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Sisters 43 Henley 12

The Outlaws used a mix of passing and rushing, and a shut-down run defense to easily overcome the effects of the Hornets air game to earn a date with Gladstone.


Meanwhile, as reported by Eric Tanakawa,


Siuslaw Vikings 55 Cottage Grove Lions 7


A rough night for the Lions. It started on the first play of the game on their own 10 yard, with a interception to James DiCarlo of the Viks for a TD.  The Lions never found the thier ground game, with miscues, and turnovers. The Viking defense was just plain quick! The balance offense of the Vikings lead by Soph Jacob Mitchell, and the legs of David Mesa, Kody Thrall, and Sean Campbell. The Lions did put together 1 nice drive w/passes, and a running attack. Unfortunately in the "Lutero" bowl, this game belongs to Coach Dodson & the Siuslaw Vikings.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *  

In Sisters, it was cold (high 20s F), but calm and dry. Central Oregon football weather at Reed Stadium amongst the Ponderosa pines. The #11 Hornets and the #1 Outlaws will not have any problems. Or excuses.


(In Sisters, the wireless works from downtown, but not about 4 blocks east, and the phones don't call as far as western Oregon, so the report was delayed until after the game.)


The questions before the game were "Will the Hornets go into hibernation, or have the swarming speed to keep up with Cory McCaffrey?" and  "Will the Hornets be able to sustain drives, producing points and sideline time for the Outlaws?"


The Hornets get the ball first, and Jesse Brewster takes it from the 13 to the 31. Holding, a sack by blitzing Jeff Sampson, a short WR screen, and a throwaway = punt. Cory McCaffrey takes it at his 45, and goes to the Hornet 40. A pass left to Nate Jackson for 19, and a double bounce to the right by McCaffrey for 10 sets up Sampson up the middle for the TD. The PAT is no good, but its Sisters 6-0 @ 8:32.


Brewster's kickoff return from the 15 reaches the 36. After 2 unproductive runs, a pass to Rockey Rockey reaches the Outlaw 48. Sampson throws the Hornets back, but a deep right out to Rosser goes to the 30. A screen to Kelly Shannon gets another first down at the 18. A holding penalty puts it back to the 30. The Hornets have used 2 time outs on the drive, but QB Colin Stock has been able to do damage thru the air. Unfortunately, the rushing attack is a lose ground scheme. A deep pass is caught by Brewster at the 3, but the referees confer, and he was out of bounds. Henley goes for it on 4th. 26, but a delay of game leads the Hornets to punt. Good decision, the Outlaws are pinned at the 1 @ 3:36.


McCaffrey left to the 13 and a pass right to Jackson to the 23 starts the drive. A holding penalty pushes the Outlaws back to the 13. McCaffrey responds with a 73 yd. burst, but Rosser manages to catch him at the Hornet 14. 3 rushes later, Sampson scores from 6 yds. out, capping a 99 yd. drive in only 2:38. Josh Marr's kick makes it Sisters 13-0 @ :58.


On the kickoff return by Brewster, an ejection of Nate Emberton for an unsportsmanlike penalty puts the Hornets at their 48. A deep pass to the left side to Brewster draws a questionable pass interference penalty just before the end of the first qtr.


After a couple of incompletions, the Hornets punt. Sampson & McCaffrey apply a grind-it-out ground game, but a sack and an underproductive screen stalls the drive, and Jackson punts. Brewster's return is offset by an illegal block, and @ 7:04, the Hornets take over at their 7.


Shannon is thrown back to the 1, and Stock is stopped at the 5. But Collier Picard grabs a Stock pass at the 17 for a first down. Shannon gets several short gains, but 4th. and 1 with 4:00 left forces a punt. Sampson's return reaches the 48. And more and more flags are flying.


The Hornets force fourth and 3, but when the Outlaws don't punt, the Hornets jump offside, and the Outlaw drive continues. McCaffrey, and especially Sampson right up the middle chew up the clock, and then a reverse left to Jackson from the 15 for the TD completes the drive 1:13 before the half. Marr's kick puts the Outlaws up 20-0.


More flags. The Corvallis assn. officials are giving me lots of time to type. Hornet ball at their 35. A pass right to Collier Picard reaches the Outlaw 45. 2 incompletions on the left side follow. Chris Herr caught it at the 25, but was out of bounds. A sack and an Outlaw timeout @ :40 forces fourth down. A deep pass is intercepted by Carroll Gryder at the 25 with :37 to go.


A middle out to Jackson at the 39 on a Jarred Hasskamp rollout right, and another pass to Jackson on the left side reaches the 44. McCaffrey for 24 over the left side gets a first down at the 20, and Sisters call time with :16 left. A play-action pass to Jackson reaches the 11, and Marr's 28 yd. FG with :08 left pushes the Outlaw lead to 23-0.


Brewster keeps the Hornets in it though, with a 92 yd. kickoff return, slashing from the right to the left, for a TD to end the half. The PAT kick is blocked, and the Outlaws lead at the half, 23-6.


McCaffrey has 153 yds. and Sampson 52, and 2 TDs at the half. The Hornet passing game is working at times, but the running game isn't, -25 yds. in the first half. The Outlaw running game up the middle more than to the outside is where the damage is being done. Except for 1 big play, the Hornets have contained McCaffrey fairly well.


