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Grant Union and Dayton, in Memory of Dewey

The Victory Bell is ringing loud!

Umbenhower ball is make big plays, then play Dewey ball. Coach Sullivan would probably wonder about all the big plays, but won't mind a Pirate playoff win.

A special, if somber, day ends specially for Dayton, a 3 TD winner, 27-6 over the Prospectors. Grant Union played honorably, but Pirate big plays were too much.

The Pirates move on to play the Gold Beach Panthers next week in the quarterfinals.

Afterwards, Coach Umbenhower declared "It's all Deweyball!" When asked about the big plays and the passing that were the keys to the Dayton wins, Umbenhower said "Except for the fake punt, all the big plays were in Dewey's system. We practiced them all season. We practice more (plays) than people think." They just don't always need to use everything.

But faced with a spirited effort by the Prospectors on a real must win situation, the Pirates tapped into a little more of the playbook.


Coach Umbenhower also talked about the emotions of the week. "Devastating, to lose your coach and mentor. But the kids held together, and bonded. We went on after talking about the spirit of the day, instead of about formations and plays. They played with that spirit."


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Live, from Dayton High School, preparations for the celebration of what is and was right about High School Sports are being completed. The sun is out, and the breeze is light. On bad weather weekend, it may be Coach Sullivan has already delivered from above!





"Do It For Dewey" (Note also at the bottom of the scoreboard, "In Honor of Dewey Sullivan")


A playoff game is always an important game, just as any matchup of ranked teams. And so, this 3A first round game between the #9 Grant Union Prospectors (5-4, 3-2), 3rd. place finishers in the Eastern Oregon League (says something when you are #9 in the state, and only #3 in your league), and the #3 Dayton Pirates (8-2, 5-0), champions of the West Valley League, would gather a lot of attention anyway.


But this week, it is ever so much more. This game is a showcase of support by the Oregon High School football community for the family and community of the winningest coach in the history of the state. After 351 wins against only 82 losses and 2 ties, and 5 state championships in 6 trips to the title game, Dewey Sullivan was called up to take a position on the ultimate coaching staff, leaving Wednesday morning for his new assignment. 


Coach Sullivan stepped aside after the Pirates won their first 2 games of the season, but fittingly, didn’t leave us until his former player, and assistant, Rob Umbenhower had settled in. And by winning another league championship for Dayton in his first year, has demonstrated that Coach Sullivan was indeed leaving his beloved Pirates in good hands. But then, a good coach would never throw someone in as a first stringer, and not make sure he was up to the task! 


The local staff described the mood this week as somber. But when the players took the field about noon, they had the look of a normal game day. What happens in an hour may change things. 

KJDY 94.5 FM & 1400 AM in John Day has the live broadcast. 



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

The Sullivan family has arrived to polite, but generous applause.


The Prospectors are taking it all in. The Pirates are trying to stay focused.


The Amity football team is standing by on the sideline.




The Pirates will receive, after the memorandum announcement.

Fitting with the significance of the day, all Veterans in attendance were acknowledged as well.

The colors are presented, complete with horse & rider, as the Dayton band plays the National Anthem. And as the fight song plays, the stadium is shaking. Its a championship atmosphere.

The familiar Dayton full-house, unchanged in 40 years, opens with a first down at the 32 on 3 rushes. But 3 more leads to a punt.

GU takes over at their 23 with 9:20 to go in the first qtr.

Keyed by a Sam Rawlins pass to Dustin Silva that moved from the Dayton 49 to the 33, the Prospectors move the ball sharply into Pirate territory. But a near interception by Seth Bunn and a drop gives the ball back on downs to Dayton on their 30 with 6:10 left in the 1st. Kaden Andrews promptly takes it around the right end, cuts back to the middle of the field, and is gone. 70 yd. TD. Jordan May adds the PAT kick, Dayton 7-0 @ 5:28.

Zach Derosier is keying the Prospector's hunt for yardage. The field is in surprisingly good shape, but is very soft. Tough going in the middle, but Dayton defensive speed is keeping the wide stuff contained, rush or screen pass.

The eventual Prospector punt rolls to the Dayton 26, despite the punter falling as he kicked it. Pirate ball @ 2:26. 3 & punt, Dustin Silva takes it at the 35 and is dropped at the 38, @ 1:09. First qtr. ends with GU at their 42.

Andrews takes the GU punt from his 31 to the Prospector 45. Nick Olheiser off left tackle to the 33 sets up a Pirate pass, but an open receiver is just overthrown. Dayton fake punts, and up back Ryan Bernards sweeps right, and goes for the TD. May's kick makes it Dayton 14-0 @ 9:41.

Nyssa 21-0 over Toledo at the half. Perrydale 12-0 over Prarie City.

Rawlins finds Silva on the right side at midfield, and he reaches the 42. But on the next play, the Pirates strip the ball, and Dustin Kreger recovers @ 9:08. May has Kenny Huettl open deep over the middle, but the pass is about a foot too long. Run, run, punt. Dayton ball at their 9, @ 7:34.

A holding penalty wipes out a 29 yd. Zach DeRosier sweep right. DeRosier sweeps left for a first down at the 23.

