aloha; Shannon Saxton, sr., Beaverton; Becca Woods, sr., Beaverton; Lauren Wilkins, sr., Jesuit; Brittany Davis-Roberti, jr., Jesuit; Kari Davidson, jr., Jesuit; Casey Finney, sr., Southridge; Lauen Nunez, sr., Southridge; Ana Montoya, fr., Southridge; Karen Hosler, sr., Sunset; Brooke Cole, jr., Westview; Maureen Fitzgerald, so., Westview.

Player of the year: Lauren Wilkins, Jesuit

Coach of the year: Brittni Carmichael, Beaverton


Mt Hood

First team: Ellie Schmidt, jr., St Mary's; Abby Wills, jr., St Mary's; Ashley Walsh, jr., Central Catholic; Cori Young, sr., Gresham; Adrienne Lommasson, so., Central Catholic; LaChante Horton, sr., Centennial; Micaela Capelle, fr., Barlow; Marija Boise, sr., Central Catholic; Tianna Muniz, fr., Reynolds; Kata Arnerich, sr., Central Catholic; Kelsie Blachly, sr., Gresham;

Player of the year: Ellie Schmidt, jr., St Mary's

Coach of the year: Rob Warnell, St Mary's


Three Rivers

First team: Abby Hoover, sr., Clackamas; Lindsay Meiggs, so., Clackamas; Sarah Boyd, sr., Oregon City; Erika Teixeira, sr., Oregon City; Katie Wheeler, sr., Oregon City; Ronni Sayres, jr., Putnam; Jillian Shoquist, sr., Lake Oswego; Margaret Johnson, sr., Lake Oswego; Victoria Lee, sr., Lakeridge; Jenna Horton, so., Lakeridge; Taylor Brooke, so., West Linn

Player of the year: Victoria Lee, Lakeridge

Coach of the year: Aimee Mansoor, Cleveland

Second team: Lilly Schoenheit, jr., Clackamas; Kristin Wayland, jr., Clackamas; Jenna Payne, so., Clackamas; Jessica Kuehlwein, jr., Oregon City; Tarra McCarthy, sr., Milwaukie; Emily Whitaker, so., Milwaukie; Hannah Scott, fr., Milwaukie; Emily Rhode, sr., Lake Oswego; Ariana Green, jr., Lake Oswego; Madeline Johnson, so., Lake Oswego; Kelsey Jacobsen, jr., Lakeridge; Amanda Griffin, so., Lakeridge; Ali Voght, so., West Linn; Addie Brown, so., West Linn

Honorable mention: Caitlyn O'Neil, so., Clackamas; Kaitlyn Harper, so., Oregon City; Marissa Page, sr., Putnam; Jade LeBaron, jr., Putnam; Ali Townsend, sr., Milwaukie; Brooke Bartholomew, sr., Lake Oswego; Ally Knecht, sr., Lakeridge; Liz Sloop, sr., West Linn; Jazmine Whitlock, so., West Linn; Haelee Staskiewicz, so., West Linn



First Team: Courtney Verloo, so., Tualatin; Kristin Kelly, sr., Tigard; Jaimie Martini, sr., Tualatin; Kym Witmer, so., Newberg; Danielle McBride, sr., McMinnville; Brandi Dawson, fr., Forest Grove; Laura Knopp, sr., Canby; Courtney Schild, sr., Tigard; Megan Moore, sr., Tigard; Kylie Leffler, fr., Newberg; Lindsay Parlee, sr., Tualatin.

Player of the Year: Courtney Verloo, Tualatin.

Coaches of the Year: Nick Chapman, Newberg & Rossano Rocha, Tualatin.



First Team: Celia Beaucamp, South Eugene; Alex Batzer, North Medford; Julie Piper, Roseburg; Anna Sauers, South Medford; Nori Rice, Sheldon; Shanae Coker, South Medford; Morany Chek, South Eugene; Ashley Chambers, North Medford; Nina Dehaas, South Eugene; Fola Adeninji, South Eugene; Caitlin Engle, North Medford.