Siuslaw is up 41-0 over Cottage Grove early in the 3rd. Corvallis is up 28-3 over Klamath at the half. Newport is up 14-13 at the half over Gladstone in the game to determine who plays the winner of this game next.


The Outlaws get the short second half kickoff, and Arne Pierce, the starting right guard, gets a 7 yd. return to the 38. McCaffrey 4 straight carries, then Sampson, reaches the 25. Holding puts it back to the 34. Codee Mitchell sacks Hasskamp at the 40, then McCaffrey gains 10. A false start makes it fourth and 11, but Hasskamp's pass down the right slot to Jackson is good for a TD, and Marr's kick makes it Outlaws 30-6 @ 7:39 in the third quarter.


Stock's first pass from the 30 reaches Brewster at the 43. After a couple of incompletions, a defensive holding penalty 30 yds. away from the play in the secondary keeps the drive alive at the Outlaw 41. A deep out right at the 28 to Brewster is good for another first down, and 2 plays later, Stock hits Parker Pratt in the right corner for a TD. Pratt's PAT is blocked, and its Outlaws 30-12 with 5:00 left inn the third.


McCaffrey's kickoff return reaches the 47, but on the first play, McCaffrey fumbles, and the Hornets have it at the Outlaw 43. Trevor Summers sacks Stock at the Hornet 48, and after a screen and a rollout left pass go awry, the Hornets punt. Outlaws' ball at the 28 @ 3:34.


McCaffrey reaches the 40, and is hit after going out of bounds, for 15 more to the Hornet 45. McCaffrey is up over 200 yds. on the night after 3 more rushes. Sampson gains 7, then a WR screen left to Jackson goes for 21 yds. and a TD. Flags afterward for unsportsmanlike conduct on both teams mean nothing. The PAT snap is high, and there is no kick, but the Outlaws lead 36-12 @ :22 in the third.


Brewster's return reaches the 38, and after an incompletion on the right side, a deep sideline throw for Brewster at the 22 is broken up by Miles Miles Johnston to end the third quarter.


Brewster grabs a pass over the middle, but is inches short. Stock picks up the first down at the 49 on fourth down, and then completes a short pass. But disaster strikes, as Johnston intercepts at the Outlaw 30.


Hasskamp then hits Gryder on a slant in at midfield, and he's at the Hornet 43 before being pulled down. Sampson & Jackson both get big chunks, and a fumbled snap only delays McCaffrey's 22 yd. sweep left for the TD by 1 play. Sisters uses a timeout before Marr's kick is good. And we hear Gladstone has won, 19-14 over Newport. The Gladiators will visit


Casey Evans brings the kickoff out to the 32 for the Hornets. Stock scrambles right for a first down, but when he scrambles left, Marcus Gaboni sacks him and causes a fumble, which Levi Goins recovered at the Hornet 44.


McCaffrey gets 13, then 14, but then more flags fly for an illegal Outlaw block, and a Hornet personal foul @ 7:07.

Things get a little sloppy in the cold, as a fumbled pitch offsets a couple short Sampson rushes. On fourth down, McCaffrey is dropped for no gain, and @ 4:45, the Hornets take over.


A throw-back pass to Picard at midfield is broken up, and flags fly. Again. A deep pass right is incomplete, and the referee drops a yellow piece of cloth, but ignores it. Jade Anderson gets a first down on the left side, and Brewster's catch reaches midfield with 3:20 left. Stock gets the first down and gets out of bounds to stop the clock. A screen to Picard gets another first down against the Outlaw defensive reserves.


After some more clock gnawing, Emery Meyer intercepts Stock at the 12, and the Outlaws take over with :55 left.


Central has upset Molalla 19-8. Siuslaw has destroyed Cottage Grove 55-7. Astoria leads LaSalle 16-13 late in the fourth qtr.


With 8 sec. left, the Hornets get it back after a fumble, but a bomb to the end zone is incomplete, and the game ends. LaSalle has come from behind to upset Astoria, 20-16.


McCaffrey finishes with 257 yds.,and 1 TD on 30 carries, and Hasskamp was 11-14 for 196 yds., and 2 TDs. Sampson had 98 yds. and 2 TDs on 13 carries. Jackson had 3 TDs on a 15 yd. run, and 9 catches for 138 yds.


Stock was 18-36 for 211 yds. passing for the Hornets, but had 3 interceptions. Brewster led the Hornet receivers with 7 catches for 59 yds. And the Outlaws held the Hornets to 3 yds. net rushing in the second half, -22 for the game.



















1st. qtr.

Sisters - Jeff Sampson 5 yd. run (kick failed) 8:32

S - Sampson 6 yd. run (Josh Marr kick) :58


2nd. qtr.

S - Nate Jackson 15 yd. run (Marr kick) 1:13.

S - Marr 28 yd. FG :08

Henley - Jesse Brewster 92 yd. kickoff return (kick blocked) :00


3rd. qtr.

S - Jackson 35 yd. pass from Hasskamp (Marr kick) 7:39

H - Parker Pratt 28 yd; pass from Colin Stock (kick blocked) 5:00

S - Jackson 21 yd. pass from Hasskamp (PAT failed)


4th. qtr.

S - Cory McCaffrey 22 yd. run (Marr kick) 8:17.








This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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