Neither team can run the middle. Wide stuff takes too long, and its slick. The key is to operate just outside the tackles. But the defenses close that down about half the time.

Dayton's Andrews takes a Prospector punt at the 47, and goes to the 38. On the first play, second string QB Michael Whitehead comes in, and hits Andrews in stride at the 15 down the left side on a go route, and Andrews takes it in. A Dayton passing touchdown! May's  kick makes it Dayton 21-0 @ 3:56.

DeRosier's 37 yd. run on the left side reaches the Pirate 32, but the drive stalls. On 4th. and 8, after a Pirate timeout, an Austin Ranft  pass to the goal line for Jimmy Cook is broken up by Bernards. Pirate ball at their 30, 1:56 till half.

Whitehead's pass for Olheiser is off his hands at midfield. After the runs are stopped, time out Prospectors @ 1:15 to force the punt.

A pass right is intercepted by the Pirates at the 35. Dayton runs the clock out, and heads for the locker room, up 21-0. 

Dayton is winning with big plays, not smashball. A new era has indeed begun!

Nyssa is up 42-0 over Toledo in the 4th. Santiam Christian 26-0 over Vale at the half. Perrydale 40-0 over Prairie City at halftime. 

A large group of former Dayton players has gathered with a banner on the sideline to honor Coach Sullivan, and they let out a rousing roar!




The Pirates smash thru the banner, back for the second half. The Prospectors have traveled in good numbers, and have a large sign of support up, but the Pirates are poised to play clock ball now.

Grant Union starts from their 21, and Jimmy Cook actually gets some footing in the middle. The sunny afternoon is actually drying the mud out. A little. Rawlins finds Dustin Kreger on the left sideline for a first down. The Prospectors are mounting a bit of a drive, and they will need it, needing 3 scores, as the clock drops under 9:00. So, Rawlins, off a pump fake, hits Kreger on the left side at the 30, on the run, and its a 60 yd. TD pass @ 8:51. The kick is wide, Dayton still leads 21-6.

Bernards responds with a 28 yd. slant left out to the Pirate 48. But the latest Pirate pass is late over the middle, and intercepted by Tyler Martin at the GU 35, just under 6 min. left in the third qtr. Cook grabs a pass over the middle, and GU is at midfield.

A couple of penalties and a good pass breakup by Keldon Martin forces a punt. Pirate ball at their 23 @ 3:30. Bernards' slant left gets a first down at the 35. An illegal helmet contact penalty moves it to the GU 45. 1:00 left in the third qtr., and the Pirates are indeed playing clock ball.

May scrambles for a first down at the 35 as the third qtr. ends.

This drive could be the game if the Pirates can sustain it. GU must make a stand. But Bernards gets another first down at the 25 @ 10:45.

Dewey, er, Umbenhower ball is all about getting up, and eating the clock, now down to 9:22. But delay of game is too much clock, and 2nd. & 15 isn't a good Dayton situation. A Pirate pass is intercepted by Kreger at the 25, and the Prospectors start from the 35 @ 9:12.

A throw back across the middle from Rawlins to Laramie Horn reaches the GU 48.

Olheiser delivers the hit of the day to shut down a sweep.

Illegal motion, which has happened several times to GU, pushes it back to the GU side of midfield. A screen gets only to midfield, 4th. & 7 at 5:55. GU punts; Pirate ball at their 15 @ 5:41.

Bernards bulls straight ahead to the 46, and on the next rush, crosses midfield. 4:56 left.

Delay (again) on Dayton @ 4:07. 4th. down at the GU 49, 3:40 & counting. Pirates punt. Its a 42 yd. punt by May, Silva brings it to the 15. DeRosier breaks 2 tackles on s stretch right reaches the 26, 3:06 left.  DeRosier on a counter left reaches the 42. 2:55 left.

Rawlins slides left to midfield, 2:40 left. Slant pass to Martin to the Pirate 38. But then disaster!

A pass to the left flat is intercepted by May at the Pirate 30, and he gets to the right sideline, and outruns the Prospectors for a 70 yd. TD return. The kick is blocked, but it Pirates 27-6 witn 2:18 left. Some clean jerseys appear for both teams.

The Prospectors get nowhere on 3 plays, and call time, facing 4th. down with 1:36 left. A pass is complete, but short of the first down.

Pirate ball at the 30, 1:25 left. Pirates run out the clock, and the Prospectors don't use the rest of their timeouts.




* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  


Grant Union 0 0 6 0 - 6
Dayton 7 14 0 6 - 27


1st. qtr. 

Dayton - Kaden Andrews 70 yd. run (Jordan May kick) 5:28

2nd. qtr.

D - Ryan Bernards 34 yd. run (May kick) 9:41

D - Andrews 38 yd. pass from Michael Whitehead (May kick) 3:56

3rd. qtr.

Grant Union - Dustin Kreger 60 yd. pass from Sam Rawlins (kick wide) 8:51

4th. qtr.

D - May 70 yd. interception return (kick blocked) 2:18 




* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Coach Dewey Sullivan's memorial service will be held Monday, November 13th at 1:30 pm at the McMinnville Community Center. There was not a church in the area that could accommodate the amount of people who will be attending. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *







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