Player of the Year: Celia Beaucamp, South Eugene

Coach of the Year: Adam Blue, Roseburg

Second Team: Kristen Dever, Roseburg; Rachel Horgan, Sheldon; Nagely Medina, North Medford; Irene Kendig, North Medford; Dami Compher, South Medford; Malina Wiebi, South Eugene; Rachel Urista, Roseburg; Megan Barnes, South Eugene; Amy Densmore, South Eugene; Stephanie Pepperling, Grants Pass. Goalie: Kendra McMillan, North Medford.

Honorable Mention: Ashley Foster, Sheldon; Sharon Hernandez, South Medford; Shae Yuma, Roseburg; Rachel Nisbet, South Medford; Elly Tucker, North Medford; Rachel Bunting, South Eugene; Lauren Bruni, Sheldon; Carley King, Sheldon; Taylor Housley, Sheldon; Krista Solomon, Grants Pass; Maddy Higgins, Grants Pass; Christa Krug, Grants Pass; Jane Sumner, Grants Pass; Cynthia McElmurry, Roseburg; Kate Wilton, Roseburg.

Central Valley

First team: Anna Edmonds, sr., forward, South Salem; Katie Hanson, sr., midfielder, South Salem; Danielle Hayward, jr., defender, South Salem; Samantha Horvath, sr., midfielder, Sprague; Ali Malstrom, jr., midfielder, Sprague; Sam Slezak, sr., midfielder, West Salem; Sarah Sorenson, jr., forward, Redmond; Esther Mason, sr., defender, South Salem; Crystal Foster, soph., forward, Redmond; Leah Baisch, sr., defender, McNary; Jennie Cress, sr., midfielder, McKay; Cody Miles, jr., goalkeeper, Sprague.

Players of the year: Anna Edmonds, South Salem & Samantha Horvath, Sprague

Coaches of the year: Paul Goodwin, South Salem & Terry Hancock, Sprague

Second team: Erin Edmonds, fr., goalkeeper, South Salem; Candice Sanatana, fr., midfielder, South Salem; Christina Austin, soph., defender, South Salem; Fionna Connolly, jr., midfielder, Sprague; Alex Beals, jr., defender, Sprague; Shelly Wimmer, sr., defender, West Salem; Beverly Schlegel, soph., midfielder/defender, Redmond; Lauren Brouse, fr., midfielder, McNary; Rachael Bechtel, sr., forward, South Salem; Ashley Boyle, sr., forward, West Salem; Crystal Brooks, sr., midfielder, North Salem; Vicky Cruz, jr., midfielder, McKay.

Honorable Mention: Katie McCann, jr., midfielder, South Salem; Becca Rhodes, jr., midfielder, South Salem; Soriah Moghaddampour, sr., midfielder, Sprague; Amy Franke, sr., midfielder, Srague; Nicole Marsaglia, soph., midfielder, West Salem; Sophia Clark, sr., midfielder, West Salem; Mandy Cameron, sr., midfielder, Redmond; Jill Westendorf, soph., goalkeeper, Redmond; Kelley Fitzpatrick, jr., forward, McNary; Becky Frank, sr., midfielder, McNary; Dani Salazar, fr., defender, North Salem; Leanne Lent, jr., midfielder, North Salem; Kate Tuers, sr., defender, McKay; Elvira Martinez, jr., defender, McKay.




First Team: Olivia Ashton, jr., Cleveland; Claire Groth, jr., Cleveland; Liza Gray, jr., Cleveland; Kelli Bigler, jr., Cleveland; Annie Pippert, so., Cleveland; Bridget Higdon, jr., Madison; Courtney Sterkel, sr., Cleveland; Sierra Whitehill, sr., Cleveland; Cassie Slovarp, so., Marshall; Dulce Salgado, jr., Roosevelt. GK: Kelli Gano, sr., Cleveland.

Most Valuable Player: Olivia Ashton, Cleveland.

Coach of the Year: Brian Taylor, Cleveland.

