10/16/15 #7 Bend @ #1 Liberty


10/16/15 #3 Sheldon @ Thurston

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Jefferson Flies Past Franklin

Allan Classen | January 16,2016

Jefferson dispatched a possible rival to the PIL crown Jan. 15 with a convincing 72-42 drubbing of Franklin. Franklin had swept its first three league games, but a 71-53 loss at Wilson Jan. 14 and the defeat at Jefferson suggest the Quakers still aren’t ready for the top rung.   Franklin appeared poised to rise...

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Dragons Overcome Obstacles To Make Good Start

Allan Classen | December 22,2015

  The Dallas Dragons finished the first five games of the 2015-16 schedule with their heads (and winning percentage) above water, a better result than might have been expected.   Dallas graduated four starters—and virtually all of its height—from a 13-12 team. Coach Trent Schwartz could call on two 6-6 starters and another...

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North Marion Outdistances Elmira

Neil Forste | December 13,2015

North Marion Outdistances Elmira

The North Marion Huskies hosted The Elmira Falcons on Saturday night, with The Huskies pulling out the 56-44 win. The win moves The Huskies to 3-1 on the season, and gives The Falcons their first loss of 2015, also leaving them at 3-1.   1st Quarter- Elmira won the tip but it was...

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Capital Week 4

The conference went 4-3, and is 9-12 so far. But steady progress has produced 1 more win each week than the week before. League games with a rotating non-conference game begin this week.




I went 6-1, 19-2 so far on the league’s games. With the boss’s Eagles causing both those misses. 


Last week 


The Eagles home opener against the SH Huskies was the first Eagle win over the Huskies since 1999. Coach Nolan’s first win over the Huskies. The best root beer anywhere at the old A&W tasted real good in Stayton Friday night. The Eagles used an old formula, play defense (which they did for the first time this year), run the ball, and don’t make mistakes (turnovers & penalties). Its funny how often that works. 


The Falcons flew down to YC, where the Tigers high flying scoring machine shot the  down and ground them up. 


The Gladiators’ fishing trip to Astoria sunk in the bay. 


The Rangers went to Tillamook, and the Cheesemakers sent them on their way home with their helmets and a bag of cheese snacks in their hand. 


The Indians second Indian War in as many weeks, this time in Philomath, was another massacre by the Indians from Mo, who have been on the warpath to the tune of 70-0 the last 2 weeks. But for a conversion on their fishing trip the first week, Mo might be 3-0. 


The Cougars first road trip, a venture to Elmira, resulted in the first winning streak for the Cougars in relevant history. The Cougars mauled the Falcons, despite being outsized on the line. That did result in a few problems, but coaches like having something to work on at practice. 


The Huskies home opener against Banks was a welcome home party. The Husky offense and defense have both been better than they have been for a while. The fly in the ointment is the terribly poor quality of their opponents so far. That starts to change this week, and takes a big step up in the stretch run. At this point, the Huskies have done everything that could be expected of them. Whether they can continue that is why we have a season. 


This week 


Stayton Eagles (1-2) @ North Marion Huskies (3-0). Very interesting game. The Eagles played better for the first time. The defense is still suspect against the best offense seen in Aurora in recent memory. The Huskies haven’t played against an actual defense yet. But they believe they can, and know they need this one. Beating Huskies back to back still looks to be too much for the Eagles. Huskies get a big win in the context of their program. 


Molalla Indians (2-1) @ LaSalle Falcons (1-2). The Falcon home opener, but just another bus trip for the Indians as they await completion of their facility. LS is learning just how tough it is to go to the next level. Mo has something they aren’t experienced with, momentum. And they have to know the magnitude of what they have started. The Indians are on the warpath, and they will put some Falcon feathers in their war bonnets. 


Gladstone Gladiators (0-3) @ Estacada Rangers (0-3). The Rangers also finally get a home game, and its against a team with no defense. But the Gladiators do have an offense. The Cowapa scored at will on Gladstone, outdistancing anything the Gladiators could put on the board. The Rangers won’t. Estacada’s hopes for a win lie with a score in single digits or teens. Gladstone wins when the score climbs too high for the Rangers.  


Cascade Cougars (2-1) @ Pleasant Hill Billies (1-1). The Cougars and Billies have the only non-conference game of the week in the Capital & Sky-Em, wrapping up their non-conference slates. P-Hill rebounded from a rough start against the Bluedogs to beat the Reddogs. The Cougars had a slightly less productive outing, but produced more points, in a game in something of a twilight zone. (No clock, no scoreboard, shadowy lights, and other surreal circumstances.) 


The quick Cougars aren’t dogs, which the Billies will discover. A key game on the road back to being a consistent factor for both teams. The Billies are making progress, but haven’t proven the defense is where they want it yet. A mistake probably makes the difference, and that usually favors quick teams, and teams with multiple weapons. For the first time in years, that is the Cougars. I noted when picking IV that it’s a rare chance to pick Cougars to win twice in the same week. But its happened 2 weeks in a row. Cougar hustle compensates for lack of size again, and they outpoint the Billies. 





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