Second Team: Tyrisha Blake, so., Jefferson; Shawndez Santiago, jr., Marshall; Rebecca Alvarez, sr., Marshall; Melissa Mayfield, fr., Madison; Mataya McNeill, so., Madison; Rocio Munoz, jr., Marshall; Karina Martinez, sr., Roosevelt; Hillary Balmforth, fr., Madison; Christian Ramos, sr., Marshall; Yelena Kernozhitshaya, jr., Marshall. GK: Maria Galvez, so., Marshall.

Honorable Mention: Kelsey Houghton - GK, so., Cleveland; Kenaesha Henry, so., Jefferson; Dacia Brown, so., Jefferson; Faith Brown, sr., Jefferson; Bumi Arigbon - GK, so., Jefferson; Emily Johnson, fr., Madison; Maranda Santiago, fr., Marshall; Emily Walters - GK, so., Roosevelt.


NW Oregon

First Team: Amanda Dutra, jr., Sherwood; Sheridan Jones, sr., Hillsboro; Hannah Sprott, sr., Liberty; Melinda Ingalls, jr., Wilsonville; Cheyenne Jone, sr., Hillsboro; Carly Towne, sr., Wilsonville; Ciera Strickland, sr., Hillsboro; Michelle Hlansnik, so., Sherwood; Cate Harvey, jr., Liberty; Haley Ricker, jr., St. Helens; Anna Westfall - GK, jr., St. Helens.

Player of the year: Amanda Dutra, Sherwood.

Coach of the year: Mary Hogberg, Liberty.

Second Team: Alex Thomas, so., Wilsonville; Katherine McNichol, jr., Hillsboro; Katie Powell, sr., Century; Audrey McLaughlin, jr., Liberty; Vicky Guernsey, jr., Parkrose; Courtney Smurdon, jr., Sherwood; Kathryn Brown, jr., Wilsonville; Emily Shute, sr., Sherwood; Jill Harvey, so., Liberty; Rachel Steele, jr., Glencoe; Kassie Flint - GK, fr., Sherwood.

Honorable Mention: Kayla Hubrich, sr., Hillsboro; Corin Kruse, jr., Wilsonville; Chelsea Howlan, sr., Parkrose; Candyce Fischer, sr., Glencoe; Julaine Wood, fr., Sherwood; Kristin Refsland, jr., Century; Summer Cano, fr., Century; Alisha Carlson, fr., Liberty; Laura Hutcherson, jr., Liberty; Molly Bailey, sr., St Helens; Jasmine Settle, jr., St Helens; Elle Stutesman, jr., Parkrose



First team: Katey Borman, sr., Corvallis; McKenzie Redberg, So., Corvallis; Maya Heck, jr., Corvallis; Lyndsay DeCarolis, sr., Crescent Valley; Courtney Gardner, Sr., Crescent Valley; Elizabeth Jablonski, sr., West Albany; Michelle Blasen, jr., West Albany; Julianne Bazzi, jr., Silverton; Rose Holdorf, sr., Crescent Valley; Stephanie Schaeffer, sr., Silverton; Tori Johnson, sr., Corvallis.

Player of the year: Tori Johnson, Corvallis

Coach of the year: Andrew Donaldson, Crescent Valley



First Team: Erin Lewis, sr., Thurston; Kirsten Cardwell, sr., Thurston; Cassidy Peterson, so., Thurston; Katie Bidwell, fr., Thurston; Amy Barreau, sr., Thurston; Marianne Bricker, sr., Willamette; Sarah Leonard, sr., Willamette; McKenzie Fegles, jr., Churchill; Ami Waples, jr., Churchill; Brianne Lagumina, sr., North Eugene; McKenzie Mann, sr., Springfield.

Player of the year: Kirsten Cardwell, Thurston

Coach of the year: Cliff Schutte, Thurston

Second Team: Katie Robbins, jr, Willamette; Kayla Stewart, sr, Thurston; Eryn Block, sr, Willamette; Ceara Drury, sr, Thurston; Olivia Johnston, jr, Churchill; Susan Smith, soph, Churchill; Kendra Castenete, sr, North Eugene; Esty Geiger, jr, North Eugene; Marissa Santana, jr, North Eugene; Gaby Morey-Castro, sr, Springfield; Chloe Eberlein, jr, Marshfield.

Honorable Mention: Madie Whitsel, Thurston; Alyssa Williamson, Thurston; Courtney Morgan, Willamette; Ashley Roberts, Willamette; Kate Pommert, Churchill; Kody Jo Jaffarian, Churchill; Dani Bishop, North Eugene; Stephanie Overholt, Norht Eugene; Allison Ripley, Springfield; Donna Nunes, Springfield; Courtney Lanza, Marshfield; Kelsey Laird, Marshfield.


Southern Sky

First Team: Rosita Ramirez - F, Crater, Jr.; Elizabeth Edwards - F, Ashland, Sr.; Jordan Wendt - F, Klamath Union, Sr.; Sadie Barlow - M, Crater, Jr.; Katie Gilbert - M, Klamath Union, Jr.; Hannah Sohl - M, Ashland, Sr.; Molly MacGraw - M, Ashland, Jr.; Erica Rasor - M, Eagle Point, Fr.; Kelsie Van Veghel - D, Eagle Point, Jr.; Andi Bagdan - D, Crater, Sr.; MacKenzie Hedges - D, Ashland, Jr.; Karina Ramirez - D, Crater,  Sr.; Megan Vait - GK, Eagle Point, Jr.

Player of the Year: Andi Bagdan, Crater.

Coaches of the Year: Paul Munyon, Eagle Point; Ed Lindbloom, Crater.

Second Team: Sara Amos - D, Klamath Union, Sr.; Sara Blevins - M, Klamath Union, Sr.; Cristina Bracamontes - F, Mazama, Sr.; Rikki Deats - M, Crater, So.; Chloe Deckwar - D, Ashland, Fr.; Sarah Garcia - F, Klamath Union, Sr.; Kelli Hayden - M, Mazama, Sr.; Kelly Johnson - GK, Crater, Sr.; LaShell Larman - D, Mazama, Sr.; Amber Lowey - M, Ashland, Jr.; Rachel Smith - F, Crater, Jr.; Emily Warnke-Crary - D, Ashland, Jr.; Susan Winningham - D, Crater, Sr.; Aime Wingler - M, Crater, Jr.

Honorable Mention: Sydney Claxton, Jr., Klamath Union; Kelsey McKinnis, So., Ashland; Katie Orr, So., Crater; Catie Pratt, Jr., Ashland; Jessica Spidal, Sr., Klamath Union; Katey Steiner, Fr., Mazama; Marcy Toro, Sr., Mazama.



First Team: Kaitlyn Tebbs, Sr, Bend; Kimber Mattox, Sr, Bend; Becky Scholz, Sr, Bend; Kourtney Parks, Sr, Summit; Tina Amberg, Sr, Bend; Jackie Pagen, Sr, Mt View; Caitlyn McCleary, The Dalles/Wahtonka; Sarah Bartley, Sr, Hermiston; Andrea Bailey, Jr, The Dalles/Wahtonka; Rachel Harding, Sr, Bend; Briana Stacona, Keeper, Jr, Madras

Player of the Year: Kaitlyn Tebbs, Bend

Coaches of the Year: Dan Boldt, The Dalles and Hector West, Bend

Second Team: Jenn Hilts, Jr, Bend; McKenzie Booth, Sr, Summit; Ashley Bondurant, Sr, Crook Co.; Brittany Siewert, Jr, Mt View; Amy Krol, Soph, The Dalles/Wahtonka; Bethany Williams, Jr, Hermiston; Griselda Reyes, Sr, Madras; Whitney Adams, Sr, Pendleton; Shelby McRichie, Sr, Mt View; Emma Gordon, Sr, Bend; Kallie Reeves, Keeper, Sr, Mt View

Honorable Mention: Justine Doherty, sr., Pendleton; Alicia Hernandez, sr., Pendleton; Stacee Wells, jr., Mountain View; Robyn Neiman, soph., Mountain View; Samantha Cant, fr., Mountain View; Kaylee Ramey, soph., Madras; Meagan Fine, soph., Madras; Holly Martin, jr., Madras; Devinne Fagen, jr., Bend; Jamaica Pinnick, jr., Bend; MacKenzie Ring, fr., Bend; Mollee Robinson, sr., Crook County; Necole Ontko, soph., Crook County; Laura Deatherage, sr., Summit; Arielle Frasher-Slavin, jr., Summit; Alicia Haynes, soph., Summit; Angelica Boyden, sr., The Dalles-Wahtonka; Morgan Egbert, fr., The Dalles-Wahtonka; Sara Claar, jr., The Dalles-Wahtonka; Sarah Eldridge, sr., Hermiston, Kasia Rademacher, jr., Hermiston; Tayla Edwards, sr., Hermiston.



Special District #1

First Team: Jessica Tsao, Sr., Oregon Episcopal; Lauren Eyler, Sr., Oregon Episcopal; Kaethe Selkirk, Sr., Catlin Gabel; Laura Ueki, Sr., Valley Cathloic; Esther Harder, So., Yamhill-Carlton; Hannah Carr, Sr., Catlin Gabel; Lenka Ilcisin, Sr., Oregon Episcopal; Lacey Krebs, Jr., Valley Catholic; Shannon Mullican, Sr., Scappoose; Jenae Poe, Sr., Astoria; GK: Isabelle Miller, So., Catlin Gabel

Second Team: Emma Paul, Jr., Oregon Episcopal; Krissi Kuni, Sr., Oregon Episcopal; Kate Cary, Jr., Valley Catholic; Beth Runtz, Jr., Catlin Gabel; Abby Conyers, Fr., Catlin Gabel; Brye Larson, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Emily Keagbine, Sr., Valley-Catholic; Tera Prosser, Jr., Yamhill-Carlton; Emily McCoy, Sr., Scappoose; Selah Meyer, Sr., Seaside; Sarah Weber, Sr., Seaside; GK: Megan Benson, Sr., Rainier

Honorable Mention: Becky Weissman, Jr., Catlin Gabel; Lynnae Huber, Jr., Astoria; Charlotte Pfeiffer, Sr., Valley Catholic; Talia Prosser, Fr., Yamhill-Carlton; Danielle Miller, Sr., Scappoose; Kayla Nagunst, Fr., Rainier

Cowapa (subset of Special District #1)

Player of the year: Esther Harder, So., Yamhill-Carlton

First Team: Esther Harder, So., Yamhill-Carlton; Brye Larson, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; Jenae Poe, Sr., Astoria; Selah Meyer, Sr., Seaside; Emily McCoy, Sr., Scappoose; Melissa Law, So., Astoria; Lynnae Huber, Jr., Astoria; Sarah Weber, Sr., Seaside; Tera Prosser, Jr., Yamhill-Carlton; Danielle Miller, Sr., Scappoose; Shannon Mullican, Sr., Scappoose; Marla Olstedt, Jr., Seaside; Talia Prosser, Fr., Yamhill-Carlton; GK: Rachel Chamberlain, Sr., Yamhill-Carlton; GK: Bug Coggins, So., Astoria

Honorable Mention: Jordan Cranover, Jr., Astoria; Brittney Cave, Jr., Seaside; Allie Bisset, Fr., Yamhill-Carlton; Cristina Wilson, Jr., Astoria; Riley Hepner, Sr., Scappoose; Vicki Moore, Sr., Scappoose

Special District #2

First team: Danielle Albus (Cascade), Samantha Boroski (Stayton), Lauren Heard (La Salle), Emily Lewis (Estacada), Alle Macleod (La Salle), Amber Pringle (North Marion), Nikki Ramsey (Gladstone), Laura Schmitt (La Salle), Amy Skofstad (Gladstone), Rachel Temple (Molalla), Emily Tsugawa (Gladstone), Angelina Turner (Cascade), Dolores Lyons (La Salle) goalkeeper, Megan Holter (Gladstone) goalkeeper

Player of the year: Amy Skofstad (Gladstone)

Coach of the year: Steve Thomas (Gladstone)

Second team: Katrina Amsberry (Cascade), Steffanie Christie (La Salle), Taylor Fletcher (Molalla), Molly McCue (La Salle), Samantha Moll (Cascade), Katie Olesac (Gladstone), Maria Ortiz (Stayton), Merran Pearson (Cascade), Erin Russell (La Salle), Hannah Steffey (Molalla), Rachel Yeaman (Gladstone), Alyssa Brokaw (Cascade) goalkeeper , Sarah Rask (Estacada) goalkeeper, Jenaya Surcamp (North Marion) goalkeeper

Honorable mention: Hannah Cooley (La Salle), Tara Ortega (La Salle) Kim Wilkin (Estacada), Erin Lloyd (Estacada), Elayna Van Hess (Cascade), Amanda Schumaker (Gladstone), Alyssa Beykovsky (Gladstone), Michelle Dubenko (North Marion), Jennifer Huapeo (North Marion), Alba Gomez (Stayton), Kayleen Atkins (Stayton), Taylor Brammer (Stayton)


Special District #3


First Team: Bre Klumph, sr, South Umpqua; Katlyn Shaw, jr, Coquille; Jessie Goergen, jr, Brookings-Harbor; Jessie Botts, sr, Glide; Hannah Moser, jr, South Umpqua; Sara Smaha, jr, Glide; Sara Marroquin, sr, North Bend; Kourtni Pruitt, sr, Douglas; Breana Garcia, soph, Sutherlin; Marcia Garcia, sr, South Umpqua. Goalkeeper: Megan Meador, fr, Coquille. 

Most Valuable Player: Bre Klumph, South Umpqua

Coach of the year: Kami Wright, South Umpqua

Second Team: Chelsey VanDeHey, sr, Sutherlin; Christiana Petzold, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Emily Whaley, sr, Brookings-Harbor; Jorden Zerbach, soph, Umpqua Valley Christian; Destiny Cowan, soph, Sutherlin; Kristen Clark, sr, Sutherlin; Chelsea Duffy, jr, South Umpqua; Brook Hopkins, jr, Sutherlin; Lindsay Fummerton, sr, Glide; Megan Fuller, sr, Glide. Goalkeeper: Ashton Pinard, fr, Douglas.

Honorable Mention: Cassie Garrison, jr, Glide; Amanda Rummel, jr, Glide; Molly Moncrief, soph, Brookings-Harbor; Jessica Morgan, sr, Douglas; Katelyn Pope, soph, Douglas; Arielle Chasteen, fr, Umpqua Valley Christian; Lydia Hagen, fr, Umpqua Valley Christian; Samantha Young, sr, North Bend; Shayna Jarris, sr, South Umpqua; Jamiee Fuller, soph, Glide; Danielle Flores, soph, Sutherlin; Brooke Blofsky, jr, Brookings-Harbor; Shivaun Trimmell, soph, Douglas; Kathleen O'Connor, sr, Coquille; Sara Harding, soph, Umpqua Valley Christian; Jaycee Richey, jr, North Bend.

Special District #4

First team: Sarah Staropoli, so., Westside Christian; Ashten Melton, sr., Philomath; Grace Wentzien, so., Westside Christian; Sadi Stouder, so., Philomath; Latavia Gutierrez, jr., Western Mennonite; Amber Urban, jr., Blanchet Catholic; Laurel Ball, jr., Westside Christian; Audrey Hendricks, jr., Philomath; Britni Sterling, sr., Santiam Christian; Denise Wood, jr., Western Mennonite; Emily Smith, jr., Philomath.

Player of the year: Ashten Melton, Philomath.

Coach of the year: Ryan Cruz, Westside Christian.


Special District #5


Special District #6


Special District #7


Northwest - Independent

First team: Michelle Perea, so., De La Salle; Molly Klinkhammer, fr., De La Salle; Allison Blake, so., Portland Christian; Kaely Maltman, fr., Portland Christian; Alejandra Gonzales, so., De La Salle; Leah Hoffy, jr., Horizon Christian; Sara White, so., Portland Adventist; Erin McEvoy, sr., Riverdale; Jessica Scott, jr., Corbett; Amy Akiyama, jr., Portland Christian. Goalkeeper: Cara Butler, sr., Portland Adventist.

Player of the year: Michelle Perea, De La Salle

Coach of the year: Wendy Herrin, De La Salle


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